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Synonym China Netcom generally refers to China Netcom Corporation

Company History

On October 15, 2008, China Netcom and China Unicom formally merged and officially renamed China Unicom (China Unicom). ).

The predecessor of China Netcom was established more than ten years ago. On May 16, 2002, in accordance with the State Council’s "Telecom System Reform Plan", China Netcom was responsible for the original China Telecom Corporation and its affiliated telecommunications companies in 10 northern provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), China Network Communications (Holdings) Co., Ltd., and Jitong Communications Co., Ltd. Formed on the basis of the company. In November 2004, China Netcom was successfully listed in New York and Hong Kong.

China Netcom is an institution approved by the State Council for state-authorized investment and a state-controlled pilot unit. It is directly managed by the central government and is listed separately in the state finance and related plans. China Netcom has a registered capital of 60 billion yuan and total assets of nearly 300 billion yuan.

China Netcom has a modern communication network covering China, accessible to the world, reasonable structure, advanced technology, and complete functions. It mainly operates various domestic and international fixed telecommunication network facilities and related telecommunication services. By the end of 2005, the total number of users of China Netcom had reached 135 million.

At present, China Netcom is committed to the development of broadband communications. Various business or service brands represented by "Broadband Business", "CNCMAX Broadband Minecraft", "Golden Club" and "10060" have become household names. .

China Netcom will gradually promote the strategic transformation of the enterprise through the implementation of the three strategies of "broadband", "Olympics" and "internationalization", and build China Netcom into a comprehensive business, excellent service quality, network A broadband communication and multimedia service provider that operates stably, basically establishes a modern enterprise system, and has a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development. China Netcom is constantly improving the core competitiveness of the enterprise, realizing the strategic goal of building a "powerful country in telecommunications", and making new contributions to the development of the national economy and society.

China Netcom Red Chip Company and China Unicom Red Chip Company successfully merged. China United Network Communications Co., Ltd. (Xin Unicom) was formally established to operate WCDMA3G business. This move marks the capital of my country’s telecom restructuring and reform. The market-level work is all over, and China’s largest asset transaction project and corporate mergers and acquisitions projects have been successfully completed, and my country’s telecommunications industry will enter a new period of development. On January 7, 2009, with the approval of the State Council, China United Communications Co., Ltd. and China Network Communications Corporation reorganized and merged. The new company name is China United Network Communications Group Co., Ltd., and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council will perform its investor responsibilities on behalf of the State Council. The basic telecommunications enterprise brand that disappeared due to the reorganization of the telecommunications industry by China Network Communications Corporation.


China Netcom will gradually promote the strategic transformation of the enterprise by implementing the three strategies of "broadband", "Olympics" and "internationalization", and build China Netcom into a business Broadband communications and multimedia service providers with complete categories, excellent service quality, stable network operation, basic establishment of a modern enterprise system, comprehensive coordination and sustainable development. China Netcom continues to improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise, achieves the strategic goal of building a "powerful country in telecommunications", and makes new contributions to the development of the national economy and society.

Logo Interpretation

The corporate logo of China Network Communications Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "China Netcom Group") consists of two parts, text and graphics, and has distinct characteristics of the times and industry. The two interactive English letters "C" in the logo form an imaginary "N", which is not only the abbreviation of CHINA NETCOM, but also the freehand form of the Chinese word "网", which vividly communicates and interacts with the telecommunications industry. The characteristics are transformed into a visual image; its round outline symbolizes the development trend of the globalization of China Netcom’s visit to China. The ingenious combination of blue background and green letters implies a profound meaning of technology and the future; Chinese fonts are appropriately inclined The angle effectively conveys the enterprising spirit of the enterprise.

The logo has a unique artistic beauty and symbolic meaning. It is a vital organic whole. It brings together 10 northern provinces (regions and cities) of China Telecom, China Network Communications (Holdings) Co., Ltd. and Jitong The characteristics of the original logo of Communications Co., Ltd. vividly outline the internal quality of China Netcom Group's integration of all internal positive factors and excellent resources, and reflect the confidence and determination of China Netcom Group as a super-large state-owned telecommunications company to lead all employees to work together.

