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Optical disc system and its application

Content summary

The whole book focuses on science, knowledge and practicability. It is an advanced science reading that reflects the achievements of modern optical disc technology, and it is also a manual with complete information.

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Chapter 1 Introduction

1-1 Review of image and sound recording

1-2 Image and sound recording Classification of methods

1-3 CD-ROM overview

1-4 CD-ROM drive overview

Chapter 2 Basic Principles of CD-ROM

2 -1 The development process of the optical disc

2-2 The structure of the optical disc

2-3 The production process of the optical disc

2-4 Signal pickup and pickup Servo system

2-5 Disc speed control

2-6 Magneto-optical recording and playback

Chapter 3 Disc family and its specifications

3-1 Optical disc symbols and terms

3-2 Optical disc family

3-3 Optical disc standard documents

Chapter 4 Compact Disc ( CD) and CD player

4-1 Human ear requirements for sound

4-2 Basic principles of digital audio technology

4-3 Coding and correction Wrong

4-4 CD encoding process

4-5 CD player

4-6 Mini CD (MD)

Chapter 5 Laser Video Disk (LD) and Video Disk Player

5-1 Signal Composition of Laser Video Disk (LD)

5-2 Test Signal of Laser Video Disk (LD)

5-3 Data on LD

5-4 LD Video Disk Player

Chapter 6 Small Digital Video Disk (VCD) and Video Disk Player

6-1 Psychoacoustics and bit rate compression

6-2 MPEG-1 video coding standard

6-3 MPEG-2 sound coding standard

6-4 VCD video disc System

6-5 VCD video disc

6-6 VCD video disc player

Chapter 7 Digital Universal Disc (DVD) and its optical disc player

< p>7-1 MPEG-2 video and audio coding standard

7-2 DVD video disc system

7-3 DVD disc production

7-4 DVD drive

7-5 DVD copyright protection and partition management

Chapter 8 Read-only CD-ROM and drive

8-1 Introduction< /p>

8-2 CD-ROM standard

8-3 CD-ROM disc

8-4 CD-ROM/XA disc

8-5 CD-ROM drive

8-6 Application of CD-ROM

Chapter 9 New Type Disc

9-1 CD that can be written once -R CD

9-2 DVD-R that can be written once

9-3 DVD-RAM that can be rewritable

9-4 Disc system outlook

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