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History of the American Republican Party

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The famous American historian Arthur Schlesinger (Jr), was a special assistant to US President Kennedy and won twice Policy awards, and the United States National Book Award and other honors.

Schlesinger has written "The Jackson Age", "Kennedy's Thousand Days in the White House" and other works, all of which have won Pulitzer Prizes. Born in Ohio in 1917, he went to Harvard University after graduating from high school at the age of 15, and graduated in 1938. Because of his father's influence, Schlesinger met many celebrities at Harvard, including Eliot and others. In 1946 he was hired by Harvard as an associate professor of history, and in 1962 he resigned from his teaching position to concentrate on writing. The famous sinologist Fei Zhengqing is his brother-in-law.

His last book was published in 2004, titled "War and the President of the United States". In his book, he strongly criticized the Iraq War launched by US President Bush, saying that the situation after the Iraq War would be "a mess." His critics today also have to admire Schlesinger's insights.

Author's work

"Jackson Years", "Kennedy's Thousand Days in the White House", "War and the President of the United States"

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The two-party system in the United States


One Federal Party

The Second Whig Party

The Three Republican Party (18th Five-Year Four-1864)

Four Republicans (1864-1876)

Five Republicans (1876-1889) Three years)

Six Republicans (1893-1932)

Seven Republicans (1932-1952)

Eight Republicans (1952-1972)

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