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Transistor radio design and production

Book Introduction

Introduce how to build a complex and efficient transistor radio circuit at low cost. It introduces complete circuit examples in detail, gives detailed circuit schematics, and gives ideas for these circuit designs. This book teaches you how to select components, build various types of radio circuits, and teach you how to troubleshoot the circuits you build. Especially suitable for electronic enthusiasts who make their own radio equipment.


List of Contents

Chapter 1 Overview

Chapter 2 Calibration Tools and Signal Generators for Testing


Chapter 3 Devices and Tuning/Adjustment Components of Radio Circuits

Chapter 4 Building a Simple Test Oscillator and Modulator

Chapter 5 Low Power RF Tuning Circuit

Chapter 6 Transistor Radio Duplex Radio

Chapter 7 Low Power Regenerative Radio

Chapter 8 Superheterodyne Radio

< p>Chapter 9 Low-power superheterodyne radio

Chapter 10 Various "exotic" superheterodyne radios

Chapter 11 Non-inductance circuit< /p>

Chapter 12 Software Defined Radio (SDR) Overview

Chapter 13 Oscillator Circuit

Chapter 14 Mixer Circuit and Harmonic Mixer< /p>

Chapter 15 Sampling Theory and Sampling Mixer

Chapter 16 In-phase and Quadrature (IQ) Signals

Chapter 17 Intermediate Frequency Circuit

Chapter 18 Detector/Automatic Volume Control Circuit

Chapter 19 Amplifier Circuit

Chapter 20 Resonant Circuit

Chapter 21 Image Suppression< /p>

Chapter 22 Noise

Chapter 23 Learn By Doing

Appendix 1 Parts Suppliers

Appendix 2 Oscillation Coils and Intermediate Frequency (IF) Inductance value of transformer

Appendix 3 Brief adjustment steps of superheterodyne radio


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