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ILI Leakage Index


The team has obtained experienced managers and operators from more than 50 countries on 5 continents in the progress of work. And the assistance of researchers. Among them, the water supply pipe network leakage index ILI is a dimensionless proportional value, defined as the total annual physical leakage of the water supply system (Currentannualrealloss) divided by the unavoidable physical leakage (UARL) of the system, namely:

ILI=Existing annual physical leakage/UARL

The leakage index of the water supply pipe network reflects the current leakage control level of the water supply enterprise. The results of a survey of 34 water supply companies around the world show that the ILI of 12 systems is lower than 2, which means that they have taken active leakage control measures, and the level of leakage control is very good. And the ILI of 8 water supply systems is higher than 8, indicating that their leakage control level is low, no matter from the economic point of view or the environmental point of view, positive actions need to be taken to improve their leakage control level. The remaining 15 water supply companies are in the range of 2-8, which is basically reasonable, but some water supply companies need to further strengthen their leakage control measures and improve their leakage control level.

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