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How about the ASUS ROG GX800? The most powerful notebook ROG GX800 parameter configuration details

On May 30th, Asus unveiled the ROG GX800, the most powerful laptop on earth. It uses the sixth generation Intel Core-K processor and can overclocked up to 4.4GHz. How does this new laptop come with? Take a look at the details below

On May 30, Asus unveiled what it calls the "Earth's Most Powerful" notebook, following its April launch of its most powerful gaming PC. This year is the 10th anniversary of the establishment of ASUS ROG brand. In June 2006, ASUS launched the MOTHERBOARD brand of ROG player country. For 10 years, ROG not only becomes the most pretend bility MOTHERBOARD brand, but also blossoms and bears fruit in the market such as graphics card and notebook, and has become the most resounding series of ASUS products. As a result, the 10th anniversary became the theme of the ROG event.


Following the launch of the dual NVIDIA GTX 1080-powered ROG G31 10th-anniversary console, Asustek has announced a new water-cooled notebook: the ROG GX800, which it claims is the strongest laptop yet.


The ROG GX800 uses a sixth-generation Intel Core-K processor that can overclocked up to 4.4GHz. More importantly, the ROG GX800 uses a dual GTX 980 graphics card, which seems to be one of the few graphics cards in the world that uses a dual GTX 980. The power supply system also uses unprecedented dual 330W power supplies, which can provide up to 660W of power.


Like the previous GX 700, the GX800 also has a water-cooled system. According to the official pictures, the core frequency can reach 1428MHz after the water-cooled cooling. Compared with the single GTX 980 graphics card, the Asus GX800 has a maximum running score of 38,726 points, while the equivalent rival is 30045 points. That's a 29% increase. Before the advent of Pascal mobile graphics cards, the Asus GX800 was the undisputed king of notebooks.

Asustek has not officially announced the price of the GX800, but based on the last model's price, it is likely that the legal channels will sell for between 40,000 and 50,000 yuan. ROG fans, is your Mao ready?

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