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Product introduction

Multifunctional integration

GC7106A radio frequency analyzer integrates all necessary functions of radio frequency communication system test and measurement, including spectrum analysis and interference analysis , Antenna and feeder analysis and power test. Thereby reducing the time and cost of maintenance work and saving resources.

Product features and functions

Power meter

GC7106A provides two power test modes:

-Internal, standard power test Mode, no external power probe is required

-External, using an external power sensor, high-precision power measurement can be performed

Internal power meter, because it does not require an additional power probe, Use the measurement results of spectrum analysis to calculate the power value. This is a simple measurement method with appropriate accuracy; while the external power measurement increases in cost, it provides higher measurement accuracy.

GC7106A can be equipped with a through-type power probe to form a through-type power meter. Power measurement with a large dynamic range can be performed without interruption of system business.

-The power display unit can be dBm or watts

-Users can customize the upper and lower limits of the result to judge whether the test passes or fails

Interference analysis

The signal tracking function is an effective tool to track the field strength of the specified frequency point. It can track up to six frequency points at the same time and record their real-time RSSI values. When the field strength exceeds the user's setting range, audio will be used Alarm. GC7106A provides up to 3 consecutive days of internal recording capacity, and users can perform further analysis through the provided software.

Cable and antenna feeder analysis

Antenna feeder analyzer can measure the electrical characteristics of active and passive components, such as cables, filters, amplifiers, antennas and multiplexers.

-Return loss, standing wave ratio (VSWR) test

-Cable loss test

-Distance to fault location (DTF)

-Insertion loss and gain

In single-port testing, users can measure feeder loss, fault location and antenna standing wave ratio. When using a dual-port test, you can measure gain, insertion loss and isolation. Especially in the measurement of filters, amplifiers, tower mounted amplifiers, RF path loss and antenna isolation.

Spectrum Analyzer

GC7106A wireless system tester has a built-in universal spectrum analyzer. It is the most basic and flexible tool for RF signal analysis. While providing basic spectrum analysis functions, GC7106A also has built-in multiple one-key wireless analysis functions.

-Channel power

-Adjacent channel power measurement

-Spectrum mask test

-Occupied bandwidth measurement

Technical specifications

Basic indicators

(Internal clock)

Display: 8.4"TFTLCD800x60 mode Weight: 5.6kg (12.1 pounds) (including battery)

Size: (WxHxD) 315×245×95mm Serial number: 1

USB number: 1 10Mbps LAN: 1

GPS antenna: 1

Battery (lithium battery)

Voltage: 11.1V Capacity: 7200mAh

Minimum charging voltage: 12.6V Battery life: 1.5 hours

AC: 100-240V, 2.5A, 50-60Hz

Spectrum analyzer

Input frequency range: 100kHz~3GHz Maximum input level: +30dBm(1W)

Amplitude accuracy: ±1.0dB Resolution bandwidth (RBW): 100Hz~1MHz

Visual bandwidth (VBW): 1Hz~1MHz Dynamic range:>85dB

Input attenuation: 0~55dB (step length 5dB) single sideband phase noise: -95dBc@30kHz offset; -105dBc@100kHz offset

DANL (noise floor): typical -14dBm(RBW :100Hz, preamplifier: on)

Maximum value of typical frequency





Measurement range: DANL-+30dBm port standing wave ratio: <1.5

Antenna feeder analyzer

Frequency range: 25MHz~3GHz Frequency resolution: 100kHz

Data points: 126, 251, 501, 1001

Standing wave ratio (VSWR)

Standing wave ratio range: 1~65 Return loss: 0~60dB

Resolution: 0.01dB

Cable loss

Dynamic range: 0~ 30dB resolution: 0.01dB

Distance to Fault (DTF, DistancetoFault)

Distance: 1250 meters Horizontal range: 0to(#ofdatapoints-1)X(resolution-1)/2

Resolution: (1.5×108)(Vp)(Delta)(ZF) Standing wave ratio range: 1~65

Return loss range: 0~60dB

Gain/insertion loss measurement

Frequency range: 25MHz~3GHz frequency resolution :100kHz

Output power level: -10dBm typical value Dynamic range: 25MHz~2GHz80dB; 2GHz~3GHz60dB

Power meter

Frequency range: 100kHz~3GHz Display: ±100dBm (user-settable)

Measurement range: -70dBm~+30dBm offset range: 0~60dB

Accuracy: -40dBm≤power≤30dBm±1.0dB -70dBm≤power≤-40dBm±1.5dB

Port standing wave ratio: <1.5

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