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1. Full Chinese menu, large screen display, easy to operate;  2, portable design; built-in large-capacity battery, working time up to 8 hours or more, 3, multitasking Work (you can read the previous records while testing);  4, up to 9 test settings storage, 20 test results storage, and power-down memory;  5, can communicate with the PC, realize the storage and printing on the computer Test data can also be directly connected to a micro printer;  6, can be turned on and off at regular intervals for testing;  7, with alarm and error histogram analysis;  8, software upgrades on the Internet.

Technical parameters

1 Signal input rate: 2048kbit/s±100ppmg. 703 requires ±100ppm 2 Signal encoding: hdb3, ami 3 Input jitter tolerance: f1: 20hzf2: 2.4khzf3 : 18khzf4: 100khz 4 input equalization characteristics: the attenuation conforms to the square root law of frequency, and the attenuation is in the range of 0-6db at 1024khz. 5 Input impedance:  5.1 unbalanced termination: 75ω balanced termination: 120ω50hz~3100khz reflection loss greater than 18db 5.2 unbalanced bridge: greater than 750ω balanced bridge: greater than 1200ω 5.3 unbalanced monitoring: 75ω26db gain balance monitoring: 120ω26db gain 50hz~3100khz reflection Loss is greater than 18db "6 signal structure: "6.1 non-frame structure 6.2 frame structure: pcm30, pcm31, pcm30crc, pcm31crc" frame structure meets g.704 requirements 7 test patterns: 26-1, 29-1, 211-1, 215-1, 220 -1, 223-1, artificial code 8 output interface impedance:  8.1 unbalanced 75ω conforms to g.703 8.2 balanced 120ω conforms to g.703 9 external clock input:  9.1 signal form: hdb3, nrz 9.2 balanced termination impedance: 120ω  unbalanced Termination impedance: 75ω balanced bridge impedance: greater than 1200ω unbalanced bridge impedance: greater than 750ω 10 error insertion: none, single, proportional insertion 10-1~10-7

test items

Conventional test pass-through audio test loop delay test automatic protection switching (aps) test framed and unframed signal generation and reception 2mbit/s unframed error performance test 2mbit/s framed n×64kbit/s Channel error performance test bit error, coding error, frame error, crc error, e bit error performance test signal loss, ais alarm, frame remote alarm, multi-frame remote alarm, frame out of synchronization, pattern loss Step alarm test frequency deviation test line signal level, frequency test speech channel signal level, frequency test pattern sliding test through mode audio test loop delay test automatic protection switching time test (aps)   voice monitoring signaling status display, call Channel content display, voice channel busy/idle display alarm, error histogram analysis, time slot content analysis, frame content analysis g.821, g.826, m.2100 error performance analysis

application area

Support gsm400, gsm900, gsm1800, gsm1900, gprs, with complete functions and signaling tests. Support tdma (is-136), which can comprehensively test power, modulation, frequency spectrum, time characteristics, bit error rate, etc. Support amps, which can test transmitter carrier power, frequency, modulation, distortion, frequency response, receiver sensitivity, noise, signal-to-noise ratio, distortion, audio voltage, frequency deviation, etc. Support cdma1x, which can perform power measurement, reception quality measurement, transmitter quality measurement, handover test, waveform quality, carrier leakage, phase error and other tests. Support cdma2000, which can perform power measurement, reception quality measurement, modulation measurement, transmitter quality measurement, handover test, code domain power measurement, sideband suppression measurement, waveform quality measurement, etc. Support wcdma, in addition to being compatible with cdma1x testing, it can also measure specific indicators such as adjacent channel leakage power ratio, occupied bandwidth, spectrum scattering, code domain power, error vector value, etc. Support Bluetooth, can measure burst power, peak power, leakage power, packet time characteristics, modulation characteristics, frequency drift, sensitivity, bit error rate and other indicators.

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