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Equipment selection

Principles for network equipment selection

Manufacturer’s choice

All network equipment should be selected from the same manufacturer as much as possible, so that the interconnection of equipment and protocol interoperability It has more advantages in terms of sex, technical support and price. From this perspective, manufacturers with complete product lines, strong technical certification teams, and high product market share are the first choices for network equipment brands. Its products have been tested by more users, and the product maturity is high. Moreover, these manufacturers have frequent shipments, large production volumes, and complete quality assurance systems. As a system integrator, you should not rely on any one's products, and should be able to fairly evaluate various products based on needs and costs, and choose the best. Before making a network plan, the brand of network equipment should be determined according to the user's affordability.

Scalability considerations

In the network hierarchy, the backbone equipment selection should reserve a certain capacity for future expansion, while low-end equipment is sufficient because of low End devices are updated quickly and are easy to expand. Due to the complex network structure of the enterprise, switches are required to be able to connect to a full range of interfaces, such as optical and electrical ports, 100M, Gigabit, and 10G ports, as well as multimode optical fiber interfaces and long-distance single-mode optical fiber interfaces. Its switching structure should also be able to flexibly expand the capacity according to the expansion of the network. Its software should have independent intellectual property rights, and its follow-up research and development and upgrades should be guaranteed to ensure support for future new businesses.


Because the core and backbone networks are often upgraded, its importance is self-evident, and once it is paralyzed, it will have a huge impact.


The manageability of a large-scale network directly affects the operating cost and service quality. Therefore, all nodes should be network manageable, and a powerful and concise network management system is required to be able to monitor and manage the network's business traffic and operating conditions in an all-round way.


With the popularity and development of the network, various attacks are also threatening the security of the network. Not only access switches, but backbone-level switches should also consider security issues, such as access control, bandwidth control, etc., so as to effectively control the infringement of bad services on the entire backbone network.

QoS control capability

With more and more multimedia service streams (such as voice, video, etc.) on the network, people have put forward higher requirements on core switching nodes, not only It can carry out general wire-speed switching, and can effectively control the priority and bandwidth of different service streams according to the characteristics of different service streams, so as to ensure the smoothness of important services and time-sensitive services.

Standardization and openness

Since the network is often an environment with multiple manufacturers’ equipment, the selected equipment must be able to support the industry’s common open standards and protocols in order to It can communicate effectively with other manufacturers' equipment.

Scheme selection

The selection is based on the actual network bandwidth performance requirements, port types and port density based on the overall network design requirements. If it is an old network reconstruction project, the user's investment in the original network equipment should be retained and extended as much as possible to reduce the waste of capital investment.

In order to maximize the investment and output of funds, the system can be maintained at a lower cost and with less personnel input. After the network is opened, many key services will be run, so the system is required to have relatively high High reliability. The reliability of the whole system is mainly reflected in the reliability of the network equipment, especially the reliability of the GBE backbone switch and the reliability of the line. As the backbone network node, the central switch, aggregation switch and plant switch must be able to provide completely non-blocking multi-layer switching performance to ensure smooth business.

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