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Procedure (management term)

Definition of terms

In the National Standard of the People’s Republic of China "Quality Management System Fundamentals and Terminology" GB/T19000—2008/ISO9000: 2005 (instead of GB/T19000—2000), Section 3.4. The definition of "procedure" in the 5 procedure procedures is "the means prescribed for carrying out a certain activity or process (3.4.1)."

working procedures

any unit The first thing to emphasize is the procedure, because there is a famous saying in the management circle: details determine success or failure. The program is the best tool to rectify the details. Therefore, all our work emphasizes procedures all the time and everywhere. Because of the standardized procedures, it is much easier for us civilians to work in government agencies than before. At the very least, we know which department we should go to for what to do, and how long it should take to do it. The government's public procedures for handling affairs have also brought closer relations with the people. Well, this is a very good thing. As if to prove the truth that things are divided into two, while praising the program, we also see the cold side of the program. Nanning hero Bao Guangshe shed the last drop of blood in the hospital's cold procedures. The staff on duty at the highway toll station resolutely refused to release the ambulance because the ambulance could not pay the toll fee of ten yuan, and finally made the patients in urgent need of help. Examples of death,..., etc., all outline the true shape of the program that we emphasize or enshrined as a sacred rule.

Procedure is a kind of management method. It is a tool that can play a coordinated and efficient role. In our socialist construction or modernization, we should pay full attention to its role and constantly Our work has changed from disorderly rectification to orderly.

However, when we only focus on the form and not the substance, some things develop to the opposite side of it. Procedures are not a panacea for all diseases. When it goes to the opposite side, it is the best shield for bureaucrats and people who regard hard work and public interests as if they don’t see it. Because the more rigorous and complete the procedure, the more time it will cost to implement step by step. When time is wasted, other losses incurred should not be borne by the exemplary person who has executed the procedure.

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