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Functional components: First of all, the meaning of "function" is: the beneficial role played by things or methods.  Once again, the word "part" has two meanings: one is a part of a machine. One is linguistic terms.

Here is part of the machine. It is composed of several parts assembled together. In the mechanical assembly process, these parts are assembled into parts (component assembly) before entering the general assembly. Certain components (called sub-components) are also assembled with other components and parts into larger components before entering the general assembly. A larger part that is assembled from several sub-components and has independent functions is called an assembly in the automobile and certain other machinery industries.

The functional components here refer to: a large machine is composed of many functional components, and if any part is missing, the machine cannot complete the work normally.

Current market

In recent years, the development of Chinese CNC machine tools functional components has made great progress. However, the functional components of Chinese CNC machine tools have always been In an environment of "heavy main engine and light supporting equipment" and "heavy oceans and light soil", it is growing hard against the current. In particular, the high price of imported functional components has led to the high cost of domestic high-end host products, which directly weakened the competitiveness of domestic machine tools against imported machine tools.

After the rapid development of the machine tool industry in recent years, both the host industry and the functional component industry have made great progress, but relatively speaking, the development speed of the functional component industry lags behind that of the host industry , Is a shortcoming in the development of the CNC machine tool industry, and support for machine tool functional components still needs to be increased. High-speed, high-precision, five-axis linkage, and compound machine tools are the main directions of future machine tool development. Machine tool functional components will inevitably develop around this theme, so as to meet the needs of machine tool manufacturers.

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