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Database reorganization

After the database has been used for a long time, due to some operations such as addition, deletion, and modification, the distributed index of the data and related data will become messy, which will affect the efficiency of the database. Database reorganization is to reorganize the relevant information of the database.

Database reorganization can be divided into:

①Index reorganization.

②Single table reorganization is confirmed .

③Table space reorganization.

Database reorganization is a relatively low-level and time-consuming operation. During the reorganization, the front-end business will be stopped and the data of the table in the database will be placed on disk. Free space. Delete the original table or index, rebuild the empty table or index, and then import the data into the new table or index. This process is correct, that is, the database is reorganized successfully. But there are also cases where the data import fails. So the database is reorganized The risk is also relatively high.

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