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Yellow Diamond Permission

Yellow Diamond Classification and Function Comparison Table

Level System

In 2007, Qzone launched a new yellow diamond noble Hierarchy system. According to the record of continuous activity, the yellow diamond nobles will have their own yellow diamond experience value and corresponding level. The higher the experience value, the higher the yellow diamond level, the higher the status among the users of Qzone and the higher the status of the yellow diamond. More and more powerful functions.

On February 3, 2008, the public beta of the yellow diamond rating ended and it was officially released.

Correspondence between level and experience value

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Yellow diamond growth value calculation formula S=10t0 + 0t1 + 2t2 +3t3 +5t4 -10t5

S: growth value (the minimum is 0, the change in growth value displayed on the next day)

t0: Accumulative yellow diamond activation days

t1: Accumulative activation days of ordinary payment methods (mobile phones, Unicom phones, PHS/CDMA, ADSL)

t2: Cumulative opening days of Q coin payment (Q point/Q coin account, fixed phone, QQ card, mobile recharge card)

t3: Cumulative opening of online banking payment method Days (tenpay, online banking)

t4: the cumulative number of days that the annual fee interval has been activated and used

t5: the cumulative number of non-yellow diamond days (S>0, the Every time the value is accumulated for 1 day, S will be reduced by 10, and S=0 will not be accumulated)

For example: Xiao Chen received a one-time feedback growth value of 800 when the yellow diamond system was launched, and then used his mobile phone within 110 days , Personal accounts and online banking have opened yellow diamonds for 30 days, and yellow diamonds have been disabled for 20 days. After the launch of the yellow diamond through train, the through train has been opened for one year and the through train has already consumed 30 days, so for Xiao Chen, the yellow diamond has accumulated Number of days

t0=30*3+30=120, his growth value is:

S = 800 + 10*120 + 0*30 + 2*30 + 3*30 + 5*30-10*20 = 2100

* t0, t1, t2, t3, t 4. t5 is calculated from the day the growth system was launched* t1, t2, t3, and t4 are not accumulated at the same time. If the user uses multiple payment methods to activate the yellow diamond, the priority will be accumulated at this time, t4, the remaining accumulated t3, and the remaining accumulated t2, and finally The remaining cumulative t1;

Logo changes

⒈Yellow diamond service is in the active state, you can have the shiny golden level logo, and the experience value will increase day by day;

⒉ The yellow diamond service is closed, but the yellow diamond experience value is greater than 0, the level icon becomes gray, and the experience value decreases day by day. When it drops to 0, the level mark will be lost.

Note: When the yellow diamond service is turned off, even if the experience value has not completely disappeared, you can no longer enjoy any yellow diamond privileges at this time.

Experience value

The experience value to be returned means that it has not been converted into experience value. If the experience value to be returned is greater than 0, at the beginning of each month, 50 points of it will be converted into ( Yellow diamond) experience points to help you quickly upgrade the yellow diamond level.

How to get the "experience points to be returned":

When the yellow diamond is opened by prepaid or gift to others, you will get experience points to be returned. The experience points to be returned will be converted into yellow diamond experience points at the beginning of each month (50 points per month).

Prepayment method: Open Yellow Diamond for M months through Q currency, QQ card, Q point, online banking, Tenpay, and fixed phone, and you will get M*50 points to be rewarded experience points;< /p>

Gift to others: Give your friend a yellow diamond for N months through Q coins or Q points, and you will get N*50 points to be rewarded.

The rules for obtaining the experience points to be returned

The experience points to be returned will be returned at the beginning of each month, with 50 points being returned every month.

For example, if Xiao Wang opened a two-month yellow diamond through a prepaid channel on May 15, 2008, his "experience to be returned" will increase by 100 points (ie 50*2=100); June On the 1st, Xiao Wang’s experience value will increase by 50 points, and the return experience value will be reduced by 50 points; on July 1, Xiao Wang’s experience value will also increase by 50 points, and the return experience value will be reduced by 50 points until "to be "Reward experience value" is 0.

Yellow Diamond Baby

⒈What is Yellow Diamond Baby

"Yellow Diamond Baby" is exclusive to yellow diamond nobles, and only yellow diamond nobles can adopt it. There is "Yellow Diamond Baby-Niuniu Series".

⒉Type introduction

There are three kinds of Niu Niu series-Building Niu Niu, Kung Fu Niu Niu, and Cute Niu MM.

⒊Instructions for adoption of yellow diamond baby:

You can only adopt yellow diamond nobles;

Yellow diamond baby and plants belong to space adoption. But you can’t adopt them at the same time;

The yellow diamond baby index bonus rules are the same as the existing plants. Adopting a yellow diamond baby will not affect your previous gardener level.

If you want to adopt the "Yellow Diamond Baby", please activate the Yellow Diamond Noble and adopt it on your "Yellow Diamond Status Homepage";

If you turn off the Yellow Diamond service, Then your yellow diamond baby will also disappear, you can go to another common user's plant;

You can also cancel the "yellow diamond baby" dress in "My Store-Current Dress Up".

⒋Baby upgrade rewards

First-level baby: get at least 4 first-level ginseng fruit as upgrade rewards

Second-level baby: get at least 5 first-level to Level 2 ginseng fruit as an upgrade reward

Level 3 baby: get at least 6 level 1 to 3 ginseng fruits as an upgrade reward

Level 4 baby: get at least 7 level 1 to 4 Ginseng fruit as an upgrade reward

Level 5 baby: get at least 8 level 1 to 5 ginseng fruit as an upgrade reward

Using ginseng fruit, you can open the treasure pavilion and redeem the corresponding magic items .

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