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QQ space certification

How to authenticate

Authentication conditions

1: Qzone users (if not users of Qzone, please register and activate Qzone first)

2: Original users, the space has published at least 20 logs, and can keep the logs updated at least 2 times a week. More than 50% of the blog content is related to their field of expertise, and the content is healthy and thoughtful users.

3 : Knowledgeable, interrogative, deliberate, discerning, decisive, independent and confident, problematic perspectives and opinions, good at domains and related fields, excellent in strength, often speaks on blogs and public topics in related fields, users who have a strong demand for new knowledge, ideas, and trends , Can open a celebrity blog.

4: Users who trust Tencent blog.

How to apply for certification

The certification step certification space requires the applicant to be a well-known brand , Corporate organizations, the media, or celebrities, some applications are also open to ordinary spaces, but the requirements are stricter, and applicants must be outstanding in their field. The verification of the certification space generally takes 1-2 weeks, and the verification result will be sent to the application mailbox in the form of an email. If you meet the application requirements of the certification space, but the application is not approved, it may be: (1) The information you filled in is not detailed enough to determine your identity; (2) The certification information you submitted is not standardized enough to determine whether you are the person or Legal representative application; (3) According to the review standard, the content you will be operating is not enough to give users a better experience. (3) According to the review standard, the content you will be operating is not enough to provide users with a better experience.

Is the application for certification space free?

Applying for certification space is completely free, and Tencent will not charge any fees.

How to maintain

After the application is approved, you will be able to operate your certification space. You can dress up your certification space and keep the content updated to attract more attention . In order to increase your fans, you can also promote your certification space in forums, blogs and other places.

1. Operate well. Provide fans with high-quality information and maintain the frequency of updates;

2. Mobilize your own resources to promote the certification space, break the threshold of the number of fans as soon as possible, and achieve spontaneous and rapid growth;

3. You can apply for the like component and put it on your website to make more users become your fans.

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