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Want To Keep Your Gadget's Battery Healthy? Here's How

A terrific tool in your arsenal is a smartphone or any other technology. You can undoubtedly use all its benefits, whether a tablet, laptop, or another battery-powered device. Additionally, it's a terrific approach to make your life easier. However, if you constantly charge your device, causing its battery life to plummet, it is incredibly bothersome and frustrating. But fear not, as a solution to this issue is still possible. In this article, we'll explain the simplest approach to make the battery in your device live longer.

Want To Keep Your Gadget's Battery Healthy? Here's How  




4 Things to Keep Your Device's Battery Healthy


Keep It Cool


Many people don't pay much attention to this, but one of the most remarkable ways to prolong the life of your device's battery is to keep it cold. Most of the time, we forget that excessive use completely drains this portion of our phone, and we also tend to heat it as much as possible before plugging in the charger. It is a resounding nay for any modern technology. At all costs, keep your electronic devices cool if you want long battery life. Additionally, it's crucial to keep your electronics in a hot location. Like how you take good care of your possessions, you shouldn't leave them out in the sun or on heated surfaces.


Follow The 40/80 Charging Rule


Although it may not sound enticing, you should consider this matter, such as the 40/80 rule. It refers more explicitly to nickel-based batteries when it says to maintain the charge between 40% and 80%. Even though it is said that this rule does not apply to the more recent lithium-ion batteries, it is still a great rule and one that is easy to follow. To extend its life as much as possible, keep it there whenever possible. Additionally, only leave it plugged in if you want to reach 100%. Although most people do this, doing so will also harm the health of your battery. Use something to prevent it from charging after it is complete if you need to set it overnight.


Avoid Using Inexpensive Quick Chargers


You may believe that a quick charger is the most excellent solution for an urgent necessity, but you may be harming your smartphone. You should avoid using these, especially those automobile chargers, as they could damage your electronic devices, including your iPads, new huawei watch d, power banks, mobile phones, and more. Technically, having these chargers will result in increased heat, which will cause harm. These days, many of the inexpensive chargers available on eBay are known for destroying batteries, so even though you might believe you are saving money, you are damaging your batteries in the long run. Use only a charger that charges the phone more slowly, or better yet use the phone's charger.


Do Not Completely Discharge Your Device

Want To Keep Your Gadget's Battery Healthy? Here's How  

You could believe that all batteries are created equal, but we might prove you wrong. You should always partially discharge a lithium-ion battery, unlike Ni-Cad batteries, when taking good care of your device's battery life. The battery is over and cannot be recharged once the charge falls too low. Thankfully, lithium-ion batteries feature a mechanism that stops the battery from going too low, albeit occasionally breaking down. The conclusion is that you should feel free to plug or disconnect your charger whenever you choose. Lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect, but keeping them discharged once a month helps preserve their health.


The Bottom Line


Following these guidelines will gradually simplify your life by extending the battery life of your electronic gadgets. Taking excellent care of our equipment is up to us.





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