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Assembly machine

Composition structure

Assemblers occupy most of the computer market and become the main force. Choosing an assembling machine is a wise choice. The assembling machine has both compatibility and quality. Problems rarely occur. In addition, choosing the brand of accessories is a key issue. Try to choose accessories from large manufacturers. The following are examples of various accessory brands:

Motherboards: ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, Elite, EVGA

Hard Disk: Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi, Samsung

Memory: Kingston, Apacer, ADATA, G.Skill, Corsair, TEAM, Regal, Hynix

Graphics card: ASUS, Zotac, GALAXY, XFX, Sapphire, Dataland, Leadtek, MSI, KingTi

Optical drive: Pioneer, ASUS, BenQ, Samsung, LG, Philips, Sony

Power: Antec, Haiyun, Kangshu, TT, Cooler Master, Modern. Huntkey and Great Wall are among the better domestic brands.

Monitor: Samsung, Great Wall, Philips, LG, Hanshiqi, AOC, BenQ, Acer

Keyboard and mouse: Logitech, Pennefather, Shuangfeiyan, Microsoft, Upstart, Colorful, Lisheng

Speakers: Edifier, Hivi, Microlab, Shanshui, Sannuo

Chassis: Simin, Lianli, Yinxin, Tt, Cooler Master, Oriental City, Colorful, Xianma, ASUS

In addition, SSD is a kind of hard disk.

Hard Disk Memory

At the same price, the hard disk capacity and memory of the brand machine is less than that of the assembled machine, which is roughly half of that of the assembled machine. In addition, the hard disk of the brand machine is 5400 rpm in all cases when it is not marked, which seriously affects the performance of the system. For machines with integrated graphics, the main memory is also borrowed. The performance of such a small memory (512m) computer can be imagined. Therefore, whether it is a branded machine or an assembled machine, it is recommended to buy a machine with a discrete graphics card. It is really not enough to buy a model with an upgradeable graphics card with PCI-E or AGP slot. The hard disk and memory of the assembly machine can be customized at will, depending on how much money you have. In branded machines, Athlon or Phelong and Core 2 dual-core multi-core processors with DDR667 memory are really big horses, and insufficient bandwidth will also affect the performance of the whole machine. Only DDR2/800 or even DDR2/1066 is enough.

Graphics card motherboard

The graphics card is a major flaw in the brand machine. In order to pursue maximum profit, manufacturers often work hard on graphics cards. For example, for models around 4,000 yuan, most of the branded machines are integrated graphics cards or shrunken discrete graphics cards, and compatible machines can even be equipped with GTS260 or HD4890 graphics cards. The difference between them can be said that one is heaven and the other is Underground. In the era when DX10 was popular, some branded machines also used 9500GS or HD3650 graphics cards, but most of them were deformed graphics cards with 64-bit video memory. Its speed can be much faster than 7300GT or 8500GT! It is difficult for a rookie to distinguish between 128-bit and 64-bit graphics cards with the naked eye. However, there are quite a few that are not clearly indicated in the advertisements, even including famous brands. Motherboards are also a problem that cannot be ignored for branded machines. In order to reduce costs, they will use motherboards with chips such as VIA SIS. It is not that this kind of motherboard is not good. Compared with INTEL chip motherboards, the performance difference is needless to say, but the compatibility is poor. A lot, you can pay attention to the motherboard when buying a branded machine, and try to buy a motherboard with INTEL chips. AMD models use AMD's own or NVIDIA chip motherboards.

Display, case, CD-ROM, keyboard and mouse, etc.

As we all know, the display of the brand machine is only found by other display manufacturers. The quality can be described as mediocre and the selectivity is poor. In terms of optical drives, most branded machines are only equipped with DVD drives. In today's society where the Internet is developed and the amount of information is large, it is still necessary to use a DVD burner to watch DVDs and back up data.

Main features


In the computer market, it is a situation where branded machines and assembly machines compete for the best. Assembly machines Compared with brand-name machines, it also has great advantages:

  1. The assembly machine can be matched at will, and it can be matched at will according to user requirements.

  2. The DIY accessories market has been eliminated faster, and it is difficult for branded machines to keep up with the speed of its update. For example, some accessories that have been eliminated in the spare parts market are still appearing in the brand On the machine, for example, the ATI series launched 5550 and 5770 series graphics cards, which have been sold in full swing in the DIY accessories market, but we have not seen such good graphics cards on brand machines. It is estimated that it will only be seen on the brand machine when it is about to be eliminated.

