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Three button mouse

Product introduction

Of course, you can also set some other functions, for example: I have used IBM's AIX before, the scroll button in the middle of AIX It can be used to paste. As long as you click the scroll button to stick the account, it is really convenient. Of course, Windows should also be able to set it like this.

First, the system must recognize that your mouse is three-button , If the system can’t recognize it, your third button is useless.

The three-button mouse is a special-designed mouse. The middle button is flat, which is convenient for designers to press buttons. There are many brands of three-button mouse. The best one is the original IBM three-button mouse. Lenovo still retains this mouse after the acquisition. The name and model are ThinkPad optical three-button pointing stick mouse 800dpi (31P7405). In addition to having three keys, it also has a pointing stick function. Immediately there were CADs for Logitech's new Tianmenk and Lingzhi Silver Fox. This type of mouse has not been produced by the original factory, and it makes little sense to buy.

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