Concept description


"Competition and cooperation to win the market" is the strategic positioning of China Netcom Group to participate in the competition and cooperation in the telecommunications market with a brand-new attitude. We will seek cooperation in competition with major domestic and foreign telecom operators and related parties in society, and orderly compete in cooperation, actively promote equal intervention in technical means, do a good job in interconnection and interoperability, and achieve a win-win situation for all parties.

Integrating creative power

"Integrating creative power" is the prerequisite and foundation of China Netcom Group's reform and development, and it is also the need for China Netcom Group's corporate culture construction at this stage. Every employee of China Netcom Group will uphold the creed of "Integration and Creation of Power", quickly form the cohesion of China Netcom, and lay a solid foundation for the sustainable and healthy development of China Netcom Group.

Integrity creates the brand

"Integrity" is the cornerstone of the socialist market economy, the foundation for China Netcom Group to build a well-known brand, and it is China Netcom Group’s most important contribution to the society and the majority of users. Solemn and most solemn promise. In this way, China Netcom Group will win the true trust of customers and partners and long-term cooperation, give full play to the brand effect, and fully reflect the unity of economic and social benefits.

Service weaves the future

"Service weaves the future" is the concrete embodiment of China Netcom Group’s economic strategy and the basic means to participate in future market competition. Providing high-quality services is China Netcom Group’s business strategy The starting point and end point of China Netcom, user satisfaction is the highest evaluation of China Netcom Group. China Netcom Group will present a brand-new service image to the society and win the initiative in market competition.

"Competition and cooperation win the market, fusion of creative forces, integrity forged brand, service weaves the future" interacts, complements each other, has an inherent inevitable connection, and is a relatively systematic concept system. While seeking broad resonance from colleagues in the business community and all sectors of society, it will lead all employees of China Netcom Group to live up to the trust of the party and the people, unite and advance, strive for governance, and complete the mission entrusted by history.

Professional Standards

Basic Concepts

Honesty and trustworthiness are the cornerstones of Netcom's foothold in a market economy and society, and are the external interests of Netcom and its customers, shareholders, and society. The basic rules for the relationship between stakeholders are also the basic rules for the relationship between enterprises and employees, and between employees and employees, and all Netcom people will abide by it.

Responsibilities and Responsibilities

Netcom people have the obligation to be honest and trustworthy, abide by business ethics, safeguard the company's interests, and must not deceive or violate the principle of honesty and trustworthiness.

Treat the company’s customers, suppliers, competitors and other employees fairly.


Quickly respond to customer needs, provide high-quality services, protect customers’ communication secrets and freedom of communication in accordance with the law, respect customers’ right to choose, and carefully handle sales-related commissions, Arrangements for discounts, credits, and subsidies, etc., prohibit the establishment of commercial relationships with customers through methods such as bribery and kickbacks.

Business partners

Should treat suppliers fairly, provide them with fair opportunities to participate in bidding, and prohibit accepting bribes, kickbacks or Other major interests that may affect the making of business judgments, while respecting the supplier’s corporate culture, treat the supplier and its commercial representatives in accordance with business etiquette.


Sincere cooperation with other operators, mutual benefit and mutual benefit, prohibit any violation of laws and regulations, anti-unfair competition and anti-monopoly regulations in the performance of duties, In particular, it is strictly forbidden to take improper measures to artificially set up obstacles to interfere with or hinder the interconnection and intercommunication of communication networks.

Responsibilities of Netcom Persons

Netcom persons should respect each other’s personal dignity, religious beliefs and personal privacy, and prohibit any form of harassment and creating coercive or hostile working environment Behavior, we should carry forward the spirit of teamwork, establish overall awareness, create and progress together, and establish a harmonious working environment.


