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Ten Years of Online Literature


Past and Present

From March 22, 1998, Cai Zhiheng posted "The First Intimate Contact" on the Internet, the wheel of history is on the way to 2008 In 1999, Internet literature has gone through ups and downs for ten years.

In those days, how many media started the discussion with the "First Intimate Contact": Some people clamored that the new era is coming, and it is destined to be the world of online literature; some people chanted that online literature is rubbish, but it will disappear. It's a matter of one or two years. But today, not only has online literature not disappeared, but it has developed more prosperously. Of course, the uneven standard under the prosperity has also been highlighted.

In 2008, only when I look back at "The First Intimate Contact" can I feel its preciousness and historical significance.

In the past ten years, Internet writers have been surging, and online works have been magnificent. This literary world built in the virtual world has become a force that cannot be ignored and affects our lives, and it will continue to grow.

The competition kicks off

The development of the Internet in the past decade is one of the important achievements of China’s reform and opening up. The "Ten Years Inventory of Online Literature" jointly organized with "Selected Novels of Novels" kicked off at the Museum of Modern Chinese Literature on October 29, 2008. More than 20 traditional literary journals and magazines including "People's Literature", "Harvest" and "Contemporary" participated in the joint participation. The activity uses the Internet as a platform, through the voting method of netizens, the online literary works of the past ten years are preliminary, and then they are reviewed and commented by the review team.

More than 20 traditional literary journals including "People's Literature", "Chinese Writers", "Harvest", "Contemporary", "October" and so on joined the event and became the core support unit of the event.

The event received enthusiastic responses from many original literature websites, and more than 20 original websites participated in the event: Magic Sword League, Starting Point Chinese Network, 17k, Tianya Forum, Jinjiang Literature City, Longkong, Xici Hutong, Cuiweiju, Zhulang, Xiaoxiang, April Tian...have actively participated, covering almost all well-known original websites in the field of "online literature".

Inventory results

June 25, 2009, after 7 months of audition The world recommends 10 best works, and online readers recommend 10 most popular works.

This time, more than 50 experts and senior editors of literary journals participated in the review and review of works. They wrote 110 reviews of their works. About 500,000 readers participated in the voting. Basically includes the active group of online creation in the past ten years. This event is the largest exchange so far between the traditional literature circles and the online literature circles.

Top Ten Outstanding Works: "The Boys Here", "Chengdu, Please Forget Me Tonight", "New Song", "Stealing the Light", "Wei Shuaiwang's Rivers and Lakes", "Dust Fate" "Homeland", "Zichuan", "Homeless", "Facebook"

Top Ten Popular Works: "Dust Fate", "Zichuan", "Wei Shuaiwang's Rivers and Lakes", "Profanity", " "Urban Monsters", "Return to the Ming Dynasty to Be the Lord", "Homeland", "Ode to the Witch", "Wukong Biography", "Master Loneliness"

Contest Description

Contest Introduction

< p>Activity name: Ten-year inventory of online literature and the first annual review of online literature (2008)

Guiding unit: Chinese Writers Association

Organizer: China Writers Publishing Group, Beijing Chinese Online Cultural Development Co., Ltd.

Organizers: Selected Novels Magazine, 17K Novel Network

Contest Purpose

A, highlighting the literary value of network originality Achievements;

B, highlighting the achievements of online originality in meeting the needs of the public for reading;

C, refining and comparing the textual meaning and entertainment meaning of online original works , To help network originality form its own theoretical framework, make it seamlessly connect with mainstream literature, and move forward in a more orderly and healthy manner.

Schedule arrangement

The process of the competition is divided into: netizens vote for popular works and expert committee review works to select literature excellent works< /b>Two components.

A, network collection, recommended or self-recommended works by publishers, major book sites, ordinary readers and ordinary authors, and participate in activities.

B, online audition, a large list is decided by users voting.

C, the review committee cross-reviewed and scored, and decided TOP10 as the final result.

