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At the Baidu World Conference in September 2012, Baidu released the "Development "Seven weapons", including personal cloud storage PCS, multi-screen Screen X technology, cloud application generation service Site App, LBS·Cloud, mobile cloud testing MTC, Baidu application engine BAE and browsing kernel Engine.

In October 2012, Baidu announced that the number of individual users of Baidu Cloud in only two months has exceeded 10 million.

In September 2013, Baidu announced that Baidu Cloud users exceeded 100 million, and launched a theme event, announcing the provision of 2T permanent free capacity and unlimited offline download services. As long as you log in to the Baidu Cloud mobile terminal, you can immediately receive 2048G permanent free capacity.

In November 2014, the total number of Baidu Cloud users exceeded 200 million, and the development of the mobile terminal has completely surpassed the PC terminal.

On September 17, 2015, Baidu announced the launch of Cloud Accelerator 3.0. Baidu Cloud Accelerator also invited China Telecom, CloudFlare and LeTV Cloud to conduct the DDoS offensive and defense drill with the largest traffic in history so far. It successfully resisted the ultra-high traffic attack with a peak value of more than 1Tbps, set a world record, and became the site of the press conference that day. One of the biggest highlights.

On October 11, 2016, Baidu Cloud was renamed Baidu Netdisk. From then on, it will focus more on the development of personal storage and backup functions.

From December 25, 2018 to December 31, 2019, for users who have not logged in to a Baidu network disk account, the 2T free storage space they have obtained will be adjusted from January 1, 2020 to 100G; if the stored file exceeds 100G, it will only support downloading and accessing the stored file, and cannot save new files.

On October 23, 2019, Baidu Netdisk officially announced that the single-day/single-day download acceleration service was officially launched, which can be used on both PC and mobile terminals.

In December 2019, Baidu Netdisk passed the information about ISO/IEC 27001 (information security management system) and ISO/IEC 27018 (personal identifiable information information security management system) of China Quality Certification Center. Safety certification goes a step further in terms of user safety and privacy protection.


Baidu Netdisk Personal Edition is Baidu’s Netdisk storage service for individual users. It meets the various needs of users’ work and life. Products that have been launched include Netdisk, personal homepage, Group function, address book, photo album, face recognition, article, notepad, text message, mobile phone retrieval.


Provide diversified data storage services, support a maximum capacity of 2T, and users can freely manage files stored on the Netdisk.

Personal homepage

Provide personalized sharing function, users can get friends sharing dynamics through the follow function, and realize file sharing.

Group function

Baidu Netdisk has launched a multi-person group function, which can be used for simple point-to-point, one-to-many, and many-to-many direct conversations.


Users can conveniently store, browse, share, and manage their own photos through cloud albums, and use photos to record and share the beauty of life.

Face Recognition

Baidu network disk can not only realize the functions of intelligent classification and automatic deduplication of pictures, but also search for pictures with pictures, and accurately locate targets in massive pictures.

Address book backup

Baidu Netdisk mobile phone APP function, provides address book synchronization, SMS backup function. iPhone users can synchronize the address book; Android users can synchronize the address book, backup and restore mobile phone text messages. WP does not currently support this feature.

Recover mobile phone

Unique function of Baidu SkyDrive Android version. After the user sets the recovery function, when the phone is lost, the phone can be locked online through the web version of Baidu Netdisk to avoid information leakage. At the same time, it can send out alarms and track location to improve the possibility of phone recovery.

Forgot to bring your mobile phone

Users need to install the new version of Baidu Netdisk APP on the Android phone, and install the new version of Baidu Netdisk PC version on the PC. When the Baidu SkyDrive App and the "Discover-Forgetting Mobile Phone" function in the Baidu SkyDrive PC version are both on at the same time, the communication information on the mobile phone can be automatically synchronized to the Baidu SkyDrive PC version. The user initiates a request through the PC version of Baidu SkyDrive, and can query the call records and short messages on the mobile phone in the past three days.


The Baidu SkyDrive network note function can edit documents online and save them directly to Baidu SkyDrive. Support three types of notes: text, picture, and voice.

Super member privileges

5T super large space

Free task to get 2T permanent space plus 3T space;

Speed ​​download


Exclusive high-speed transmission for file downloads (for members only);

Cloud Decompression

Compressed packages within 4G can be easily decompressed online;

Recycle Bin Validity Period 30 days

The validity period of the recycle bin is increased to 30 days;

Large file upload

Baidu Netdisk PC version single file upload is increased to 20G; batch uploads are not available Restrictions

There is no upper limit on the number of files uploaded in a single batch of Baidu SkyDrive PC version;

The upper limit of the number of files to be transferred is 50,000

The upper limit of the number of files to be transferred in a single time Is 50,000.


Large space

Baidu Netdisk provides 2T permanent free capacity. Available for users to store massive amounts of data.

File preview

Baidu network disk supports online preview of pictures, audio, video, and document files in conventional formats. You can easily view files without downloading files to the local.

Video playback

Baidu Netdisk supports online playback of videos in mainstream formats. Users can choose between "smooth" and "original painting" modes according to their needs and network conditions. The Android and iOS versions of Baidu SkyDrive also support video playback, allowing users to watch videos anytime, anywhere. Offline download

The Web version of Baidu SkyDrive supports offline download. It supports offline download of http/ftp/eMule protocol/magnet link and BT seeds. By using the offline download function, users do not need to waste personal precious time, just submit the download address and seed file, and then download the file to the personal network disk through the Baidu network disk server.

Online decompression

The web version of Baidu Netdisk supports the online decompression of compressed packages within 500MB, and view the files in the compressed package. At the same time, it can support a single file within 50MB to be saved to a network disk or directly downloaded.

Quick upload (for members only)

The web version of Baidu SkyDrive supports the upload of a single file of up to 4G. After recharging a super member, the PC version of Baidu SkyDrive can upload a single file of up to 20G. Unlimited upload speed; batch operation can be carried out, easy and convenient. The upload speed is as fast as the network speed is. At the same time, you can also upload in batches.

Single/single-day download acceleration service

Users who download files on Baidu SkyDrive can purchase Baidu SkyDrive’s single/single-day download when they need to accelerate the download Speed ​​up service.


In April 2018, Baidu Netdisk officially released an announcement: Baidu Netdisk has initiated security protection measures. If you use an unofficial version to download files on the Netdisk, it will fail. Situation. Furthermore, if the account has a large number of abnormal requests, it will be locked to ensure account security.

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