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Core frequency of the graphics cardCore frequency of the graphics card refers to the operating frequency of the graphics core. The operating frequency can reflect the performance of the graphics core to a certain extent, but the performance of the graphics card is determined by the core The frequency, video memory, pixel pipeline, pixel fill rate, etc. are determined by various conditions, so in the case of different display cores, a high core frequency does not mean that the graphics card has strong performance. For example, the core frequency of 9600PRO has reached 400MHz, which is higher than the 380MHz of 9800PRO, but 9800PRO is definitely stronger than 9600PRO in terms of performance. In the same level of chips, the higher the core frequency, the better the performance. Increasing the core frequency is one of the ways to overclock the graphics card. There are only two mainstream display chips, ATI and NVIDIA, both of which provide display cores to third-party manufacturers. Under the same display core, some manufacturers will appropriately increase the display core frequency of their products to make them work higher than the display core. Fixed frequency to achieve higher performance.

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