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Internet novels refer to novels published serially on the Internet such as BBS and Web interfaces. Compared with ordinary novels, the grammar of online novels is closer to spoken language and is full of Internet buzzwords. . In addition to text content, the use of symbolic pattern layout to make changes is also its characteristic. Online novels are the main form of online literature.

Internet novels can be divided into broad and narrow senses. In a broad sense, they can include all novels published and circulated on the Internet. However, from the narrow sense of the origin of Internet novels, it mainly refers to the creation and first-time creation by Internet writers. The form of novels published on the Internet and then circulated. Online novels are mainly divided into two categories. One type of novels read by boys is generally referred to as male frequency; the other type is novels read by girls and is generally referred to as female frequency. Most of the novels read by boys pursue the power from body to power, while the novels read by girls mostly start from the perspective of love, and the strength of these two types of novels depends on the ratio of male to female on the Internet.


There were few good novels in the years when the Internet in China was the fastest growing, because at that time, as the largest Internet novel website, it did not pay attention to the originality of novels. , And then with the gradual prosperity of several major original novel alliances, online novels really raised their heads. The formation of Internet novels is due to the changing needs and pursuit of reading entertainment in the Internet age, and the promotion of commercial companies has made Internet novels flourish like a fish in water. The number of Chinese Internet novels is gradually surpassing other novel categories to become China's No. One group of novels.


The origin of online novels can be traced back to Xilu literature, but the exact time has been blurred.

Early online novels were actually online love-style youth novels in the form of forum postings, and the most novels at the time were games.

The first few online novel groups that emerged were Tianying Literature, Huanjianshu League, etc. Because of the same origin, the initial relationship was relatively good. Later, because of the emergence of the starting point, a tripartite was formed. Form. Since Shanda joined the company, the starting point was unique, and it evolved into today's situation where the starting point is the only Chinese website.

The first Chinese online original novel is "Struggle and Equality" (by Shaojun), published in "China Digest" in April 1991.


Online novels are slightly different from general novels. Its relatively loose style makes it possible to cover a wide range of content, such as fairy tales, fantasy, and online games. If you want to use one sentence The words to describe it is that the fiction that the formal fiction format cannot contain and tolerate can generally be counted as an online fiction. (Or you can use another explanation, the first one published on the Internet is)

Most online novels are defined by fast food literature. Most of them have long plots, and a large part of the plots do not conform to common sense logic. Sometimes the plots It's still abusive, with a lot of drool, the structure is branched and vines, and the content is sometimes contradictory, lacking classic works. Although there are no shortage of masterpieces that stand out, most of the purpose of writing by Internet writers is to make money, which makes Internet novels very utilitarian, loses literary quality, and is difficult to be recognized by the literary world.

The reasons for these ills: First, the cost of writing online novels is too low, and it is easy to go from readers to authors, leading to a large influx of people who lack cultural skills; second, the number of words is the profit model. As a result, the author’s weight does not emphasize quality; third, most works are updated in real time, instead of being written and published, readers urge the author to update, usually at least a few thousand words are updated every day, so it is difficult to produce classics; fourth, many readers are probably elegant There are too many things to look at, and it depends on the vulgar, and appreciates both the refined and the vulgar.


Internet novels can be roughly divided into the following types:

Xuanhuan: Oriental fantasy, Dynasty hegemony, alien continent, alien superpower, ancient mythology, high martial arts world, reincarnation, western fantasy, BL fantasy, GL fantasy

Martial arts: traditional martial arts, new martial arts , Chinese martial arts, historical martial arts, prodigal martial arts, humorous martial arts, happy rivers and lakes, BL martial arts, GL martial arts

Xian Xia: modern comprehension, comprehension civilization, ancient gods Classical Xian Xia, Fantasy Cultivation, BL Cultivation, GL Cultivation

(These two are the extension of fantasy and can also be used as another kind)

Fantasy : Western fantasy, vampire family, magic campus, alien orcs, undead aliens, lord nobles, swords and magic, historical mythology,

science fiction: machine age, sci-fi world, horror Time and Space, Digital Life, Interstellar War, Ancient Martial Armor, Time and Space Shuttle, Apocalyptic Crisis, Evolutionary Mutation

City: Urban life, grievances, youth campus, alien art Super power, urban rebirth, BL novels, GL novels, co-rental romance, entertainment stars, spy war agents, love and marriage, local novels, national martial arts and martial arts, president sadomasochism, officialdom ups and downs, shopping malls and workplaces

Romance: Adventurous reasoning, pure love and beauty, taste of life, love in the workplace, Jingjing campus, romantic romance, thousands of hearts, ancient romance, court battles, female dynasty

History: overhead history, historical biography, travel through ancient times, foreign history

Military: war fantasy, special army, modern warfare, through war, spy warfare agent, resistance war Fiberhome, Military Career

Games: Holographic Online Games, Game Career, E-sports, Gaming Outsiders

Sports: Yilin Career, basketball, football, tennis, sporting events

Spiritual: reasoning detective, horror thriller, supernatural monster, suspenseful adventure, Feng Shui mystery

Doujin: Fiction Doujin, Anime Doujin, Film and Television Doujin, Martial Arts Doujin, Game Doujin

Danmei: BL Novel, Same-Sex Love, Gay Literature< /p>

Secondary Elements: original fantasy, youthful daily life, transfiguration, funny spit, derivative doujin

With the rapid development of online novels, readers’ The requirements are becoming more and more demanding. Some running-book-like novels gradually faded out of the reader's sight, replaced by newer, stable, well-written, and sincere works. In fact, if you read them carefully, you will find many highlights and be inspired by many. This type of novel has a certain impact on readers' outlook on life.


