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Generally speaking, the solar collector (30) has a compound parabolic non-image shape. In a preferred embodiment, the position of the collector is not set to rotate around the center of curvature of the reflector but extends downward to halfway between the center of curvature and the reflector, and the solar collector moves downwards according to a special algorithm. Stretch to farther.

Including: (a) at least one solar main reflector with a circular arc-shaped concave surface up to about 220°, including a bottom side, a top side and two arc-shaped sides. The sun facing surface is a concave surface; (b) a support member located below the reflector and mounted on the reflector, the size and shape of the support member is made to support at least the reflector and a composite parabolic solar collector The weight of the collector and a collector support; (c) a collector support spanning above the reflector, the collector support is connected to a solar collector and either the support member or the support member On the lower support surface, the size and shape of the collector support are made to support the solar collector and make the solar collector move in an arc; (d) a long strip with a compound parabolic cross section The solar sub-collector, the collector extends along the transverse direction of the reflector, and the position of the collector is set to be able to move in an arc in a predetermined focusing area to collect the solar energy reflected by the reflector. The size of the collector And the shape is made to collect the reflected solar energy into a pipe in which the energy transfer liquid flows, and the liquid is heated by the reflected solar energy; (e) a collector is placed in the focus area during the entire solar cycle The positioning device in the optimal position, the positioning device is connected to the collector support; (f) a collector tube is connected to the thermal energy use device or the liquid delivery device of the thermal energy storage device, wherein the liquid delivery device circulates The liquid in the tube heated by solar energy.

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