Personal and Family Ordinary Phone

Voice Service

Ordinary Phone b>

Ordinary telephone refers to a customer who uses and owns an independent telephone number, which can connect to the public network, dial or call into various users in the network

One line Communication

ISDN is a communication network developed and evolved based on the Integrated Digital Telephone Network (IDN), which can provide end-to-end digital connections to support voice and non-voice With multiple telecommunications services, users can access the network through a limited set of standard multi-purpose user/network interfaces.

Family 1+

"Family 1+" is a family communication service brand that China Netcom provides to family public customers and meets multiple business needs. Exclusive discount packages for family customers. The biggest feature of this product is that fixed telephone and PHS have no monthly rent, shared duration, shared call charges, combined bill payment, free of charge for called parties, and no radiation healthy communication.

166 voice mail

Voice mail is a kind of personalization that completes information transmission, reception, storage, deletion, forwarding, notification and other functions through the telephone Communication tools.

Fixed-line mobile phone service

Beijing Netcom’s "Fixed-line mobile phone" uses personalized ring tones such as music, sound effects, and voice instead of fixed-line phones Value-added service of ordinary ringback "beep" tone.

Voice SMS

Bloom a beautiful new life and start a journey of communication heart. Call you 1161221 solid

The text message is "lively" for a month, and the free experience is in progress.

Netcom 116 Medical Information Service

In order to reduce the waiting time of patients in the hospital, Beijing Netcom has implemented a real-name appointment system by time period, which is shared with Beijing Tongren Hospital A call center system-11691777 staff manual registration service desk has been built.

Application business

Broadband Collection Service The "Broadband Collection" package is a combination of products sold after adding broadband application products to the original broadband access.

Internet business

Domain name registration China Netcom (Group) Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch serves as a domain name registration service certified by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) Institutions that can provide users with CN English domain name registration services.

Dial-up service Internet dial-up access refers to the use of IP network interconnection technology to enable customers to dial a specific access number through the local public telephone network (PSTN) to achieve Internet dial-up Accessed data products.

Card business

Netcom phone recharge card A recharge card is a card with a certain face value but does not have the communication function. The recharge card can be used to recharge the stored value card. Pay various telecommunication service usage fees.

IP card IP phone card is an automatic password billing long-distance direct dial telephone service that uses IP technology to provide customers. Compared with traditional long-distance direct dial telephones, It has obvious price advantages and is more convenient and flexible to use. 201 phone card 201 phone card service is an advanced communication method that integrates computer and communication technology. It can be identified by a password, so that the call fee is automatically deducted from the card. This realizes the use of the same telephone, the call charges are separately included in the cardholder's account for reasonable charges.

300 calling card 300 China calling card service is an automatic password billing long-distance direct dial telephone service. This card can be used on dual-tone phones, and the call charges will be automatically charged from the customer’s account. Deduction. It has the characteristics of being able to play anywhere, keeping confidentiality and security, and using it immediately. At present, the "300" Chinese calling card only provides fixed-value card services. IC phone card IC card IC is the abbreviation of English Integrated Circuit, which means integrated circuit. IC card telephones are a new generation of intelligent unattended public telephones, and are the development direction of public telephones in the future.

17909 Mobile Companion Card After using the 17909 Mobile Companion Card to charge a mobile phone number for 17909 calls, mobile users can use the 17909IP direct dialing service.

Personalized cardThe fee charged for personalized card includes communication fee and production fee

201 Telephone Broadband Smart Card201 Telephone broadband smart card, that is, the user can use a 201 card to make calls and achieve broadband Internet access. At the same time, it provides users with flexible and multiple forms of broadband tariff selection methods, which are convenient for users to use, meet their individual needs, and achieve The campus product card, the product has obvious characteristics of economy, high quality, convenience, flexibility, etc.