Generally speaking, there are two publishing channels for online novels. Either you sign a contract with the website to contact them, or you can contact yourself:

Mainland publishing This is only considered by a small number of authors, because the mainland’s policies and prices generally do not satisfy the authors.

Taiwan publishing is a better choice at this time. Taiwan has fewer regulations on banned books. Some problems and materials can only be published in Taiwan, and the prices of Taiwanese publishing houses are relatively high.


1. Online novelCopyrightVoluntary registration system

Online copyright is registered on a voluntary basis. Regardless of whether the paper is registered or not, the copyright obtained by the author or other copyright owners according to law will not be affected. The voluntary registration system of works in my country is to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of authors or other copyright owners and users of works, help resolve copyright disputes caused by copyright ownership, and provide preliminary evidence for the settlement of copyright disputes.

Second, the copyright or ownership of online novels is automatically acquired and registered. In China, in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Law, the copyright is automatically granted when the work is completed. The so-called completion is relatively speaking, as long as the object of creation has met the statutory requirements for the composition of the work, it can be protected by the copyright law as a work.

3. At present, it is possible to apply for registration through the China Copyright Protection Center and the filing departments of the competent departments of the provinces directly under the Central Government. The copyright ownership of online novels in the form of digital works can also be registered through the third-party registration centers run by various associations. Trust a third-party organization that can prove the time for the record and storage of the work.

Four. You can choose to integrate and integrate various digital copyright technologies and the notarization mailbox of the authoritative timestamp notary office and other trusted third-party groups. The supported public copyright certification protection platform conducts independent deposit of online novel copyrights and the first release of intelligent certification, and obtains preliminary proof of the ownership of the work. When necessary, through judicial appraisal, the core guarantee is to enhance the legal efficiency of the evidence. At present, it has been popular in many European and American countries for many years.

Current situation


There has been controversy in Taiwanese online novels. The traditional writer Yuan Qiongqiong said in the preface of "The Ninety-Eleven Years of Novels" that most of Taiwan's online novel authors are generally inadequate, and there is a tendency that "bad money drives out good money". Taiwan’s online novels are inseparable from the evolution of their community culture. Young authors and readers hope to produce and reproduce works in pursuit of communication and identification.

Taiwan's online novels originated from erotic literature. The BBS version created by the students of Jiaotong University began to be published by BBS users. Later, due to the school's concern, the stage was moved to a private platform. The creative trend has influenced many readers and began to participate in the creation. Although the earliest story is called erotic literature, it is actually based on emotion, and the description of eroticism is a very light cutscene.

And the story broke away from the category of eroticism, and turned into a life record, fresh campus novels, such as "The First Intimate Contact" by Tsai Tsai is the second generation affected. So online literature began to sprout.

At that time, the first generation of relatively well-known authors such as sambad, plover, etc., the second generation of authors usually gathered at the National Cheng Kung University’s "Cat Paradise" BBS station, and the monthly polls attracted many outstanding authors and With the participation of readers, online novels have gradually become widely known.

The second generation of well-known online writers include Pi Zi Cai, Shuang Zi, Seba Ye Butterfly House, Ming Yu, Mayweng, Moriya Ka, Xiao Guang, etc. Many of them are still actively publishing online novels. Gradually, there was a trend of opening personal editions to online writers on various platforms. (Such as Woodpecker Park, Huanian Station, etc.)

At the same time, due to the success of online novel publishing, (Red Press-"The First Intimate Contact" has a record of selling millions of copies on both sides of the strait ), publishing houses began to notice the marketability of online novels.

Later, the creation trend caused by the online version increased unabated, and in order to attract users, various BBS sites began to set up a personal version, and the station initiated a literature museum, including a personal literature museum. The platforms of "Ring Moon and Stars", the sub-station "Eternal Kingdom" under KKCICT, etc., there are anonymous stations, madness, etc. in the later period. This is the era of today's online novels where hundreds of online novels are contending and new people are emerging.


Mainland Internet novels appeared when the Internet was mainly written, and it continued to grow with the development of the Internet. Internet novels at that time tended to be an expression of consciousness, which was a tool for authors to vent their personal ideals.

In 2001, Jin Hezai, a famous online novelist, published an epoch-making online novel "The Story of Wukong". This was the first online novel published in reality, which triggered the Chinese people’s interest in online novels. Infinite enthusiasm.

Later, online novels have gradually developed towards commercialization, and many well-known online novel commercial websites have appeared, such as starting point Chinese website, 17K literature website, etc., and a large number of talented writers have also emerged. However, the commercialization of online novels has also led to the proliferation of low-level tastes and boring and vulgar novels in the army of online novels. A large number of novels that promote immoral behavior, distort social values, and incite hatred have appeared. For the purpose of profit, a large number of junk literature has been published. It can be said to be a great sadness.

However, there are also many authors with real thoughts, such as the novel "The Spring and Autumn of Chu" by Ning Zhiyuan, the novel "Ming" by the drunkard, the novel "Celebrating the New Year" by Mao Ji, and the novel "Ka "Acts" is a rare good product.

Although the development of online novels is very rapid, compared with other forms of literary publication, it still has the shortcomings of lack of literary character, shallow depth of thought, and mainly fast food literature. At the same time, the rampant piracy of infringing websites is also the enemy of online novels.

After 6 years of development, the Internet has basically become popular in China after 2007, and online novels have also evolved from germination to growth to maturity, moving forward in controversy.

In 2009, Tiancan Tudou’s "Breaking the Sky" brought the development of online novels into the era of wireless reading and began to flourish.

After 2010, online novels and film and television dramas have become more and more closely integrated, becoming the backbone of mainland Chinese literature, and maintaining vigor and vigorous growth.

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