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Corporate research and development capabilities


From the perspective of research direction, corporate research and development capabilities include:

(1) Basic research capabilities

(2) Applied research capabilities

(3) Develop research capabilities.

Development status

my country's small and medium-sized enterprises have low research and development capabilities. The performance is as follows:

①The research and development institutions are not sound, and they are mainly based on development activities. , There is very little research activity.

②The equipment and means are backward, and there is a general lack of advanced technical equipment and necessary auxiliary facilities.

③Insufficient research and development talents.

Scientific and technical personnel engaged in research and development in foreign competitive enterprises generally account for 10-20% of the employees, while the proportion of scientific and technical personnel in the total number of employees in my country is far lower than this number.

④An effective innovation system has not yet been established.

Because of the lack of links between basic science, universities, venture capital, technological innovation, etc., it is impossible to effectively transform scientific and technological achievements into commercial products that can be marketed.

Measures to improve corporate research and development capabilities

1. Strengthen the plans and measures for the construction of research and development institutions.

2. Plans and measures to enhance technological research and development capabilities.

3. Increase investment in research and development.

4. Innovative talent team building plans and measures.

5. Innovation strategy and management system.

6. Improve the innovation mechanism.

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