Voice service

Ordinary phone Ordinary phone refers to a customer who uses and owns it alone An independent telephone number that can be connected to the public network, dialing or calling into all kinds of users in the network

One-line communication ISDN is developed based on the Integrated Digital Telephone Network (IDN) The evolved communication network can provide end-to-end digital connections to support a variety of telecommunication services including voice and non-voice. Users can access the network through a limited set of standard multi-purpose user/network interfaces< /p>

Subscriber switch Subscriber switch and PBX refer to the telephone switching equipment installed by a customer for internal communication with each other, and to communicate with other customers in the city through the local telephone trunk line through the local telephone switching equipment Switching equipment

Virtual Private Network (600) Virtual Private Network is referred to as VPN (Virtual Private Network), also known as 600 service

Callee pays centrally (800) "800" service is an information exchange method in which the calling customer does not need to pay, but the called customer pays the call bill centrally

Enterprise Line (4006)Beijing Netcom's enterprise direct line (4006) business means that China Netcom Beijing branch assigns the nation’s only ten-digit 4006 number for customers applying for enterprise direct line (4006) business, which is used on fixed telephones, PHSs, and mobile phones throughout the country Both can be dialed.

Enterprise Yueling Netcom "Enterprise Yueling" is launched by Beijing Netcom for business customers and major customers. It replaces enterprises with personalized ringtones such as customized music and self-recorded voices. Fixed-line value-added services with ordinary fixed-line ringback "beep" tones. Enterprise Yueling can be advertising slogans and advertising songs to highlight corporate culture and establish corporate image; it can also introduce products, expand marketing channels, and improve service quality; it can also deliver speeches and express sincere blessings to customers during festivals.

Interactive teleconference Interactive teleconference is a convenient, time-saving and efficient form of meeting. Customers can organize through any dual-tone phone (mobile phone) in this city In the meeting, the sound was as clear as a room.

Virtual call center China Netcom combines the national public telephone network and the Internet to form a virtual call center network, and establishes a virtual call center core system in the computer room of China Netcom’s Beijing International Bureau. 13 provincial capital city construction business nodes, providing national call convergence, manual seating, multi-level automatic voice, recording, statistics and other functions

data business

digital transmission line

b>The English name is SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) dedicated line, and the Chinese name is digital dedicated line.

DDN dedicated line The transmission medium of this type of dedicated line is DDN network, which realizes the end-to-end connection of the user or the user end to the relevant data network (such as the public Internet, packet switching network, etc.) Connection.

Frame Relay Dedicated Line The transmission medium of this type of dedicated line is the Frame Relay (FRAMERELAY) network. The connection of related data networks (such as the public Internet, packet switching network, etc.).

ATM dedicated line The transmission medium of this type of dedicated line is an asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) network.

Internet business

Internet data center (IDC) service IDC (Internet data center) is a kind of lease by providing users with network bandwidth and computer room environment Services provide large-scale, high-quality, safe and reliable server hosting and related value-added services for ISPs, content service providers, application service providers, enterprises, system integrators, and governments.

Internet private line business The Internet private line is based on the CHINA169 local network and adopts the latest broadband access technology to provide customers with real-time online Internet access at various rates from 64Kbps to GE level. Into the product.

The "Internet High-speed Dedicated Line Access Service" of China Network Communications Corporation's Chengdu Branch in Sichuan Province relies on the strong strength of China Netcom Group's "CHINA169" Internet backbone network to provide customers with access to high-speed metropolitan area networks or ATM networks. The high-speed dedicated line mode of optical fiber access to the Internet (speed can be as high as Gigabit).

We work closely with our customers to provide suitable solutions for their business needs. From manufacturing, finance, distribution, to government departments and public industries, we can all enjoy our professional one-stop service.

The connection is stable, and the customer is always online.

Multiple access specifications are optional

We provide customers with three grades of core layer access, aggregation layer access, and access layer access with multiple speed products. So that customers can choose according to their needs.

