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Technical indicators

IxVeriWave's Wi-Fi802.11a/b/gWaveBlade series products are effective in wireless LAN network infrastructure equipment (including enterprise and user access points (APs) and controllers) and Client devices with wireless capabilities (for example, personal computers, dual-mode phones, patient monitors, and scanners) can be tested flexibly and comprehensively. Scalable to 18,000 customers in a WaveTest chassis, Wi-FiWaveBlade series products integrate traffic generation, performance analysis, mobile customer behavior and distance simulation, and can perform laboratory tests with cables and open-space off-site tests . Wi-FiWaveBl.

Main functions

Each port has up to 500 completely independent state 802.11 client state machines, which can accurately perform key indicators on the theoretical maximum data rate that can be reached Measurement · Highly customized mobile customer roaming behavior · Customer media.

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