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In the local area network, the control frame is used to collect the proportion information of the statistical data frame, and according to the proportion information, how to adjust the frame transmission length of each station (Station), and then connect The ingress point feeds back the adjustment information to each station in the network through the beacon frame broadcasted regularly, and each station adjusts the length of its sending frame according to the adjustment information in the received beacon frame. Layer reliability. Control frames are also called S frames, which are used for error control and flow control.


In the protocol stacks of Ethernet standards IEEE802.3 and 802.11, there are three types of Ethernet frame formats: management frames (ManagementFrame), such as Beacon frames and Association frames; control Frame (ControlFrame), such as RTS frame, CTS frame, ACK frame; Data Frame (DataFrame), the carrier that carries data. The Type field in the frame header will identify which type the frame belongs to. In some materials, the IEEE802.2 logical link control (LLC, or LogicalLinkControl) frame is also referred to as a control frame.

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