Contest rewards

Rewards for authors:

1. Excellent authors will be recommended to apply for membership of the Chinese Writers Association.

2. Excellent authors will be recommended to enter Lu Xun College of Literature.

3. Provide official score certificates for authors who performed well in this event.

Reward for readers participating in the activity:

1, every reader who actively participates in the activity can draw a prize. Prizes are distributed every week, with a value of more than 10,000 yuan, and the total amount of event rewards exceeds one million.

2, the prizes include a variety of digital products such as laptops, mobile phones, physical novels and electronic books. A. One notebook every two weeks; B. Two mobile phones per week; C and MP3 3 per week; D. U disk 5 per week; E. 20 physical books per week; F. Hardback reading code, The winning rate is 50%.

Popular works selection

Original schedule

A, from October 2008 to January 2009 for the collection of works and the voting for the audition. During this period, Voting for TOP10 each week to advance from the audition, and 100 works will be selected for 10 weeks.

B, from January to April 2009, the works selected by the review committee, the works were promoted to TOP10 from the 100 shortlisted works from the sea selection.

C, from January to April 2009, the works will continue to be voted by readers while the works are being reviewed, and the TOP10 most sought after by readers in the past ten years will be selected.

D, the award ceremony was held in April 2009. Excellent authors are recommended to enter the Chinese Writers Association and enter the Lu Xun Academy of Literature and Art for further study.

Actual schedule

The process of voting for a popular work

Phase 1, audition< /p>

On February 10, 2009, among more than 1,700 novels recommended or nominated by readers, 126 novels were actually selected based on the voting results. The list is as follows

< td width="174">

Return to the Ming Dynasty to be the prince/Yueguan

tr>< td width="174">

Xin Song/A Yue

tr>< /tr>< td width="174">

Heroes/Sun Xiao

tr>< td width="174">

As cool as the wind/Stars are silent

< td width="174">

Indigenous people/Xichuan



Wei Shuaiwang’s Jianghu/Qingchuan

Master Lonely/Lan Emperor Meichen

Xiefengqu/Blood Red

Youth Prime Minister World Foreigner/Xiao Yi

Profanity/Yanyu Jiangnan

Qianqiu Suguangtong/Speaker of Sounds

Data Xia Kexing/Seven Chi Layers

Zhibei Tour/Luoshui

Wu Song/Blood Red

Official business/Gengsu< /p>

Amidst the Rain/Shangguan Chuchu

Unlimited Horror/zhttty


Man Man Qinglu/Pile Piles

Celebrating Yu Nian/Mao Gai

Ao Shilu/Ming Mei

Rogue Master II/ Innocence

CS Border Town Prodigal Son/Biancheng Prodigal Son

Rui Min Huang Guifei/Li Zheng

The Story of Fengzi/Lawson

The myth of piracy/lost leaves in online games

The siege is not dangerous/Tea Zen blindly

Stealing the Ming/ Big Bang

Tian Shen Right Wing/Teana Paper Kite

Human Way/Blood Red< /p>

Emperor Industry/Speakers

Urban Demon Talk/Kerui


Angry Bullet /Wandering Sabre

The first army commander/Ye Qingsong

Legend of Shishi/Fang Xiang

The Legend of Wukong/Jin He Zai

Lifetime Profession/Last Ranger (Wandering Sabre)

