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The first season stills on the edge of crisis (9 photos) p>A flight from Hamburg to Boston landed safely, but all the crew members and passengers on the plane died. The FBI and various investigation teams intervened in the investigation. FBI female agent Olivia Danhan (Anna Toveplays) is shrewd and capable. She has just and her colleague John Scott (Mark· Willieplayed) established a relationship, but lost her lover in this investigation. In order to find the truth, Olivia joined the "Edge Archives Department" directly led by Philip Berez (Lance Riddickplayed), and worked with high-IQ geniuses. Peter Bishop (Joshua Jacksonplayed) and his father, Dr. Walter Bishop (John Nobleplayed) teamed up to investigate a series of supernatural phenomena that cannot be explained by science. As these phenomena intensified and various unimaginable incidents occurred one after another, Olivia discovered that some of these incidents may have been caused by Dr. Walter Bishop’s own research, while more incidents were related to a strong family with a mysterious background. The leading technology company "Juli" (MassiveDynamic). The founder of the company, William Bell, worked in the same laboratory with Dr. Walter Bishop, and while assisting the investigative team, he secretly funded mysterious experiments that caused bizarre cases. Is Juli the righteous angel spared no effort to save mankind, or is it a vain attempt to turn the entire planet into a laboratory where they can do whatever they want? With the in-depth investigation of Olivia and others, the truth is revealed bit by bit , The secret is getting deeper and deeper.

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    Creators list

    Actor list

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  • Employee table

    ProducerJ·J Abrams, Brian Burke, Tamara Isaac, Alex Kuzman, Robert Och, FredToye, Jason Cahill, Felicia D. Henderson, JohnLitvack, DarinMorgan
    DirectorAlex Grievous, Brad Anderson, FredToye
    ScreenwriterJJ Abrams, Alex Kuzman, Robert Och, Jeff Pinkner, JROrci, DavidHerschelGoodman, JuliaCho , BradKane, Zach Weiden, JasonCahill
    Mike Giazzino
    EditingJonDudkowski, ScottVickrey, TanyaM.Swerling
    Casting DirectorAprilWebster, RossMeyerson, JulieTucker, CindyTolan
    Art DirectorStevenJ.Jordan, AnneStuhler, Carol Speyer
    Art DesignRandallRichards, RoswellHamrick
    Clothing DesignMarieAbma, JoannaBrett
    Set designerBethKushnick, JustinPapp
    Release 20th Century Fox

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    Character introduction

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    Music soundtrack

    Album nameSerial numberTrack nameSerial numberTrack nameAlbum Production
    "Edge of Crisis"01FringeMainTitleTheme13 TheLightFantastic




    03TheBishopofEssexCounty15MastersoftheMultiv erse
    06 td>ISeeFrozenPeople18SanfordandShunned?
    07WakingStrife 19ADestroyedLife
    12TheDreamscape 24AllAlongtheBellTowers

    Awarded Record

    YearNumber of sessionsAwardsCategoryAwarding partyResult
    2009The 35th People's Choice AwardThe most popular new drama drama"Fringe" Nomination
    2009 The 35th Saturn AwardBest Public Television Network Series"Fringe" (Fringe)Nominated
    Best TV ActressAnna Tove

    Broadcast information

    Early promotion

    • The trailer of the play creates a mysterious atmosphere, requiring fans to search for information and analyze the trailer to find out what is hidden content .

    • Before its premiere, the original plot of the show was leaked online, and FOX TV was accused of deliberately releasing the leaked version for hype.

    Broadcast date

    tr>2009-02-03 tr>
    Number of episodesEnglish titleBroadcast dateNumber of viewers (million)
    2TheSameOldStory2008-09-16 13.27
    3TheGhostNetwork2008-09-23 9.42
    8TheEquation 2008-11-189.18
    9TheDreamscape2008- 11-257.7
    10Safe2008-12-02 8.54
    14Ability2009-02-10 9.83
    15InnerChild2009-04-07 9.88
    20There'sMoreThanOneofEverything 2009-05-129.28

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    The series evaluation

    The first season of the edge of crisis posters (7 photos)

    "The edge of the crisis" is a potential rival to "Lost" and "Hero" is a semi-sci-fi and semi-fantasy drama with a strong JJ style, fast-paced, large scenes, and a lot of suspense in the plot (Sina.com review).

    The gimmicks used in the show are no longer new on TV, such as long-distance transmission, telepathy, and even bionic prostheses, but they still have the characteristics of wisdom and fashion (New York Times Review) .

    "Edge of Crisis" is full of good characters and action scenes, making sci-fi content believable and not abstract; the biggest advantage is that the show is very humorous (New York Daily Review ).

    "The Edge of Crisis Season One" continues the "X-Files" line in the story, starting from the FBI's investigation of mysterious incidents, with "science" as the background, presenting an extremely sci-fi but real world to the audience ; Taking into account the characteristics of serial dramas and unit dramas, there are strong continuous elements, but also independent chapters, and there is no lack of "reversal" plots at the end of each episode (Southern Metropolis Daily Review).

    In addition to the "X-Files"-style suspense, the "24 Hours"-style tension, and the "Doctor House"-style character personality, the play incorporates a large number of classic science fiction elements: brain waves enter synchronously Other people’s dreams, high dexterity manipulators, crystallization and restoration of muscle tissues, etc., are "tribute" and a little "plagiarism" suspected of "plagiarism", which prevents this large-scale production series from becoming a unique work full of creativity and inspiration (Wuhan Evening News).

    This drama is the most expensive new drama in 2008, and it is also the new drama most touted by the media; it is slightly similar to "X-Files", but the case is more "scientific" than the former: no matter Whether the baby grows up to be an old man an hour after birth, or the entire bus people are turned into a big amber, all cases can come up with a set of "scientific theories" from Yuan Qi said (Xinjing News Review<).

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