Domain name registration China Netcom (Group) Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch, as a domain name registration service agency certified by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), can provide users with CN English domain names Registration service

——Image business

Video conference Holding a video conference can combine image information (including documents, Photos and real objects, etc.) and sound information are transmitted to each other. Although the two parties are in different places, they are talking face-to-face, sharing documents, charts and video tapes and other information

View Vision "Vision" is a new video conferencing service launched by our company. The service is extended to the client through our company's video conferencing business platform. Customers do not need to invest in MCU (multipoint control unit) but use ISDN, IP, and dedicated lines. Multi-point video conferencing function can be realized by connecting multiple transmission methods to the service platform.

Subsequent development:

Merged with China Unicom in 2009 and changed to "China Unicom".

Service items

1. Business activation time limit: refers to the time required from the date when the customer signs an order with China Netcom and pays a one-time fee to the time the communication facilities leased by the customer can be put into use.

2. Business implementation progress report: refers to the project implementation progress report provided by China Netcom to customers during the business start-up process.

3. Test item: refers to the quality index test conducted by China Netcom on the communication facilities leased by the customer before the service is opened. The specific test items vary according to the level of service used by the customer.

Business testing: refers to the use of customer business simulation software to simulate customer usage and conduct business simulation index testing.

Network test: Refers to the end-to-end performance index test of the overall business network leased by the customer using special instruments.

Circuit test: refers to the end-to-end typical performance index test of each dedicated line circuit leased by the customer using special instruments.

4. Test report: Refers to the test report submitted to the customer after the completion of the test project. Gold medal and silver medal customers can get personalized test report manual according to different test content; bronze medal and ordinary customers can get standardized test report for each circuit.

5. Circuit protection mode: To provide customers with dual-route circuit protection, so that when one side of the route fails, the service can be automatically or manually switched to the other side of the route.

6. Monthly circuit availability rate: the percentage (%) of the monthly maximum available time for each circuit minus the cumulative interruption time due to the operator and the maximum available time in the month. Service failures, interruptions or failures caused by the following reasons are not counted as interruption time:

Planned and predicted circuit interruptions

Customers are not allowed to repair during the circuit interruption

Interruptions caused by third-party facilities or lines

Interruptions due to any network management project or routine maintenance or maintenance required or caused by customers.

Any interruption caused by the failure or malfunction of any equipment, instrument or facility of the customer

Any interruption caused by any customer’s behavior, negligence or breach of contract

A force majeure event occurs or occurs in Operators can reasonably control other events outside the scope, such as damage to optical cables and cables caused by road construction.

7. Failure on-site response time: the time from when the customer declares the failure to the time when the technician arrives at the site.

8. Telecom fault repair time limit: refers to the time required from the time the customer submits an obstacle report to the customer's circuit failure or other means to restore the customer's normal business.

9. Time for providing major failure handling report: refers to the time from the time when the customer confirms the resumption of business to the time the customer receives the failure handling report from China Netcom.

10. Operation report: Refers to the network operation report provided by China Netcom to customers.

11. Network equipment inspection: refers to the free client network equipment inspection service provided by China Netcom to customers at the request of customers. After the inspection work is completed, China Netcom is responsible for providing free inspection report analysis.

12. Re-insurance service: at the request of the customer, during the time period specified by the customer, China Netcom will assign a special person to carry out key monitoring of the network used by the customer, separate spare parts, and immediate failure repair services.

China Network Communications Corporation has merged with China United Communications Co., Ltd. on October 1, 2008 to form "China United Network Communications Co., Ltd." (abbreviated as "China Unicom").

Related news

Brilliant together

"The Olympic Games is not only a sporting event that lasts for dozens of days, but also the world’s largest, most influential and influential Mass activities in all aspects of society, therefore, Olympic marketing cannot be overstated. The key is the depth and breadth of what is seen."