Zhu Xian/Xiao Ding


Wolves/stinging blood

Buddha is Tao/Dream into God's machine< /p>

Landi Meichen series drink/Landi Meichen

I am a gangster/blood red

Dream of the Three Kingdoms/Big Cat

Phoenix Mask/Mushroom

Mercenary World/Said Master

Evil Book/Liu Shui Xin

Xianlu Yanchen/Guan Pingchao

Dust of History/Knowledge of Autumn

Mixing is also a kind of life/cloud and sky

Wang/Landi Meichen< /p>

Shu Mountain/Wandering Toad


< /t d>

Sou Shen Ji/Wild Fox under the Tree

Following the flow, a generation of military divisions /Follow the flow

Qin Qingtianxia/Ningxin

Wild Gun/He Chu Wu

Shen You/Xu Gongzi Shengzhi

The Throne of the Barbarians (blue badge)/He Chuwu

Hudong Guerrillas/Liu Caiyou

< /td>

Fengkai Xinyuan—Legend of Meng Lijun/Yan Wuhen

Netherworld Fairy Way/Weight Loss Expert

The Romance of Dragon and Snake/Dream into God

Piaomiao Journey/Xiao Qian

Beast Blood Boiling/Jing Guan

The best master/The beacon play princes

< b>Rebirth in 1994: Football Situation/Guo Nu

Shen Tomb/Chendong

Lanling Old Events/Jinqiu Ci

Meet the other One (crossing version)/LOLO

Little Soldier Legend/Xuanyu

Nilong Road/Blood Red

Shanglong Road/Blood Red


The Last Flame/Lao He

Jiangshan Beauty/Regen

Tian Xingjian/Yan Leisheng

Meisheng/Chu Xidao

We are champions/Lin Haitingtao

Question/Getting used to vomiting

< /td>

Too Unreal Land/Nalan Rongruo

The first imperial concubine/dogs

on the road/ used to vomiting

Slightly Acid Academy abc/ftp1976

True Stone Mystery Trace/Zhiyu

Herds disciple/Cold Diamond

Bian Rong/Apu

Browsing the eyebrows/Anning

The King of Nets-The Moment of Rebirth, Fanghua Room/Huangqi


Game Rhapsody/Angel’s 12th scale

Tang Dynasty good man/more than half

Legend of Tycoon/Ecstasy

Wulin masters on campus/Mowu

Menghui Daqing/Jinjin

The Essence of Magic/The Essence of Magic

Chaos Bronze Furnace/Thirteen Again

Guide Book/Drunkard

here Youth/Jiangnan

Chu Family Spring and Autumn/Ning Zhiyuan

Bullet Mark/Fun Dance Demon Girl

Facebook/Ye Tingyu

Temporarily named/Landi Meichen

Yixiang Temple/Maiden< /p>

Phoenix Blood (Part 2)/Soundspeaker

Link/Blood Red

Phoenix Blood (Part I)/Speaker of Sounds

Missing Events/Shadows at the Gate of Midday

The Doomsday of Machinery/Landi Meichen

Apocalypse Kartu/Seven-footer layman

Original power/Water floats on the water

There is a kind of love called Brother/Eighteen Zimo

Advancing into the ocean/Xiaolongjun

Datang Traveling Darts/Golden Seeker

Donghai Tu/Abo< /p>

Yise/Wei Beihui

Born Shenjiang/Zhumei

Bewitching people's hearts/Tan Lang

Melee Mage /Cloud sky

Fengzi gets married/娓娓安

"Acacia without regrets (female respect)" Acacia fairy tale first part/Xiao Lizi

Xuanwumen/ Clausewitz

Dream factor daily limit version/Loach King

Night Blossom/Feathering Flying Fairy

Follow/ Decent

Phase Two, Elimination Competition

A. On February 18, 2009, vote for the top 50

The semi-finals adopt a parallel method of fierce promotion and cruel elimination, and invite the majority of netizens to vote for the semi-final works. The highest number of votes per day Five works were promoted, and the five works with the lowest votes were eliminated.

The top 50 list is as follows:

< td width="139">

4 Master Lonely/Landi Meichen

< td width="139">

15 Homestead/Drunkard


B,On March 7, 2009, the top 30 were selected by voting.

Top 30 list: "Wei Shuaiwang's Rivers and Lakes", "Dust Fate", "Zichuan", "Master Loneliness", "Return to the Ming Dynasty to Be the Lord", "Song of Witch", "Young Prime Minister" "Foreigner", "Profane", "Rogue Master II", "Phoenix Mask", "Official Business", "Audience Proud World Record", "Wukong Biography", "Landi Story", "Landi Meichen's Drink", " "Shushan", "Celebrating More Than Years", "Evil Wind Song", "Angry Bullet", "Stealing Ming", "Urban Demon Talk", "Homeland", "Buddha Is the Way", "The World of Mercenary", "Unlimited "Terror", "Zhu Xian", "New Song Dynasty", "Sou Shen Ji", "Dust of History", "Smoke and Dust of Fairy Road"

C, March 26, 2009, select the top 20.

