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An internationally renowned manufacturing system engineering expert and a professor from Tokyo University in Japan pointed out: "The manufacturing system can be defined from three aspects. 1. The structure of the manufacturing system: the manufacturing system is a system that includes personnel and production facilities. , Material processing equipment and other ancillary equipment and other hardware as a unified whole; 2. The transformation of the manufacturing system: The manufacturing system can be defined as the transformation process of production factors, especially the conversion of raw materials into products with maximum productivity; 3. Manufacturing The process aspect of the system: The manufacturing system can be defined as the operation process of production, including planning, implementation and control.” Based on the above definitions, the manufacturing system can be defined as follows:

Manufacturing system is a manufacturing process and The hardware, software, and personnel involved are an input/output system that transforms manufacturing resources into products or semi-finished products. It involves the product life cycle (including market analysis, product design, process planning, processing, assembly, transportation, Product sales, after-sales service and recycling, etc.) the whole process or part of the link. Among them, hardware includes workshops, production equipment, tools, tools, computers and networks; software includes manufacturing theory, manufacturing technology (manufacturing process and manufacturing methods, etc.), management methods, manufacturing information and related software systems, etc.; manufacturing resources include Narrow manufacturing resources and broad manufacturing resources; narrow manufacturing resources mainly refer to material energy resources, including raw materials, blanks, semi-finished products, energy, etc.; broad manufacturing resources also include hardware, software, personnel, etc.

From the definition of manufacturing system, it can be seen that in structure, the manufacturing system is a unified whole composed of the hardware, software and personnel involved in the manufacturing process; in terms of function, the manufacturing system is a transformation of manufacturing resources It is the input and output system of finished or semi-finished products; in terms of process, the manufacturing system includes the entire manufacturing process of market analysis, product design, process planning, manufacturing implementation, inspection and delivery, and product sales.

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