Contact with Olympics

"China Netcom's Olympic marketing is not just a simple product promotion, but an Olympic theme event." Zhao Jidong said, "Before the Olympics, there will be 22 theme events, and China Netcom must actively participate. "

On June 24, 2006, the "Olympic Day Long-distance Running Event" sponsored by the Chinese Olympic Committee and undertaken by the China Sports Industry Group and local sports bureaus was held in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenyang, and other 8 national events. China Netcom not only provided title sponsorship throughout the event, but also issued a limited number of commemorative calling cards for this event, and covered all the events in each city on CNCMAX, the country's first video website under its management and operation.

Zhao Jidong believes that China Netcom’s employees, customers, and sports enthusiasts from all walks of life have participated in the long-distance running and achieved a wide range of influence. The Olympic spirit and the concept of national fitness are well conveyed.

As one of Netcom's series of Olympic-themed events, on August 5, the "China Netcom Olympic Fitness Community Tour" jointly sponsored by China Netcom, the State Sports General Administration and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions was officially held in Beijing Sun Park Community Launched, the event included themed Olympic fitness knowledge, Netcom communication consulting services, "Fitness Lectures" by scientific fitness experts, free physical fitness testing, "Best of the community" games, and knowledge contests with prizes. As a partner of the Olympic Games, Netcom organically integrates its own business and activities, extends its services to the community, and literally provides zero-distance services for the people, and implements "one touch, comprehensive service". It is not only the promotion of products and services, but also the satellite communication vehicle to the event site, so that the people can truly experience the services of Netcom.

During the event, Netcom’s community manager walked into the community to explain Netcom’s fixed-line, broadband, and PHS services to the residents of the community, and answered the residents’ questions in detail. The "community manager system" allows people to experience China Netcom's thoughtful service without leaving home.

Zhao Jidong said to reporters very excitedly, “Olympic champion Li Na also arrived at the event, which set off a small climax for the scene. The participation of celebrities in the sports world made residents very enthusiastic. This event was followed by It will be launched in more than 50 communities in ten provinces and cities across the country, including Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Henan Zhengzhou, Shandong Jinan, Shanxi Taiyuan, Inner Mongolia Hohhot, Jilin Changchun, Liaoning Shenyang, Heilongjiang Harbin, etc. Community residents across the country can enjoy China. The Olympic culture carried by Netcom. On the basis of realizing the Olympic communication guarantee, China Netcom began to spread the Olympic spirit widely.

Strategic vision

China Netcom not only directly meets the Olympic communication Demand, to create a real broadband Olympics, but also to take advantage of the pulling effect of the Olympic market to enable China Netcom to obtain Olympic benefits and provide customers with more satisfactory services. Therefore, China Netcom proposed a guarantee plan, development plan, The Olympic strategy consisting of three parts of the Radiation Plan.

——The Olympic Guarantee Plan. According to the needs of Olympic communication services, a stable and advanced implementation plan and a safe and convenient guarantee plan are formulated to ensure the complete success of the Olympic communication services. Specifically, it includes 12 professional Olympic facilities construction plans, IT support system plans, service guarantee plans, security management plans, and Olympic project management plans. Among them, network security and stability are the primary considerations. China Netcom will adopt stable and mature Technology, fully consider Olympic emergencies and multiple network protections, and do a good job of security and protection. In the next three years, China Netcom will also carry forward the Olympic spirit of "faster, higher, and stronger" and strictly follow its promises. Work hard and strive for perfection to ensure that the most successful Olympic Games in the history of the Olympic Games will be presented to the world in 2008.

——The Olympic Development Plan. With the help of the pulling effect of the Olympic market, we will carry out planned marketing activities. Promote brand promotion, business innovation, market pull, cooperative development, and achieve Olympic benefits. China Netcom will use the Olympic brand and Olympic-related activities, events, and groups to carry out special marketing activities, and set a set of strategic significance around the main line of the Olympic strategy. The overall marketing plan. In terms of the time interval, this plan will continue until 2012 and reach a climax in 2008. The cumulative effect of communication will maximize the Olympic brand effect.