30 to 20 is determined by netizens’ voting. The two works with the highest number of votes each day are promoted, and the one with the lowest number of votes is eliminated.

Top 20 list: Chen Yuan, Wei Shuaiwang's Jianghu, Returning to the Ming Dynasty to be the prince, Urban Demon Talk, Zichuan, Master Lonely, Rogue Master II, Wu Song, Homeland, Desecration, Young Prime Minister Outside the World Guest, official business, celebrating the more than one year, infinite horror, Shushan, Xin Song, Zhuxian, Buddhism is Tao, angry bullet, Wukong biography.

D. On April 10, 2009, the top ten were selected.

E. On April 28, 2009, the top 10 popular rankings were finally determined.

Selection of Excellent Works

Selection Criteria

The review criteria are strictly in accordance with the literary values ​​formed over the past century, and not in accordance with the number of Internet hits or other Market data to get a simple and valuable review result. The review team strictly implemented the selection criteria for the ten-year inventory:

1, text value. Are there innovations and breakthroughs in narrative language?

2, record value. Does it express the mood, motivation, or scenery of the era, or a certain aspect of the era?

3, marginal academic value. Are there innovations and breakthroughs in the exploration of human nature?

4, entertainment value. Does it make you feel emotional about reading?

Members of the Judges

The expert review committee is chaired by Zhang Shengyou, former secretary of the Secretariat of the Chinese Writers Association, and Ge Xiaozheng, Deputy Director of the Management Committee of the Chinese Writers Publishing Group, Ikebair Mijiti, The famous writer Chen Cun served as the vice chairman. The members of the expert review team are: Leida, Li Jingze, Yang Zhiguang, Gao Yemei (Qiqige), Hu Ping, Bai Miao, He Shaojun, Bai Ye, Ge Fei, Wang Bisheng, Zhu Hui, Huang Shuyuan, Chen Youhe, Zhou Changyi, Cheng Yongxin, Ningken, etc. It is composed of famous critics, writers and editors.

More than 20 literary journals across the country sent editors to participate in the preliminary review. They are: Ma Ji and Zhao Wenguang from "Selected Novels", Qiu Huadong from "People's Literature", and Lin Na from "Selected Novelettes" North, "Writer" on behalf of Wang Xiaowang, "Guangzhou Literature and Art" on behalf of Bao Shi, "Shanhua" on behalf of Ran Zhengwan, "Chinese Campus Literature" on behalf of Lu Huawei, "Chinese Literature Selection" on behalf of Sun Shunlin, "Beijing Literature" on behalf of the chapter Ying, "Youth Literature" on behalf of Tang Chaohui, "Fragrant Grass" on behalf of Li Luping, "Everyone" on behalf of Zheng Xiaolu, "West Lake" on behalf of Wu Xuan, Bao Bei, "Northern Literature" on behalf of Fu Defang, "Youth" on behalf of Wang Chengxiang, "Ili River" represents Zhang Hao, "Southern Literary World" represents He Shuqiang, "Olive Green" represents Wen Yajun, and "Jinshan" represents Wang Hongrui.

Selection process

The selection process for the best works is as follows: readers are shortlisted, representative works of literary journals, the first review review team recommends the first review results, and the expert review team recommends the final review results.

A. From November 2008 to January 2009, major literary websites across the country gathered their works on the main inventory "17K Literature Net", and readers' voting began. It took five months to select the 100 most popular online literature works in the past ten years at a rate of generating the top 10 every week.

B. Representatives of literary journals commented and scored the 100 shortlisted works, and the commented articles and scoring conditions were published on the Internet at any time; at the same time, 12 outstanding works that were not shortlisted were added. It took two months and produced a total of 110 review articles. The average word count of the criticized articles is 1,200 words; the average length of the criticized works is 1.2 million words.

