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Gigabit Ethernet Tester

Introduction to the instrument

The LE80 gigabit network analyzer recently launched by PsbierDataSystem, Inc. is a breakthrough type tailored for network management and maintenance personnel. The product, LE80 covers a variety of application requirements such as network fault analysis and diagnosis, network performance evaluation and testing, and network cable physical layer testing. It mainly includes data packet capture, protocol analysis, traffic generation, network problem detection, device search, and network bandwidth testing. , VLAN discovery, cable testing and IPv4/IPv6 support and other functions.

LE80 uses a color touch screen interface, simple operation, handheld design, compact and portable body, dual Gigabit test ports, can in-depth analysis and discovery of network problems, is the best network maintenance and management personnel helper.

Data packet capture and analysisThrough user-defined filters, LE80 can arbitrarily filter, capture and store data packets for on-site detailed analysis or download to the PC and use the randomly equipped Dedicated protocol analysis software for in-depth analysis.

Dual Gigabit test ports Different from other test products, LE80 is equipped with two RJ-45 Gigabit test ports. The two ports can work completely independently. Use either port You can perform tests such as traffic generation, packet capture, Ping, link testing, trace routing, DHCP, and device search, so that even a single technician can complete all the work of network fault diagnosis.

Traffic generation and bandwidth test LE80’s traffic generation function can adjust the proportion and size of data packets, and generate up to 100% traffic load for evaluating networks under different network throughput levels The actual performance. Using one or two LE80 testers, you can complete the test of the available network bandwidth, and provide effective reference information for services such as network performance evaluation and network upgrades.

RFC2544 test LE80 also provides a stress test based on RFC2544, including traffic and test performance indicators. Stress tests include throughput, delay, packet loss, and back-to-back. These tests can be performed between two independent ports on the same device, or between two devices on different networks.

Network bandwidth detection LE80 can display the network bandwidth occupancy of each device in the current network, as well as the IP address and Mac address of the device, and can quickly locate abnormal bandwidth occupants, intuitive Reflect the network usage status.

Device search and search LE80 can automatically search for and display the name, IP address, MAC address of the device connected to the network, and the data traffic occupied by each, for network management and fault diagnosis Provide important reference information

Network cable test POE (Power over Ethernet) test can measure voltage and power-on current measurement to determine the actual power of active network devices. In addition, LE80 can also complete the physical layer test of the cable, including short circuit, open circuit, cross winding, reversal, test cable length and fault location, and generate five different audio signals for line hunting.

Professional test report LE80 can conveniently store multiple test results, and generate professional network test reports through random software to provide assistance for network system filing, management and maintenance

True integrated design The LE80 adopts a truly integrated design concept, which integrates all the above functions into a lightweight and portable handheld tester; so you don’t need to purchase additional Accessories to protect your investment and reduce the cost of ownership.

Free upgrade to meet future needs. LE80 adopts the Linux operating system, and the software system will support completely free upgrades in the future, fully adapting to the needs of future network development.

Color 3.5-inch touch screen interface, easy to set up and data analysis. Dual gigabit ports, integrated design, extremely cost-effective. Monitor network traffic, analyze network protocols, port usage, and network utilization statistics. The defined filter captures data packets for detailed on-site analysis to generate traffic load, evaluates the actual performance of the network, evaluates VoIP statistics and quality factors, performs Ping, link, trace routing, DHCP, and PoE tests to solve problems in the network. Test cables Short circuit, open circuit, cross-wound, reverse, test cable length Support IPv6 data capture, analysis and data packet generation Web browser interface, used for test setup and data download Rechargeable lithium battery pack can provide power for 8 hours LanExpertLE80 network analyzer can do What: Know your network characteristics, know who is occupying bandwidth, measure and evaluate the available bandwidth of the network, know who is communicating on the network, identify the peak period of network communication, identify malicious network attacks, worms, and Trojan horse programs, and find unsafe network applications. Determining the cause of network failures Discovering and identifying malware detection of network physical layer failures. Screen display

TopTalkeers (the one with the most conversations): The IP address, MAC address, and device name of each device can be displayed in the order of bandwidth occupancy And the number of transmitted data frames

Vitals (Key Point Discovery): Real-time display of the current network working status, such as the number of good and bad frames, the proportion of broadcast packets, etc. Email: Display the user name, receiving and The number of deleted bytes and the address of the Email server and other information

VOIP: It can track and display the two-way IP address of 500 VoIP phones, the start and end time of the call, the duration, and the number of server logins, etc.


FrameCapture (data packet capture): can capture data packets online and display the source, destination address, hexadecimal and ASCII code content, protocol type, time, etc., and can customize filters

Protocols: display all current protocol types and the proportion of occupied bandwidth, and support IPv6StressTest (stress test): test network throughput, delay, packet loss rate, back-to-back frames, based on RFC2544 network performance test Devices: pass Detecting traffic or broadcasting and discovering to find devices in the network, such as switches, routers, servers, PCs, etc. FrameLoss (packet loss test): Send and receive data packets of different bytes, and test whether the network has packet loss under different load conditions. Throughput ( Throughput test): Send full-load data traffic, test network throughput and available bandwidth

Brand introduction PsiberDataSystem, Inc. is a world-leading manufacturer of network test equipment, Headquartered in San Diego, California, the company’s products cover simple network cables Test products, network identifiers to many products that can support full 7-layer network performance testing. Cyber ​​company was established in 1994 and currently has branches in Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Basic information


Dual-port handheld MSTP Ethernet tester

Next-generation metropolitan area network and IP bearer network test VeEXVePALMX120 Metropolitan Area Network Test Expert is a field test tool designed for the next generation Metropolitan Area Network and IP bearer network. It is a complete test solution for voice, data and video services carried on Ethernet.

. Two 1000Base-XSFP ports and two 10/100/1000TRJ45 ports. Perform dual port test

. Integrate Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel testing in one

. Comply with RFC2544 standard throughput, delay, frame loss and back-to-back tests

. User-defined thresholds to ensure accurate service level agreement (SLA)

. Unframed BER test

. Support L1, L2, L3BER test under VLAN and MPLS environment

. Fibre Channel Test

. Multi-stream generation and analysis applied to multi-service quality verification such as triple play.

. Support Q-in-Q test of Layer 3 VLAN

. Support three-layer MPLS test

. L1, L2, L3 intelligent loopback

. VLAN scanning and traffic monitoring

. Support IEEE802.3ahOAM equipment detection and loopback control

. Smart device detection mode: simply and quickly detect other MX100s on the network, and can perform loopback control

. Remote control can be achieved through ReVealPC software

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