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Introduction to Internet Literature

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The allure of "Introduction to Network Literature" lies in the answers to the following questions: What is network literature? How did online literature come into being and develop? What are the particularities of the media and carriers of online literature? The book combines a large number of online works to clarify the form and characteristics, function and value of online literature, the creation, dissemination, appreciation, and criticism of online literature, as well as the limitations and development trends of online literature. The systematic theoretical framework, in-depth theoretical analysis, rich web-text cases and extended academic information content have opened up a brand-new knowledge insight for readers.

About the author

Ouyang Youquan, Ph.D., is currently the dean, professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Liberal Arts of Central South University. Enjoyed the special government allowance of the State Council and won the National Baosteel Outstanding Teacher Award.

Table of Contents

Introduction: What is Internet Literature?

First, the definition of Internet literature

Second, the difference between Internet literature and traditional literature

3. Reconstruction of the Literary View in the Internet Age

Chapter One: The Emergence and Development of Internet Literature

1. The Emergence of Internet Literature

2. The development track of online literature

3. The characteristics and trends of the development of online literature

Chapter Two: Media and Carriers of Online Literature

1." "Bit" media

2. Network environment

3. Literary website

Chapter III Network Literature Forms

1. Network environment Electronic text

2. Hypertext works with technical links

3. Comprehensive art of multimedia interpretation

Chapter IV Features of Network Literature

< p>1. The spirit of "new folk literature"

2. The freedom of virtual world

3. Postmodern cultural logic,

Chapter 5 Network Literature Creation

1. Internet writers

2. Ways of creation

3. Expression in Internet Language

Chapter VI Online Literature Communication, Appreciation and Criticism

1. Network Literature Communication

2. Network Literature Appreciation

3. Network Literature Criticism

Chapter 7 Network Literary function and value

1. Literary function and network literature function

2. Value of network literature

Chapter 8 Limitations of Network Literature

1. Dissolution of literary nature

2. Weakening of the sense of responsibility

3. The fading of artistic classic concepts

Conclusion: New Century Network The construction of literature

1. Adjust the way of understanding literature

2. Improve the artistic quality of online literature

3. Pay attention to the artistic innovation of online writing


Four. Establish a restraint mechanism for regulation and self-discipline

Five. Avoid literature’s excessive dependence on network technology


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