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​HD DVD/HDD recorder Toshiba RD-A600 first experience

● HD DVD popular models debut

In July last year, Toshiba "RD-A1", the world's first HD DVD video recorder, was launched. In September of the same year, Panasonic BD video recorder "DMR-BW200" and Sony BD video recorder "BDZ-V9" were born. However, neither BD nor HD DVD launched new video recorders in the next six months.


New Toshiba HD DVD Hard Disk Video Recorder

    In the second half of 2007, the battle between HD DVD and BD has become more fierce. On the surface, HD DVD has a certain advantage in number, but BD has a stronger momentum. PS3 is selling well because of its BD playback function. The business also adopted BD’s arbitrary strategy. On the one hand, it tried to please Hollywood movie makers and strived for the HD DVD version of popular movies; on the other hand, it also increased the development of new products. Toshiba released two more HD DVDs in June this year. /HDD video recorder new product.

RD-A600 physical map

    Toshiba's HD DVD/HDD video recorder "RD-A600" officially began to be sold in Japan this month. The estimated price is about 200,000 yen, but online sales only cost 160,000 yen, which is about 9990 yuan.

    Next, we immediately tested the second-generation HD DVD-Toshiba RD-A600.


● Toshiba RD-A600 appearance articles

Toshiba RD-A600 front view

    The appearance design of RD-A600 is relatively stable. Compared with the first-generation video recorder RD-A1, the former looks more professional, and the button continues the style of Toshiba's early video recorders.

 Common interfaces are preset on the front panel of the machine

 Both armpits of the machine are equipped with air inlets

 Silver buttons, soft to the touch

Back interface

    In terms of audio and video interface, the i Link terminal equipped with RD-A600 introduces the "RD i Link Dubbing HD" function for the first time, which can transfer images recorded on the previous RD series hard disks to the VCR at high speed through the i Link terminal. The HDMI interface supports 1080p HD input and 5.1 channel audio output; the Gigabit Ethernet interface corresponds to the DTCP-IP specification and has the "Net de Dubbing" network copy function.

● A well-integrated GUI interface with new functions

    In terms of disc compatibility, RD-A600 corresponds to HD DVD Video, HD DVD-R (single/dual layer), DVD Video, DVD-RAM/R/RW, CD Audio and other optical disc formats, and supports HD DVD-R (single /Dual Layer) burns at 36.55Mbps at a constant speed, but cannot recognize HD DVD-RW rewritable discs whose specifications have not been officially determined.

 The operation window that appears in the display of the start menu

Support network trailer download

 Watch while recording, and can also support booking recording

TS2 recording repetitive induction

    In terms of video playback, the RD-A series has built-in 12bit/148.5MHz video and 24bit/192kHz audio DACs, equipped with Toshiba’s "VARDIA Engine" digital engine, which can perform high-precision sampling processing on HD DVD videos and play HD DVDs with high quality. It faithfully reproduces the clear and delicate feeling of high-definition images; traditional 480P DVD images can be upscaled to 1080P output through a unique line-up circuit design, and easily enjoy the video effects of "HD DVD".

● Recording function & summary

     As a video recorder, the recording function of the RD-A600 is of course the top priority. It comes with two sets of analog/satellite/110 degree CS digital TV tuners. The RD-A series has a powerful "Hi-vision W Recording" dual screen The recording function and GUI interface have also been greatly evolved, realizing high-speed operation.


High-speed copy from DVD-RAM

 If it is an analog broadcast video, it can also be copied

 Change Rec-POT setting

 Confirm the status of RD-A600 in advance with I LINK

 RDA600 has two unique recording functions: "Easy Recording" can automatically start the recording of related data according to the user's past recording/playing records, which is especially suitable for recording serial programs, as long as consumers manually record one episode, the remaining episodes Data recording can be handed over to the host to automatically proceed; “recommended recording” means that the host relies on obtaining relevant information from the network and selectively recommends the recording of key messages of the day every day to ensure that consumers do not miss any useful and important news information. .

● Summary

    What the next generation of DVD media will become is honestly still not sure, but from the perspective of inheriting the content of the past, it seems that HD DVD has a better prospect. Each region has different consumption characteristics. If the European and American markets are fancy movie content, then Japan is the stage for record/preservation. Whether it can be better compatible with the content of the previous generation is the biggest problem.

    In order to compete for the bargaining chip of this machine, consumers who purchase RD-A600 will get a free "HD DVD Start Kit" gift package, which includes an HD DVD-R disc, an HD DVD disc and an HDMI HD Line, but the price is expensive if you buy it alone. At present, the price of a 600GB hard disk video recorder in the domestic market is about 6,000 yuan. In addition, with HD DVD playback and some auxiliary functions, the RD-A600, which is less than 10,000 yuan, still has a considerable impact on the entire market. 

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