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DVD camera

Product introduction

The storage medium of DVD digital video camera (disc-type DV) is DVD-R, DVR+R, or DVD-RW, DVD+RW to store dynamic video images Of. For ordinary home users, not only need to be simple to operate and easy to carry, there is no need to worry about overlapping shooting during shooting, and there is no need to waste time to rewind or playback. DVD digital camcorders can be played directly through DVD players immediately after shooting, saving you the trouble of post-editing. Even if you don't know much about PC, you can still play DVD digital camcorders. The DVD format is currently the most common and compatible format. DVD digital camcorders are therefore considered to be the first choice for future home users because they fully meet almost all the needs of ordinary home users.

How to use

Because the use of DVD digital camcorders is different from Mini DV, the following is a brief description of how to use CD-ROM DV: Before shooting, first insert the DVD disc, The first thing to do is to initialize the disc, and use DVD-RW to rewrite the disc. During the shooting process, there will be two formats of shooting: DVD-Video and DVD-Video Recording. No matter which storage mode is used, the "disc seal" operation must be performed after the shooting is completed, otherwise the disc cannot be played directly on the DVD player.

VIDEO mode (DVD-Video): Discs burned in VIDEL mode can be played directly on most DVD players, but cannot be edited directly on cameras and computers (you can edit the format after software conversion) , Suitable for novice users who do not edit videos often.

VR mode (DVD-Video Recording): Discs recorded in VR mode can be used to edit video directly on the camcorder, but not all DVD players are compatible. Suitable for users who can edit videos.

The biggest advantage of DVD digital camcorders is "shoot and play", which can be played quickly on most DVD players. Moreover, DVD media is currently the most secure and stable media among all digital video cameras. It is neither as easy to wear out like tape DV, nor does it have very demanding requirements for shock resistance like hard disk DV. Once it is damaged, it will suffer heavy losses. The disadvantage is that the price of DVD discs is slightly higher than that of tape DV, but it is not far behind; and the recordable time of a DVD disc is relatively short.

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