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Face recognition technology caused by what controversy and impact?

Face recognition is currently the most popular and widely used smart technology, face recognition is one of the biometric technology applications, in terms of traffic and payment and so on provides people with more intelligent and convenient experience, face recognition technology has not replication, non-contact, scalable and quickness, etc advantages, features a lot of, also many benefits, such as improved public security system, to provide traffic intelligent experience, able to quickly verify identity and so on. But face technology is also controversial, with some implications and drawbacks.

Technology has a social impact

Face recognition based on artificial intelligence among numerous technology stand out quickly and widely used quickly, is people affirmation, to the technology and technology brought intelligent and convenience for work and life, but also have a lot of people think that, once the face recognition camera scans, can know the ins and outs of you is quite unsafe, people are particularly concerned that and infringement of image rights without permission, it is not allowed, especially in the west there is considerable opposition, therefore, face recognition technology to a wide range of popularization application, or want to take a hard look at what.

Data Privacy Protection

Data privacy is the most challenging obstacle to the popularization of face recognition technology at present. When the system scans a face, it will automatically generate data and save it in the background, that is to say, it faces the risk of being accessed by a third party. If data leak is caused by hacker attack, the consequences are unthinkable.

Racial prejudice

The second major challenge facing face recognition is racial bias, which is very ineffective when it comes to identifying different people's skin color. This is also a common misconception that some people have about face recognition.

The lack of regulation

At present, due to the lack of relevant regulation, most face recognition systems operate without the review of legal and monitoring authorities, which puts them at risk. Although some people have tried to change the current situation, there is still no better regulation or legal control, which is one of the reasons for the current skepticism about face technology.

The data processing

Compared to traditional systems in the past, the security level of face recognition system is significantly higher, but it also leads to more complex data processing and storage.


When people question whether facial recognition technology is a threat, the reliability of facial recognition technology will naturally decrease.

Nowadays, face recognition technology has been widely used in various industries. Even though it still has technical defects and risks of abuse, its advantages are incomparable. I believe that these shortcomings will become more secure with the deepening of technology and the regulation of law.

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