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Printed circuit board plating


"Printed Circuit Board Plating" carries out the technical requirements and specifications of mechanical processing, etching process, screen printing, hot air leveling related to printed circuit board manufacturing technology Introduced.

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Chapter 1 Printed Circuit Board Plating

1.1 Overview

1.1.1 Traditional Printed Circuit Board Plating Process

1.1.2 The emergence and development of direct electroplating process

1.2 The surface coating process and process involved in the manufacturing process of printed circuit boards

1.2. 1 hole metallization

1.2.2 hot air leveling technology

1.3  double-sided printed circuit board pattern plating method

1.3.1  pattern plating method process flow

1.3.2 SMOBC process flow

Chapter 2 Printed Circuit Board Machining, Plate Making and Image Transfer

2.1  Printed Circuit Board Machining< /p>

2.1.1 Overview

2.1.2 Classification of machining

2.1.3 Printed circuit board blanking

2.1. 4 Quality problems that easily occur during the drilling of printed circuit boards

2.1.5 Printed circuit board shape processing

2.1.6 Machining defects analysis and prevention

2.2 Photographic platemaking

2.2.1 Overview

2.2.2 Photographic basemap production

2.2.3 Light-painted baseplate inspection


2.3 Photochemical Image Transfer Technology

2.3.1 Overview

2.3.2 Photoresist

2.3.3 Photoresist The main components and functions of the film

2.3.4 Application of dry film photoresist film

2.3.5 Technical conditions of dry film photoresist


2.3.6 Image transfer

2.4 Printed circuit board screen printing process

2.4.1 Overview of printed circuit board screen printing process

< p>2.4.2 The choice of screen

2.4.3 The basic method and quality requirement of stretch screen

2.4.4 The choice of screen printing squeegee

2.4.5 Easily occur faults and corrective methods in screen printing of printed circuit boards

Chapter 3 Electroless Copper Plating

3.1 Chemical Copper Plating Process

< p>3.2 Substrate cleaning process before electroless copper plating

3.2.1 Substrate degreasing

3.2.2 hole wall treatment

3.2.3  roughening treatment

3.2.4 Activation treatment

3.2.5 Chemical copper plating

3.3 Quality control of chemical copper plating

3.3.1 Cohesion of electroless plating

3.3.2 "Toughness of electroless copper plating

3.3.3 Resistivity

3.4 Electroless thick copper plating

3.5 Several quality problems prone to electroless copper plating

3.6 Daily maintenance of electroless copper plating solution


Chapter 4 Copper Plating

Chapter 5 Tin-Lead Alloy Plating

Chapter 6 Printed Circuit Board Etching Process


Chapter 7 Printed Board Plug Gold Plating

Chapter 8 Printed Circuit Board Electroless Nickel Gold Plating

Chapter 9 Hot Air Leveling Technology

< p>Chapter 10 General Technical Requirements and Inspection Methods of Printed Circuit Board Coating



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