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The power indicator is a kind of indicator light. The number of times the power indicator flashes continuously represents the indoor unit fault code. Power supply indicator: Each hot-swappable power supply has an indicator that can provide information about power status, failure, and power supply existence.


Indicator code

On: indicates that the system is powered on and ready to run.

No light: indicates that the system is not powered on.

Flashing: indicates that the system is powered on, but in a waiting state.


The power button indicator light (two-color led) on the front of the computer lights up, flashes, or remains steady to indicate different states:

If the power is on If the indicator light is off, the computer is turned off or not connected to the power source.

Reseat the power cable in the power connector on the back of the computer and the power outlet.

If you connect the computer to a power distribution panel, make sure that the power distribution panel is connected to a power outlet and that the power distribution panel is turned on. At the same time, bypass the power protection device, power distribution board, and power extension cable to verify that the computer can be turned on normally.

Use other equipment (such as desk lamps) to test the power socket to ensure that the power socket is working properly.

If the power light is steady green and the computer is not responding:

Make sure the monitor is connected and turned on.

If the monitor is connected and powered on, please refer to the beep code.

If the power indicator is flashing green, the computer is in standby mode. Press any key on the keyboard, move the mouse or press the power button to resume normal operation. If the power light is on green and the computer is not responding:

Make sure the monitor is connected and turned on.

If the monitor is connected and powered on, please refer to the beep code.

If the power light is steady amber, the computer is receiving power, but the device may be malfunctioning or incorrectly installed.

The several mains indicator lights introduced are simple and easy to make, safe to use, and low power consumption.

Legend of power indicator

There are only two components in the circuit shown in Figure 1. R selects 1/6W~1/8W carbon film resistor or metal film resistor, and the resistance is 100 Between ~300K. Ne is a neon bulb, and the neon bulb in the normal fluorescent lamp starter is also used. If you want to choose a neon bulb that is small and can be ignited at about 60V, its model is NNH-616, and the resistance R is 1/6W of 270K. Metal film resistors.

The power indicator light shown in Figure 2 is a unidirectional light-emitting diode. R can choose 30K, 1/6W metal film resistors, and the unidirectional diode VD1 is 1N4004 or 1n4007. The diode VD1 is mainly used for unidirectional operation, and R is used for step-down current limiting.

Figure 3. Figure 4. The power indicator shown in Figure 5 uses light-emitting diodes as indicator lights. Figure 3 uses a resistor to step down and limit current. Figure 4 and Figure 5 use capacitors to step down and limit current. The VD in the dotted line part of the diode in Fig. 3 and Fig. 4 can be IN4002. Its function is to ensure that the light-emitting diode is not broken down by the reverse voltage of the market. If there is no IN4002 for a while, it can be omitted. The IC in Figure 4 can be a metalized paper capacitor in a fluorescent lamp starter. 0.22-0.33UF/400V polyester capacitors can also be used. In the circuit of Fig. 5, VD1 is a voltage stabilizing diode with a voltage stabilization value of about 5V, R is a current-limiting resistor, and C is a step-down capacitor. Figure 3. The light-emitting diodes of Fig. 4 and Fig. 5 can still work with the intermodulation head connection at both ends, but the diode and the Zener diode will be changed accordingly.

Three-phase power indicator

Three-phase power indicator is a three-phase power indicator specially used for real-time monitoring of driving, crane and other electrical equipment. It can effectively avoid

adverse consequences caused by phase loss or other power failures of electrical equipment. It is an ideal substitute product for the current sliding contact line electric light cannon indication.

This product uses imported ultra-high-brightness LED tubes to compose four types of light-emitting panels: red, green, yellow, and blue. Observable distance is greater than 100 meters. The shell is made of steel plate and electrostatic spraying technology, which has the functions of waterproof and shockproof. When the lamp body is installed, it can be rotated by 180°. Can be installed indoors or outdoors.

The LED three-phase power indicator has the advantages of high luminous efficiency, power saving, convenient installation and maintenance, etc., and the safe life span is more than 50,000 hours.

Product performance:

1. Working voltage: AC220V or AC380V 2. Power frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz

3. Observation distance: more than 100 meters (visual inspection) 4. Usage: continuous use

4. The product standard complies with the safety signs of the sliding contact line specified in the "National Safety Regulations for Lifting Machinery" GB6067-

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