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MOS-level chemical reagent is the abbreviation of "Metal-oxide-semiconductor" (Metal-oxide-semiconductor) circuit special pure reagent, which is suitable for large-scale integrated circuits (LSI) is a new category of reagents.


It belongs to the special chemical for the production of metal oxide semiconductor circuits and is a high-purity reagent. Its purity requires that the single metal ion impurity content is in the range of 10-7%~10-9%. What’s more important is to control the number of particulate impurities (ie dust and insoluble particles) in the product, which should meet the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) "0" standard, that is, for particles with a size of 5-10 microns, per 100 ml The maximum allowable is less than 2700, and for particles with a size of 5 microns, it is required to be less than 304.


MOS reagents are mainly used for the research and production of large-scale and very large-scale integrated circuits.

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