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Net Worm

The source of the word

The English of networm: nethead and "networm" mean the same thing, it means "net fanatic, netizen"; and netizen can be used to refer to all netizens, especially Internet users, it is a combination of net (network) and citizen (citizen). Another fashionable word is netsurfer, which means "online surfer".

In the Cambridge International English Dictionary, the explanation of netter/nettle is: regular user of Internet, perhaps one who spends too much time in this occupation.


vt. irritate; annoy; sting n. nettle adj. "netter" of the urticaceae family.

n. Netizen; Netizen; Networm

n. Netizen; Netizen; Networm


Mouse potato This is The most authentic way of saying, of course, the Chinese way of saying is networm

Mouse refers to the mouse, and Potato refers to the French fries. It's a guy holding a mouse in his right hand to surf the Internet and a French fries in his left hand to satisfy his hunger. Referred to as "Net Worm". No language can do without cultural background. The above explanation is the interpretation of such a cultural background.

In life, we often say couch potato. This idiom refers specifically to those who are lazy at home and indulge in television all day. They sat on the sofa all day, eating chips, staring at the TV screen unblinkingly, so couch potato became synonymous with "TV fans."

What about the mouse potato? Can you guess what it means? Aren't those people who stay at home all day and hold a mouse in their hands are the true portrayal of "computer fans"?

Extended meaning

Net worms, also known as net idiots, net fans, as the name suggests, means Internet parasites, referring to those who often surf the Internet, surf the Internet every day, and are addicted to the Internet. This term is the initial term for Internet users in China.

The so-called networm is the person who wants to click with the mouse after seeing the underline in the magazine.

The so-called networm is the person who mistakenly used the person beside the pillow as a keyboard messenger in his sleep.

The so-called networm means getting up in the middle of the night and picking up Yi Meier halfway through the bathroom.

The so-called networm is the person who changed three cats and broke five mice.

The so-called networm is the guy who raises chickens, cats and mice, and laments that the only animals in the world are difficult to raise.

The so-called networm is the person who receives letters, looks at the BBS, chats, makes the phone, browses the website, plays games, watches the news, and stares like a penguin.

The so-called networm is the guy who has his butt nailed to the chair and wants to convert the computer chair into a portable toilet.

The so-called networm is a person who "has a face like jade in the net, no matter how ugly his wife's face is", who fears that the internal stubborn disease will be cured for a while.

The so-called networm is the guy who calls his wife Meimei by flattering his wife in order to be able to surf the Internet.

The so-called networm is a person who has countless names on the Internet and almost forgets his name.

The so-called net worms are prawns on the Internet, who are severely stuttering in their lives.

The so-called networm is the guy who picks out typos and writes badly and deliberately doesn't speak well.

The so-called networm is the person who greets you on the street and just "hehe" when he speaks.

The so-called networm is the guy with the name of Yimeier, the address of the roast chicken, and the QQ number printed on the business card.

The so-called networm is the person who always complains about the large bills of the telecommunications bureau and ISP.

The so-called networm is a tragic hero who swears to rejuvenate China Telecom and China's information industry.

The so-called networm means that computers are better than anything else, and women may even forget the time to cook.

The so-called networm is when you are in school, you can’t distinguish between morning and afternoon.

Networm is a person who spends all day on the Internet and is addicted to the Internet;

Computer geek should only be a person who is very keen on computer research, not necessarily an Internet lover.

Social Evaluation

It is difficult to be a networm, and it is even more difficult to be a nine-segment networm. The following features are indispensable.

■Jiuduan.com asks for contact information from others, usually as long as the other party’s E-mail, and often encourages box-sellers and instant noodles bosses to also apply for an online e-mail address, so that it can be delivered to the door and has a good name. Said: This is the so-called e-commerce.

■ Jiuduan.com can’t tolerate that someone clicks the mouse in front of him and says that he is pressing the mouse, otherwise he will continue to nag until the other party writes down the notes and promises that he will not dare next time.

■There are a lot of computer terminology of Jiuduan.com: To wash your face is to refresh the display screen; to wake up is to restart; to go to a friend’s house to call to log in to the website......

■ Jiuduan.com I am very uncomfortable with others calling my real name, and even need a few seconds of "buffer" to verify whether he is calling himself; but if he is called one of the dozens of net names, his "buffer" time is equal to zero .

■Nine-duan networms will never use their fists to fight against others when they have grievances with others. Instead, they are very gentlemen who use online duel games to fight each other out.

■ Jiuduan.com does not measure a person’s wealth and poverty by the amount of money. In their eyes, the points of online games are the only factor used to distinguish between rich and poor.

■ Jiuduan.com is extremely dedicated and basically has no separate meal time. While he converts food into heat, he converts heat into kinetic energy for clicking the mouse.

■When someone asks him for his home address, Jiuduan.com will write you a long series of numbers without hesitation. Don't think that there is a problem with his head, it's just that he is too sensitive to ID addresses.

■When someone mentions the family pet cat in front of him, Jiuduan.com always smiles and asks: "How many K's?" (Peng Pei)

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