Home Technology ​The airpods keep flashing orange and can’t connect

​The airpods keep flashing orange and can’t connect

If the AirPods charging box keeps flashing orange light and cannot connect to the phone, then first put the earphones in the charging box and close the lid, charge for more than 20 minutes, do not move the earphones during charging, and do not open them. The purpose of this is to Let the two headphones automatically reset .

After charging for more than 20 minutes, open the cover of the charging box, but do not unplug the charging cable and do not take out the earphones. Long press the button on the back of the charging box to reset . There is no standard for the long press time, usually 1-3 minutes. There will be a white light flashing, and the reset is now complete. Finally, connect it to the phone and it can be used normally.


Frequently asked questions about AirPods wireless Bluetooth headsets: 1. Does it support waterproofing? The second-generation AirPods have been upgraded in function. For example, the second-generation AirPods will support waterproof functions. We don’t have to be afraid of sweating while wearing AirPods. If you accidentally dropped the headset in the water, just take it out in time.

2. There is no response after tapping-this may be that you have not made specific settings . Please open the " Settings " application of your phone , and then click the "Bluetooth" option. After entering, click the "i" button behind the "AirPods" option, and then you You can set the single-point and dual-point functions of the headset. At the same time, you can set the channel balance, which can fully satisfy your usage habits.

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