  3. Price advantage. There are few links in the computer spare parts market and low profits. There is a certain gap between the price and the brand machine. There are many circulation links for the brand machine, and the profit is relatively high. , So there is no price advantage. It is worth noting that branded machines tend to reduce the cost of motherboards and graphics cards. Because most computer ignorants mainly look at the size of the hard disk and the level of the CPU, they ignore the importance of the motherboard and graphics card.

  4. In terms of after-sales service, the assembly machine is the same as the brand machine, and the main parts are provided with a three-year warranty, and even the warranty period of some accessories exceeds the brand machine. For the brand machine This is fatal.


  1. From a policy perspective, brand machines have unparalleled policy advantages , And there are more restrictions on assembly machines. Some time ago, it seems that there was a regulation that said that enterprises and institutions such as Internet cafes must use brand-name devices. In some places, Internet cafes that do not use brand-name devices have been closed. So from this point, it is fatal to the assembly machine.

  2. In terms of competition, in some large and medium-sized cities with fierce competition, the price of assembly machine parts is close to transparency, and the profit margin is small. This is also a problem faced by the industry in the future. Problem.

In short, if you have sufficient funds, it is best to buy a branded machine with a high configuration. When you have insufficient funds, you are very concerned about the performance of the machine. In this case, it is also a wise choice to buy an assembly machine.

Appearance function

The appearance of most brand machines is fashionable and colorful. The most representative ones should be IBM and DELL, their desktops are mostly black, solemn and elegant, giving people a sense of high taste. For example, the Shenzhou New Dream series gives people a refreshing feeling and is very coordinated. As for the assembly machine, there are very few suits that can be selected, and the overall view is not very coordinated. Since most of the chassis of common assembly machines are produced by small private factories, they cannot be compared with the funds invested by large manufacturers in terms of design, so there is a gap in workmanship and appearance. In terms of function, the brand machine is more prominent. Some are equipped with functions such as one-key recovery, encryption protection, keyboard overclocking, etc., which are very convenient to use. It is very difficult to realize the assembly machine. However, there are also a lot of personalized suits on the market, and there are many functions. You can usually pay attention to it.

Installation process

The first step-how to find a trusted installation shop

Generally speaking, formal installation Stores have legal registration procedures, registered capital and legal representatives. In this way, if there is an accident, the parties will be legally liable, which is why there are few incidents involving consumers in general large-scale installation stores. There are legal constraints, and of course no one will take this risk. Most of the small installation shops were not registered. They rented a counter and paid a deposit, transferred some goods from the east to the west, and started operating. Without legal constraints, JS dare to deceive consumers and even its peers. Because of such scammer incidents, it is not uncommon in IT stores. Since the goods in the stores are collocated with each other, and the settlement is not cash on the spot, there will be a set day for reconciliation and checkout every week. Some scammers deployed a lot of accessories in the venue, cleaned up the store the night before the day of checkout, rolled up the bedding and ran away.

A strong booth is doing quite well in both pre-sales and after-sales services. Those who are not strong can only talk about it on paper. If you want to know whether a booth is capable, you can also pay attention to their "hardware equipment". For example, the size of the stalls, the company has several stalls in several major stores, and companies with strength and funds generally choose stalls next to the elevator or on the first and second floors of the store. Incompetent installers are renting counters in those inconspicuous corners. Moreover, large companies have a lot of special facilities, such as delivery trucks and customer records. Small booths can't do this no matter what.

The second step-compare the price

Understand the quotation of the accessories you need. This is a necessary work before installation. The ancients said it well: "Know yourself and the enemy , A hundred battles are not dead!" The same is true for the installed machine, the price is not clear, and it must be the fish on the chopping board. First go to the Internet, such as the PChome computer home, to check the price. If you have a rough idea in mind, you can choose a few relatively large and large-scale merchants to list a few quotations with the same configuration. Two or three companies will basically have a spectrum in mind. Next, go to the general agent of the relevant product (the agents in the big stores usually do DIY), the prices there are generally lower, which is the shipping price.

