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Evaluation of Enterprise R&D Capability

Explanation of terms

Research and development refers to the creative use of new knowledge of science and technology, or substantial improvement in order to obtain new knowledge in science and technology (excluding social science, art or humanities) Technology, product (service), process and continuous activities with clear goals.

Research and development does not include activities such as the routine upgrade of products (services) by enterprises or the direct application of certain scientific research results (such as the direct use of new materials, devices, products, services, processes or knowledge, etc.) ).


According to the overall requirements of the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for the National Economic and Social Development of the People’s Republic of China and the Outline of Long-term Goals for 2035", China The Technology Market Association issued the group standard T/TMAC 031.F-2020 "Enterprise R&D Management System Requirements". In order to scientifically standardize the evaluation mechanism, the "Administrative Measures for Enterprise R&D Capability Evaluation Work" was formulated. On April 1, 2021, China Technology Market Association officially launched the evaluation of enterprise R&D capabilities.

Organization and implementation

Business guidance: China Technology Market Association

Organization: China Technology Market Association Science and Technology Evaluation Center

Evaluation agency : Guoke Huachuang Certification Co., Ltd.

Evaluation Process

The flow chart of the company's R&D capability evaluation.

Principles for selecting the index system

1. Taking into account scientificity and operability;

2. Taking into account both systemicity and openness;

3. Give consideration to representativeness and Kobe performance;

4. Give consideration to stability and dynamics;

5. Give consideration to both availability and authority.

System framework

The ERDC capability evaluation index system is designed according to the requirements of the China Technology Market Association Group Standard T/TMAC 031.F—2020 "Enterprise R&D Management System Requirements", and is designed by R&D management capabilities , R&D investment capability, intellectual property capability, and R&D driving capability are composed of 4 first-level indicators, 10 second-level indicators, and 30 third-level indicators.

In the design of the three-level indicators, all relative indicators are used to more truly reflect the efficiency of the company’s R&D activities. On the one hand, the standard data of the three-level indicators come from public publications or publicly released data materials of government departments or authoritative institutions, and on the other hand, they come from the recommended values ​​of experts reviewed by the China Technology Market Association. The standard values ​​are updated annually based on the latest data.

Certificate level

The ability evaluation is divided into 5 levels, from high to bottom to level 1~5. They are grade E, grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, and grade 4.

Evaluation report

Sample third-party evaluation report of enterprise R&D capability.

Evaluation certificate

Sample of enterprise R&D capability evaluation certificate.

Sample certificate plaque

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