——Olympic radiation Plan. With the help of the brand radiation effect of the Olympics, we will promote the overall improvement of China Netcom Group's various management tasks, including human resource plans, service quality management plans, corporate culture construction plans, and process reengineering plans. The characteristics of this plan will be reflected in the enterprise Culturally, an excellent corporate culture is the sublimation of Olympic communications.

China Netcom will firmly seize the opportunity of the Olympics, link the glory of the Olympics with the glory of the enterprise, and strive to create the Olympics and Netcom in the future Great brilliance.

Cooperation promotion

In July 2012, Zhang Chun, general manager of China Netcom Group When Jiang Xiang initiated the general mobilization of more than 300,000 Netcom employees, he asked everyone to carefully implement the Olympic strategy implementation plan with a more rigorous attitude, a more practical style and a more scientific method, and go all out to serve the Olympics. Mission, win glory for the country. In the past two years, the employees of China Netcom have shouldered the glorious mission of sharing the glory of the Olympic Games and the enterprise, working hard, willing to make dedication, and actively uniting all forces to promote the construction of Olympic communications.

At present, the six branch city branches of China Netcom Group have taken action and have done a lot of fruitful work around the Olympic strategy. The important communication platform of the Olympic Games-Beijing broadband integrated service transmission network, has been successfully completed, which is also the largest intelligent metropolitan optical network system in China; 37 Olympic competition venue projects and 15 non-competition venue projects, most of which started during the year. China Netcom has established working relationships with all venue owners, collected and confirmed basic information about each venue, and clarified its responsibilities and rights as a partner in fixed communications services for the Olympics. Now, China Netcom has completed the draft review and feedback of 11 newly-built venues, and is in the process of draft review and feedback of 13 renovated and expanded venues; it has completed the draft review and technical plans of major non-competitive venues, such as the National Convention Center (including MPC). , IBC and Archery Hall), Olympic Village, Media Village, etc.; completed the communication project of the office building of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee and the communication project of the office building of the Beijing Olympic Broadcasting Company (BOB); The owners of the sports center signed a long-term cooperation agreement; signed agreements with other cooperative companies on the transmission of high-definition television for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games; China Netcom and Bank of China reached an Olympic strategic partnership. Active cooperation in business cooperation, customer service and resource sharing, Olympic-themed joint marketing, etc.; China Netcom and Visa International have signed a strategic partnership agreement, and the two parties will establish a strategic partnership on the Olympic platform Relations, comprehensive cooperation in brand, marketing, technology, etc., make full use of the resource advantages of both parties and the business opportunities of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games to build a platform dedicated to serving customers.

Looking forward, the Beijing Olympics will surely become the most successful and true broadband Olympics in the history of the Olympics with the assistance of China Netcom, which has a century-old store.

A brief history of development


The new company is renamed and the new name is opened. The red chip company name of China Unicom was changed from "China Unicom Co., Ltd." on October 15, 2008. "Was changed to "China United Network Communications (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.", and the Hong Kong Companies Registry has issued a name change certificate in this regard.

Netcom was delisted from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The location will be effective from 9:30 a.m. on October 15, 2008. The issued American depository shares were cancelled and the listing on the New York Stock Exchange took effect from 9:30 a.m. on October 15, 2008, New York time. The Ministry of Industry Information Technology, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, and the leaders of the new company jointly unveiled the new company

Formal merger

On October 15, 2008, China Unicom and China Netcom formally merged today, China The reorganization of the telecommunications industry took a clear first step. At the same time, New Unicom announced today the new company logo and officially launched the new name after the change.

The official merger conference of Unicom and Netcom was held in the former China Netcom Building in Beijing’s Financial Street area. The check-in started at 9:20 am on the 15th. It was from the SASAC, the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance and the China Securities Regulatory Commission. The leaders came to congratulate.

Formally established

In his speech, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology Xi Guohua said that both China Unicom and China Netcom have been developing and growing in the telecommunication reform. China Netcom is in Beijing The support work done during the Olympic Games is worthy of recognition.

