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USB mobile hard disk

Development Overview

With the popularity of computers in the home, more and more file exchanges have also occurred. How do you "move" the data in your computer at this time? It's very simple, just build a mobile storage, then the data can follow you everywhere. There are two kinds of mobile storage on the market, one is USB flash disk, and there is a big field is USB mobile hard disk. This part of the product uses a special control chip to realize the USB interface and the IDE interface. On the basis of this chip, the communication can be carried out by installing hard disks of different capacities and using USB for mobile storage, and since the hard disk capacity is relatively easy to increase, high-capacity mobile storage can be easily realized through USB-IDE technology. This provides a better choice for users who need large-capacity mobile storage. Large capacity, fast transmission speed, and good stability are the irreplaceable advantages of USB mobile hard disk. Thanks to the widespread popularity of the USB interface, its performance in all aspects is much better than previous mobile hard drives, especially its comprehensive adaptation to operating systems and models, which provides good conditions for its rapid popularity.

For gamers, what does large-capacity mobile storage mean? That is to carry the game completely around! With the game with you, you can install your USB hard drive on any computer anytime, anywhere, and call up the game to run.

However, we must admit that the USB interface speed is still relatively slow and cannot meet the data needs of the high-speed area for the time being. Therefore, simply running the game on the USB hard disk is not feasible. Fortunately, with With the introduction of USB 3.0 technology, the transmission speed of the USB interface has been greatly improved. There is no longer a difference between the speed of the USB hard disk using the new USB technology and the hard disk installed in the computer, and it can meet all the needs of "mobile games".

Well-known brands

The more well-known USB hard disks in China include Patriot Mobile Storage King, Yihua Warehouse, Travel Star, Keruan Golden Storage King, IBM Mobile Hard Disk and so on.

Patriot Mobile Storage King

As the early products involved in this field, Patriot Mobile Storage King has a richer product series. Products vary according to user needs. Its product line includes both the "mobile storage king" for general applications, the "encryption king" from the perspective of confidentiality and the "beacon line king" for high-speed transmission, and the capacity can be 5-30GB according to user needs. Changes between.

Its "Encryption King" has designed a data encryption defense zone internally, which can be encrypted through a combination of software and hardware to ensure that the data cannot be leaked; "Beacon King" adopts compatible USB and "FireWire" (IEEE1394 ) Interface design, its data transmission rate can reach 400Mb/s, which greatly improves the data transmission speed.

Travelstar USB hard drive

The biggest feature of the Travelstar USB hard drive is its small size. The aluminum alloy shell ensures the strength of the product, thus ensuring the safety of data, and at the same time The volume and weight are reduced, making it easier to carry.

For portable design, the package of Travelstar USB hard drive comes with a hard drive bag for carrying. One side is the space for the Travelstar USB hard drive itself, and the other side is used to store the USB connection. The bag on the back is used to store the driver CD. A small bag with a palm can completely take away all the belongings of the Travelstar USB hard drive, ensuring that it can be put into use anytime and anywhere.

The Travelstar series USB hard disk products also have a variety of models. In addition to the difference in capacity, there are also three different designs of USB 1.1 interface, USB 2.0 interface, and IEEE 1394 interface to meet different markets. Demand.

Yihua Warehouse

The USB hard drives in Yihua Warehouse are also made of aluminum alloy shell, and the colors are very rich. Users can choose according to their preferences.

The aluminum-magnesium alloy shell fully ensures the overall anti-skid and impact resistance of the product. In order to further ensure data security, there is a protective layer made of special materials inside the shell. The material is anti-magnetic and moisture-proof, basically eliminating the influence of other factors that may cause the hard disk failure, and strengthening the protection of the data on the hard disk.

The patented dual-plug design of Yihua Warehouse allows the mobile hard disk to be easily connected to various computer USB interface standards to ensure versatility.

Keysoft Gold Storage King

In addition to the "Too Xueshi" USB flash drive, the well-known Keysoft storage in China, the product line on mobile hard disks is also very complete.

The mobile hard disk products of Kesoft Storage include two series of Jincun Little Doctor and Jincun FireWire. Among them, "Little Doctor" adopts USB interface and has two different designs of USB 1.1 and USB 2.0; "FireWire" is a product that uses 1394 interface, hence the name "FireWire".

The USB 2.0 series of products with more characteristics are among the soft USB hard disks. USB hard drives mostly use notebook hard drives as the storage core. Almost all domestic mobile hard drives use IBM notebook hard drives. Recently, Japan introduced a new 1.8-inch form factor notebook hard drive standard. Dr. Jin Cun designed a 1.8-inch notebook hard drive. USB mobile hard drive, which reduces the original 3.5-inch external hard drive to 2.5 inches, making it more portable.

IBM Blue Ghost

It should be said that as the world's largest manufacturer of notebook hard drives, IBM's notebook hard drives have been loved by many users for their excellent quality. At the same time, many mobile hard drives on the market have also adopted IBM products as storage media.

The appearance of this product is very much in line with its Blue Ghost name. It uses a blue engineering plastic titanium-plated shell and feels soft and slippery. This kind of shell design is beautiful on the one hand, on the other hand it can play the role of shockproof, and the effect is much more significant than other hard disk enclosures, thus ensuring the safety of the data in the hard disk to the greatest extent.

Like other IBM products, this product also inherits IBM’s consistent quality, with stable work and superior performance. It properly solves the problem of crashes caused by a large amount of data copying. Through high-quality The USB connection and fine workmanship ensure product quality, minimize the possibility of problems, and ensure the safe use of users.

Like the full range of IBM products, this mobile hard drive can also get a complete "Blue Express" service, thus eliminating consumers' worries.

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