Listing articles

Listing, this is a compulsory course for IT staff. There are no less than a hundred ways to list an installation list. How to To maximize profits, JS has done enough homework and has several skills. At a glance, an experienced salesperson can tell at a glance whether you have an IT background and know nothing about hardware. Second, chat is not an ordinary chat. You can know in a few words what parts prices you care about and what parts you don’t know about your configuration. He will usually make fakes or inflated prices on parts you don’t pay attention to. Three relay: After you contact a merchant, if you can’t go far, another merchant will follow you immediately and use "Our XX products are cheaper"

Step three---conviction Refuse to "recommend"

Case power supply purchase article:

If you did not do enough "price search" in the early stage, for example, you know the CPU well, but you are not familiar with the monitor , Then you will suffer a big loss on the monitor. Of course, if you do your homework well, there is also a hidden rule No.2 of the IT store: "Accessories can not make money, the chassis power supply", the general installation configuration list The power supply model of the chassis was not clearly written, and the Zhanji business excused to choose one. When the actual choice was made, JS went directly to the chassis store that JS negotiated. Why did the chassis power supply be rented from a large store in the IT store? Because the profits are amazing, sometimes the business brought by the Zanji business can make two or three hundred for a sum. Of course, the Zanji business has taken the big head, but the profit left to the owner of the chassis is also a lot, because this series of "marketing" They also played an important role.

In the list, if the price of accessories is too high, we must strive for reasons, and the specifications of the accessories should also be clearly stated, such as the size of the hard disk cache and speed, and more importantly, the warranty period of the hard disk. Graphics card brand video memory and video memory bandwidth, CPU bulk box, main frequency and model, motherboard model, monitor model, memory brand and speed, etc.. JS will think about it in the middle of the talk. If the overall profit of this machine is thankless, I will definitely recommend you to change the accessories. The changed accessories are good or bad. There is only one purpose: which one makes money and sells it! Even if you just install an ordinary home machine, ordinary CPU and memory, if he sells Geforce 6800 to make money, he will convince you how good Geforce 6800 performance is, regardless of whether your machine can be brought together, if you CPU and other accessories They are all good. The graphics card is indecisive. He can also sell the outdated Geforce 4 MX440 copy to you for profit. The price is not high, but one piece can make the profit of a machine. So I suggest that everyone must "anti-recommendation"

Step Four-Pickup and Inspection

The most critical highlight is here, let’s talk about the installation After it was completed, JS began to pick up the goods. The pick-up is usually done by calling someone's home to adjust the goods. At this time you have to keep your eyes open. Don't let the labeled ones! Those with toll-free calls must not be heartbroken about those few calls. Several thousand dollars have been spent, and it is worthwhile to spend a few more dollars on the phone bill to buy a peace of mind!

1. If you choose a boxed cpu, unpack it yourself, and observe whether the outer seal of the box is intact and whether the fan is original. You must pay attention to buying Intel boxed CPU: CPU and fan are guaranteed together. There is no fan, and the boxed CPU is not guaranteed.

2: If you choose a brand for memory sticks, you must check whether there is a complete package, anti-counterfeiting labels and 800 phone inquiries, you must check, don’t be embarrassed, and it depends on the gold finger of the memory. Scratches, if there are memory on the machine, this kind of resolutely don't!

3: In addition to paying attention to whether the hard disk is the same as the model, speed, cache, and requirements of the hard disk, you must also pay attention to whether it is a new package. The genuine agent hard disk is packaged in an outer box. If there is no box, it may be parallel or bulk.

4: When buying boards for motherboards and graphics cards, you must pay attention to the model specifications. Like other products, motherboards and graphics cards have longer models, which are especially misleading, such as the ATI X1650 in the market. Graphics card, we can see that there are 3 versions of X1650 in the market, including X1650XT, X1650GT, X1650PRO, and the price difference between them is very big, the most expensive is 999, the lowest is only 599 yuan, so choose enough time Must pay attention. In addition, even one model may have two versions, such as the 7300GT with 128M and the 7300GT with 256M. This cannot be ignored. As long as you see the model on the package and the PCB label on the back of the graphics card, you can avoid unnecessary Loss.

The inspection of the motherboard is mainly to check whether the accessories and CDs in the motherboard box are complete, whether the stickers on the motherboard and the graphics card slot have passive traces, and the graphics card should pay special attention to whether there is a golden finger. Scratches on the machine to ensure whether the product has been used or repaired. Finally, users should pay attention to properly keep the graphics card, sound card, and accessories that come with the monitor. Be sure to get a new one. If there is a sticker on the CPU socket, check to see if it has been torn off, and whether there are signs of wear on the radiator bracket.