C. From January to March 2009, a preliminary review team composed of representatives of literary journals conducted multiple rounds of cross-review of 110 shortlisted and directly nominated works. A batch of works were eliminated based on the scoring results, and 20 works were finally produced and submitted to the final review team of experts.

D. In the review stage of the preliminary review team, Internet readers continue to vote, and from the 100 works, the 10 most popular works and the top three most popular works are determined. This list of results is also submitted to the expert final review team for reference as the comments of online readers.

E. From March to May 2009, the final review team of experts conducted a cross-reading of the 20 submitted works, wrote out the review opinions and scored and voted, and finally elected 10 works, which are "Internet The Best Works of the Decade in Literature".

F. On May 5, 2009, the final selection of excellent works of "Ten Years of Online Literature" began.

G. On May 29, 2009, the final selection of excellent works in the ten-year inventory of online literature was announced, and 21 works won.

The overall scores of the 21 works in the final review are as follows:

"The Boys Here" is 9 points vigorous and novel in form. The author meets the needs of the Internet and is very lucky. Ok

"Chengdu, Please Forget Me Tonight" 9 minutes of narcissistic arrogance in the process of growing up, hitting the metropolis involuntarily, is a very complete life story.

The theoretical exploration of "Xin Song" 8.5 points of grand history is a bit too serious

"Stealing Ming" 8 points of vivid historical view, unique war writing

"Wai Shuai Wang Jianghu" 8-point love-hate entangled youth growth story, the experience repeated in the writing

"Dust Fate" 7.5 points new swordsman novel, exquisite and elegant slow-paced web essay

"Homeland" 7.5 points to show the Han-Mongolian communication; relatively heavy hero legend

"Zichuan" 7.5 points away from the traditional indulgence hero epic

"Homeless" 7.5 The Chinese peasant version of "Barton" is full of anger and passion.

The 7.5-point wonderful growth novel of "Facial Makeup" is written and written and has become a long officialdom.

"Group" 7 points for a mercenary story with military temperament

"Tian Xingjian" 7 points is cruel with battlefield and officialdom.

"Qin Qingtian Xia" 7 points absurd The background, the solid and true inner logic

"Urban Monsters" 7 points draws on the worldly life, but the purpose is to express the author's bizarre imagination

"Primitive Power" 6.5 points are very useful Imaginative cyber war predictions, the skeleton is sewn by coincidence

"Electronic Career" is a 6.5-point humorous and creative technology novel with scattered details

"The King of the Dynasty" 6.5 points a witty and reckless historical journey

"Official Business" 6 points is a leisurely officialdom myth, or a myth

"The Curve Saves the Country" 6 points uses the history of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom , Put on a cheap traversal engine, took away the readers

"The Legend of the True Marrow" 6 points new story of the Three Kingdoms, it is really intriguing but also has the style of online games, playing very well

"Phoenix Mask" "6 points with a certain critical black pastime

H. On June 25, 2009, the ten best works were finally selected.

Inventory of interesting facts

From 1998 to 2008, online literature has experienced the "golden decade". "Selected Novels of Novels" and the Chinese online 17K website counted how many things have happened and how many classics have appeared in the past ten years. This is undoubtedly an important event in the history of online literature. More than 100 online article reviews were released for the first time; a review team composed of more than 20 senior editors of literary journals was praised or scolded by thousands of online fans; many people and things that had long been forgotten appeared; dozens of news articles The report made them fixed in the frame of memory.

1. Aggrieved and unimpressed Internet writers

In the early days, judges from major literary journals and magazines were not familiar with famous people on the Internet, and those who had been famous for a long time 'S big names don't get much fame. As a result, the landmark work "The Story of Beauty" on the Internet was given the lowest score in a week. In a blink of an eye, hundreds of posts appeared on the forum, and everyone was clamoring: the judges did not read the book. This means that they don't believe that someone will even dislike the book after reading it. It is universal and universal, and low scores cannot have any meaning other than not reading a book. Under tremendous psychological pressure, the judges became cautious.

