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Edge of Crisis Season 5

Basic information


This high-profile science fiction drama is produced by FOX TV’s gold medal screenwriter J. Produced by J Abrams (J. JAbrams). The TV series "Lost" and the movie "Cloverland" produced by him have both feasted sci-fi fans, and I believe this time will be no exception.

The beginning of the story, like "Lost", begins with an airplane about to have an accident. After the forced landing, everyone on the plane died of a mysterious virus, and the FBI and various investigation teams intervened in the investigation. But this is only the beginning of the story. Next, the FBI female agent Olivia Dunham (Olivia Dunham) and the high IQ genius Peter Bishop (Peter Bishop) will work together to face a series of unbelievable terrible phenomena. To prevent the crisis from spreading further, they will seek the help of Peter's long-distanced father. And his father, Dr. Walter Bishop (Dr. Walter Bishop) has been admitted to a mental hospital. After being discharged from the hospital, the three-person investigation team began to study various bizarre events.

As things got more and more difficult, the unknown side behind Dr. Walter Bishop gradually surfaced. A cutting-edge technology company called MassiveDynamic that appeared in the film is also related to Dr. Walter Bishop, who provided that its founder had worked with him in the same laboratory. However, the mysterious behavior of Juneng has to make people suspect that it is inseparable from a series of mysterious events, but occasionally it also provides some help to Oliver and others, which makes its true purpose even more confusing. Is Juneng the righteous angel spared no effort to save mankind, or is it the behind-the-scenes laboratory that tries to turn the entire planet into a laboratory where it can do whatever it wants? With the in-depth investigation of Oliver and others, the truth will gradually come to light.

Main actor

Anna Torv (AnnaTorv)--plays Olivia Dunham (Olivia Dunham), Tang Weihui [Hong Kong translation]

Joshua Jackson (Joshua Jackson)-as Peter Bishop, Ping Peter [Hong Kong translation]

John Noble (John Noble)-as Walter Bayshaw Pu (Walter Bishop), Ping Weida [Hong Kong translation]

Lance Reddick (Lance Reddick)-as Phillip Broy (Phillip Broyles), Pang Feili [Hong Kong translation]

Blair Brown (Blair Brown)-as Nina Sharp (NinaSharp), Shan Nina [Hong Kong translation]

Character introduction

Crew list

Actor list


  • Joshua Jackson Joshu aJackson....PeterBishop

  • Lance Reddick LanceReddick....PhillipBroyles(creditonly) p>

  • BlairBrown....NinaSharp

  • Jessica Nicole JasikaNicole....AstridFarnsworth

  • John Noble JohnNoble....Dr.WalterBishop


Employee table


  • JJ Abrams JJAbrams... .executiveproducer

  • AlexKurtzman....consultingproducer

  • Roberto Orci....consultingproducer

  • JHWyman. ...executiveproducer

Assistant Director/Assistant Director:

  • AdamBocknek... .thirdassistantdirector

  • PatrickMurphy....thirdassistantdirector


  • MiguelSapochnik


  • J.J.AbramsJJAbrams....(creator)&/creator

  • Alex Kurz曼AlexKurtzman....(creator)&/creator

  • Roberto Orci....(creator )/creator

  • JHWymanJHWyman....(writtenby)

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    Broadcast information


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    Number of episodes TitleFirst broadcast date
    1TransilienceThoughtUnifierModel-11 2012-09-28
    3TheRecordist2012-10-12 td>
    5 td>AnOriginStory2012-11-02
    6ThroughtheLookingGlassandWhatWalterFoundThere2012- 11-09
    9BlackBlotter 2012-12-14
    12Liberty20 13-01-18
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