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Intelligent control terminal

Product overview

The special intelligent control terminal for safety supervision is a network communication product. When it is connected to the embedded automatic control system for major hazards, it mainly cooperates with the independent research and development and production of Warwick Century. The main control machine and the looser of the system complete the corresponding data display and monitoring, realize the transmission protocol conversion and interconnection of the CAN-BUS network and the EtherNet network, so as to achieve the Ethernet transmission of the system data.

Intelligent control terminal is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises and dangerous areas. It has improved transmission performance, wide coverage and other characteristics, providing all users in our safety supervision industry with faster, More stable first-hand information.

Product features

1.1 CAN-BUS bus interface, supporting CAN2.0B protocol.

2. Built-in 1 232 bus interface, which can be connected to wireless module or 485 conversion module.

3.1 One 10M/100M Ethernet interface.

4. 4 can-bus communication indicator lights, 2 Ethernet communication indicator lights, 1 power light,

1 system running light, flashing synchronously during data transmission .

5. 1 set button for restoring factory parameters.

6. External 220 volt AC power supply, maximum power 5w.

7. A power switch.

8. Built-in DIP switch, can-bus communication baud rate can be set.

9. The component position is reserved, and through expansion, it can have the function of a transmitter.

10. The chassis is 450mm long x 80mm wide x 180mm high.

11. The weight of the whole machine is 3kg.

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