Cautious to cautious, the judges are still very confident in their own vision. Bao Shi's evaluation of "We Are Champions" was harsh and fierce, and one of the sentences was changed to the front of the pen: "But the last volume is somewhat interesting. The work expresses the overall situation that life will not be satisfactory. The protagonist begins to experience the'irritation'. The process of helplessness and compromise, the passion is constantly dying away, and a little bit has passed. To do well in football, it is not a career that can be accomplished by a mere teenager with a dream. The author makes the dream return to reality, which surprised me. This surprised me. The theme got a little sublimation." This comment accidentally scratched the author's most itchy place: He hoped that some of his novels could not be regarded as Internet YY novels. As for the low score, what does it matter? The author is a well-known figure on the Internet and has always been arrogant. This time he did not attack the judges. Obviously he had an idea in his heart. He knew that the judges distinguished him from others, and he was not wronged.

2. Retire from the competition

A female author from Jinjiang called Shiba Zimo. The works she took out to participate in the event were remarkable, and her fans voted on it. Top position. This caused an accident. Many readers who have been watching the ten-year inventory activities have discovered that several classic works have been squeezed by these women. As a result, machismo broke out on the Internet, and countless accusations swarmed, targeting Shiba Zimo's "There is a kind of love called a brother." The men have never read this novel, and guessed from the title that it might be a book with gay tendencies. They clung to this topic: such a disgusting subject actually topped the list, except to prove that the rotten woman is indeed true. There is nothing to prove except many things. In fact, Shiba Zimo's book had nothing to do with homosexuality. She couldn't argue with anything and didn't even bother to argue. Amidst the masses of opposition, she simply issued an announcement to withdraw from the competition.

Since then, there have been several withdrawals, but the main reason is no longer the pressure of the readers, but the author believes that the comments of some judges are not convincing. This kind of thing that is very common on the Internet actually caused a lot of trouble to the organizers.

3. Pursuing the judges

Ten years of inventory There is an expectation of "watching jokes" among the early readers: this group of people from the writers association and the literary and artistic association system may make a lot of noise It's ridiculous. However, as the judges became more and more comfortable and responsible for their comments, the situation has undergone subtle changes. First, the authors paid attention to it, and then the readers also paid attention to it. What's weird is that the expression they value is to call the judges by name, hoping that the more powerful judges can comment on their books, but they will not give public thanks; another expression is to ignore the excellent reviews and be responsible and inadequate. The comments that are in place are a big hit. In the comments of the readers of the inventory operation group, a large number of requests are "Mr. Ma Ji comment", and there are also many people looking for Zhang Ying, Wang Xiaowang, and Bao Shi.

Five weeks after the inventory, the main judges have generally read more than four novels on the Internet, and their confidence in the judgment of online works has been regained. What followed was a bolder comment. They spare no effort in boasting the works they like, and they are not merciful when scolding the ones they don't like. By the seventh week, the readers' original expectation of watching the jokes was completely bankrupt, and their psychological positions were swapped with the judges, and they began to humbly accept the comments of several popular judges, even if they didn't understand them, they were willing to read it. This is the effect of the inherent quality of the judges and the hard work of reading millions of words every week. In the words of netizens, "you get what you pay for every minute of the time."

4. Making troubles

As the judges showed their demeanor, some readers and authors who opposed "mainstream values" began to eagerly try. An incest novel that has been popular on the Internet for half a year began to emerge in the sixth week. After climbing to the top of the rankings, the judges had a discussion and decided not to comment on the book; then the readers aroused joking thoughts. They used the rhetoric of the fifth grade of elementary school with the attention of thousands of people on the Internet. The sentence-making level novels are up, and the judges are going to give them points. This time they used the method of swiping tickets, but they were intercepted by the technical department. We can only say that the Internet is too entertaining, and there is room for entertainment when such rigid and rigorous activities are done.