Xi Guohua also pointed out that the merger of China Unicom and Netcom today has made substantial progress. This is one of the important contents of the telecom reorganization. On behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, he expressed his warm congratulations on this merger.

Replacing the logo

On the 15th, the Netcom business hall will replace the old Unicom logo

From today, the original Netcom business hall will replace the Unicom logo. Earlier, the China Netcom Building on Financial Street was officially replaced with the logo of China United Network Communications Co., Ltd.

Industry insiders said that by then, the number of new Unicom business halls will reach 18,000, which can alleviate the previous, following the C network transaction to transfer all the Unicom business halls below the northern county to China Telecom. Stress.

Brand curtain call

Today, China Unicom also released a new logo, which actually means that China Netcom brand curtain call today. China Unicom issued an announcement this morning, stating that the company's restructuring with Netcom has been approved by the Hong Kong High Court and the transaction has officially taken effect. In addition, Netcom's listing status in Hong Kong and the United States will be revoked at the same time on the 15th.

The announcement stated that the cancellation of the listing of Netcom on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange will take effect from 9:30 am on October 15, 2008. The cancellation of the listing of China Netcom’s issued American depositary shares on the New York Stock Exchange is expected to take effect from 9:30 a.m. on October 15, 2008, New York time. The formal completion of the aforesaid matters will be subject to the complete implementation of the procedures prescribed by the relevant stock exchanges.

The merger of China Unicom was approved by the Hong Kong High Court. Netcom delisted on the 15th. On October 15, 2008, Beijing time, China Unicom announced on the 15th that the company’s reorganization with Netcom had been approved by the Hong Kong High Court. , The transaction has now officially taken effect; in addition, Netcom’s listing status in Hong Kong and the United States will be revoked at the same time on the 15th.

Attachment: The full text of the China United Announcement is as follows:

China United Telecommunications Corporation Limited's major asset restructuring issue progress announcement 2

China United Telecommunications Corporation Limited (以下简称“本公司”或“公司”)以及公司董事会全体成员保证公告内容的真实、准确和完整,对公告的虚假记载、误导性陈述或者重大遗漏负连带责任。

2008年10月14日,香港高等法院已批准本次交易的协议安排,并确认根据协议安排减少网通红筹公司股本。 上述高等法院命令之正式副本连同获得高等法院批准及符合《公司条例》规定的法院股东会议之会议记录已呈交香港公司注册处,并由香港公司注册处于2008年10月15日办理完成登记手续。





一、深化电信体制改革的必要性我国电信业从完全垄断到引入竞争,从政企合一到政企分开,从两个竞争主体到多个竞争主体,走过了一条“在发展中改革,在改革中发展”的道路。 1994年以中国联通的成立为标志,电信业打破垄断,引入竞争。 1998年后,进一步加大改革力度,实现了政企分开、邮电分设,重组了中国电信和中国联通,正式成立了中国移动。 2001年,以打破固定电信领域的垄断为重点,实施企业、、业务和市场重组,成立了新的中国电信和中国网通,形成了中国电信、中国网通、中国移动、中国联通、中国卫通、中国铁通六家基础电信企业竞争格局。












(一)请中国电信、中国网通、中国移动、中国联通、中国卫通、中国铁通六家基础电信运营企业根据本通告精神,认真研究本单位参与深化电信体制改革的建议和意见,并尽快形成正式方案报相关部门。  (二)如改革方案涉及公司重组、网络资产转让、上市公司合并等问题,实施中应遵循国际惯例,遵守境内外资本市场运作规则。

(二)中国网通(亲情卡)诚招一级代理商。为感谢新老用户多年来对网通的支持与厚爱,特推出充话费赠话费活动。充100赠100元,打长途,市话全都(1毛钱)每分钟,适用于移动,联通,安卓版手机 。为了保证市场稳步发展,我公司将推出电子商务模式力争一年之内发展到1000万用户,同时在东南亚招募代理商,落实以后在授权,别的渠道代理公司既不负责。


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