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​Does Canon 6D support video shooting?

Canon 6D supports 1920×1080 (29.97fps, 25fps, 23.976fps), 1280×720 (59.94fps, 50fps) and 640×480 (30fps, 25fps) video shooting.


 Canon 6D uses a 3.0-inch 1.04 million pixel rotatable type II TFT LCD screen. The maximum angle that can be expanded in the horizontal direction is about 175°, the maximum downward rotation angle in the vertical direction is about 90°, and the maximum upward rotation angle is About 180°, the screen resolution is 720×480 pixels. Canon 6D fuselage is made of magnesium alloy, and the top of the fuselage contains glass fiber polycarbonate material, which supports waterproof and dustproof functions without shrinking. The size of the fuselage is 144.5mm×110.5mm×71.2mm, and the weight is 755 grams.

6D Canon DIGIC 5+ equipped with a digital image processor, to achieve a maximum of about 4.5 / sec high-speed continuous shooting, also has a 11-point AF system, comprising a cross-shaped F2.8 precision focus point, harsh environment Accurate autofocus can also be performed. The default range of ISO sensitivity is ISO 100-ISO25600, and its extended setting range is ISO50-102400.

Canon 6D uses a brand-new 135 full-frame CMOS sensor with an effective pixel of 20.2 million pixels, a sensor size of 35.8×23.9mm, and supports a 63-zone iFCL dual-metering sensor.

Canon 6D has built-in Wi-Fi function for the first time, which can easily share images with a variety of devices that support Wi-Fi. Through a compatible smartphone with EOS Remote software pre-installed, remote camera shooting, adjustment of aperture and shutter settings, and access to save can be realized. Features such as photos in the camera, and also built-in GPS module.

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