5. Dislocation

In general, this round of inventory has made many judges "fallen" and become loyal readers of online novels. Because the early review rules stipulated that online literature should be viewed according to the literary values ​​inherited over the past century, so the general review followed substantiveism and did not follow the entertainment rules prevailing on the Internet. In fact, this is a bit different, but considering the strangeness of the judges to entertainment, especially reading entertainment, we can't make them oriented towards YY works. Readers don't want to see them doing this, because almost everyone still thinks that entertainment alone is not enough to produce good works. Many readers have said that online novels move them while making them ashamed of being moved. The dislocation of the reviews has caused people to make a real weigh and reflection on its connotation.


The "Ten-Year Inventory of Online Literature" event is the largest exchange between the traditional literary world and the online literature community so far, and it has far-reaching significance to promote the prosperity and development of online literature. .

In the "Ten Years Inventory of Online Literature" activity, the netizens who participated in the review team went through a process of doubting to trusting, from confrontation to support, which enhanced the image of literary journal editors and experts in the field of online literature. , Effectively strengthened the influence of the Chinese Writers Association on the Internet.

"Ten Years of Online Literature" has made excellent online original novels of the past ten years more widely recognized. A group of excellent original authors of online literature have further established their own strength status in the activities, and some new talents The author stands out through the activity.

This large inventory is not only a summary of the past ten years of online literature, but also a bridge for the exchange of traditional literature and online literature. It is a milestone in the history of Chinese online literature and even Chinese literature. Amidst the differences and overlaps, the ten-year development of online literature is included in a rational summary and review to promote the integration and exchange of traditional literature and online literature. This is the first time that mainstream literature has affirmed online literature. Since then, online literature has officially entered the stage of Chinese literature.

1 Chenyuan/Yanyujiangnan

2 Zichuan/Old Pig

3 Wei Shuaiwang’s rivers and lakes/Qingchuan

5 Evil Wind Music/Blood Red

6 The young prime minister, the foreigner/Xiao Yi

7 blasphemy/ Yanyu Jiangnan

8 Qianqiu Suguangtong/Speakers

9 Data Xia Ke Xing/Seven Chi Ju Shi

10 Zhibei Tour/Luoshui

11 Go back to the Ming Dynasty to be the prince/Yueguan

12 Official business/general

13 Wu Song/Blood Red

14 Yanyu Yao/Shangguan Chuchu

16 Infinite Horror/zhttty

< /td>

17 Man vine green Luo/pile pile

18 Alien Ao Shi Lu/ Ming Mei< /p>

19 Rogue Master II/Innocent

20 CS Border Town Prodigal Son/Border Town The Prodigal Son

21 Ruimin Huang Guifei/Li Zheng

22 Piracy Myths of Online Games/Lost Leaves

23 Fengzi Monogatari/Lawson

24 Besieged the city is not dangerous/Tea Zen blindly

25 Qing Yu Nian/Mao Gai

26 Qin Qingtianxia/Ningxin

27 Celestial Right Wing/Teana Paper Kite

28 Stealing Ming/Big Bang

29 First Commander/Ye Qingsong

30 Hudong Guerrillas/Liu Caiyou

31 Urban Demon Talk/Kerui

< p>32 NB/NB

33 Lifetime occupation/Last Ranger (Wandering Sabre)

34 The mystery trace of the treacherous stone/Knowing fish

35 Angry Bullet/Wandering Sabre

36 Shenyou/Xu Gongzi Shengzhi

37 Buddhism is the Tao /Dream into God’s Machine

38 The Legend of Shishi/Fang Xiang

39 Devil Book/Liu Shuixin

40 Wild Spear/He Chuwu

41 Dream of the Three Kingdoms/Big Cat

42 Zhu Xian/Xiao Ding

43 I am a gangster/blood red

44 Throne of the Barbarians (blue badge)/He Chuwu

45 Mixing is also a kind of life/cloud sky

46 mercenary The world/said the master

47 The dust of history/knowledge of autumn

48 Wolves/Stabbing Blood

49 Shushan/Wandering Toad

50 Xianlu Smoke/Guanping Tide

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