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The most gorgeous in history: EVGA dual-channel LGA1366 motherboard is officially released

EVGA today finally officially released the world’s first dual-channel LGA1366 motherboard " Classified SR-2 " ( Super Record 2 ) for desktop enthusiasts . The specifications are extremely gorgeous, such as a large board, two processor sockets, and twelve Memory slot, seven PCI-E x16 expansion slots, SATA 6Gbps and USB 3.0 interfaces, etc.



The EVGA Classified SR-2 motherboard adopts a unique "HPTX" form factor , with a length and width of 15 inches and 13.6 inches (381×345.4 mm) respectively , which not only far exceeds the most common ATX standard of 12×9.6 inches, but also Larger than XL-ATX (13.5×10.3 inches), E-ATX (12×10.3 inches) two extended specifications. EVGA said that the motherboard is only suitable for large ATX chassis with nine or more expansion slots. Some modifications may be needed before installation. If a four-way SLI system is to be built, the chassis should have ten slots .


The chipset of this motherboard is Intel 5520 for servers and workstations . It supports 45nm Xeon 5500 and 32nm Xeon 5600 series processors released yesterday. It has up to twelve cores and twenty-four threads, and can mix different models of the same series. , Or six cores with four cores , and the desktop version of the Core i7-900 series has only one QPI bus and does not support dual parallel connection, so it cannot be used .


The power supply design is 8+2 phase PWM , and supports frequency switching, up to 1333KHz.


There are as many as twelve memory slots, six for each channel, supporting dual-channel and three-channel DDR3 ECC/non-ECC, frequency 1333+MHz, maximum capacity 48GB .

The expansion slot is a line of seven red PCI-E 2.0 x16 , because it is equipped with two NVIDIA NF200 bridge chips, it has sufficient bandwidth, you can use the first, third, fifth, and seven (from top to bottom) to form four The SLI/CrossFireX system with x16 full-speed mode, the top six half-speed x8, and the seventh one on the edge is still full-speed x16.

There are aspects of memory interface: Marvell 9128 controller, two 6Gbps SATA (red), ICH10R Southbridge six SATA 3Gbps (black), two eSATA 3Gbps JMicron JMB632 controller (red), NEC D720200F1 controller two USB 3.0 (blue), ten USB 2.0 on the ICH10R South Bridge (six black on the back).

For the network, two Marvell 88E8057 Gigabit Ethernet controllers are used, and for the audio, the Realtek ALC889 eight-channel controller is used. The expansion accessories provide two LGA1366 processor backplanes, six SATA data cables, three SATA power cables, and dual Two-way/three-way/four-way SLI bridge, four-port USB expansion card, back I/O baffle, etc.

Overclocking technology is naturally very rich, supporting voltage drop control, one-key overclocking (Dummy OC), EZ voltage reading point, on-board CMOS clear and power-on and restart buttons, PCI-E shield jumper, you can use E-LEET Tuning Ulitiy Overclocking software, ECP V3 overclocking kit, EVBot overclocking controller.

Such a sturdy configuration naturally also puts forward almost harsh requirements on the power supply. EVGA previously stated that the peak power consumption of the entire system will approach 1400W under extreme configurations. Therefore, EVGA will also provide a special power supply specially matched with this motherboard in the near future. The rated power is 1200W, the peak output exceeds 1500W , and the 6+12V output circuit is every time. The circuit current can reach 38A, and the +12V circuit and fan speed can be adjusted. In a four-way SLI system, it is recommended to use this power supply or multiple power packs with a total power of 1500W, and to have four eight-pin and five six-pin PCI-E auxiliary power connectors, and two eight-pin CPU auxiliary power connectors.

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