5: Displays

The market is generally dominated by liquid crystal displays. Of course, the flat CRT still has a certain amount of shipments, and the CRT is generally just to see if the box has been opened. But LCD monitors can be sloppy.

The first thing is whether to provide a guarantee for the bright spots of dead pixels. Bright spots and dead pixels are the most troublesome in choosing LCD monitors. Some products did not find bright spots and dead pixels at the time of purchase, but they are not being used soon. There will be some spots, which is very irritating. Fortunately, some brand products provide guarantees such as bright spots and dead spots. Therefore, it is recommended to choose this kind of products as much as possible.

The second safety certification should be recognized

If you want a more objective standard, you can choose products that have passed the specification certification. TCO development is a common certification. TCO95 and TCO99 are the certifications that almost all screens will pass before, and TCO 03 is the latest certification standard for LCD. LCDs that have passed TCO03 certification have a certain guarantee in quality. TCO 03 stipulates that the resolution of 15-inch and 16-inch LCDs must be above 1024×768, 17-19 inches must be above 1280×1024, and 21 inches must be above 1600×1200. The brightness should not be too low, at least 150cd/m2, and should be average. The ratio of the brightest to the darkest should not exceed 1.5:1, and it should not exceed 1.7:1 in the range of 30 degrees. There are also restrictions on power. In the lowest standby mode, the maximum power consumption cannot exceed 5W, and at least the screen must be vertically adjusted to a direction above 20 degrees.

Then, what 5MS or 8MS, DVI interface, etc. are all purchased according to their own needs. The mainstream 5MS products on the market and even the low-end 8MS products are enough to meet daily needs. If you are not a game enthusiast, you can buy 5MS products, there is no need to pursue the extreme response speed.

6: The most critical chassis power supply

Find the price by yourself, pay for it first, and JS will surely bleed from your own chassis. The quotation of general merchant chassis will add 150 to 200 yuan to the original price, you can just watch it! If you think it’s too troublesome to buy the chassis alone and match the machine, you can choose the chassis together at the installation shop, but it’s best to look at the chassis you want in advance and find out the base price of the chassis, so that you can cut it with the dealer. Price. They can't make you too much money from the chassis!

Step 5-After the warranty stickerInstallationTest

7: Warranty sign

Every item sold in the DIY store will have a fragile sticker on it. When the goods are transferred, someone’s goods will be affixed with someone’s sticker. This is the warranty label. It only knows which company produces the goods. Without this warranty, some accessories will be difficult to obtain a warranty from a merchant. Therefore, before installing the machine, the merchant must affix this fragile sticker warranty on each item.

The fragile paper with red letters on the right side is the warranty sticker

8: Installation test

You don’t need to do it yourself, but you must remind you in time during installation. The staff should not "savage construction". The whole process of installation must be monitored intently to prevent JS from secretly changing accessories. If you find that the OS crashes during the test, the game crashes and the screen freezes, you must come forward and ask about the situation. His solution is no problem and don't go in a hurry. If you have enough time, run the test software to try. If the difference is large, check whether the cpu and graphics card are wrong.

Step 6-Sign and draw the computer and take home

9: Sign and draw the article

Everything is OK, it doesn’t mean everything is well. , There is a box for everything, you don’t need it, but the warranty card, manual, driver, accessories are also essential, and some products have gifts. Don’t forget to ask JS if you want it. Sometimes he won’t give it to you. , Everything is packaged OK, it’s time to count the votes, don’t worry about the three-pack contract, or write a warranty contract, write down the specifications of each accessory in detail, write down the serial number (such as cpu) if there is a serial number, and the warranty period of each part of the accessory , Don’t forget to stamp the red stamp of JS, and finally pay the money and leave.

The accessories must be clear

For this installation, although I cannot guarantee the lowest price, I can guarantee that you can comfortably watch others fight fakes at home at 3.15, without having to go to various departments for your own rights Run call sign! Don't be afraid if something goes wrong, you have all the evidence in hand, directly contact the dealer, if you need to replace it with a new one, if you can't replace it, just guarantee it!

After-sales service

Brand machines generally have several free after-sales service and technical service hotlines, which provide convenient conditions for users to communicate with manufacturers. Lenovo, Shenzhou, etc. also provide a nationwide warranty. In contrast, the assembled machine can only be covered by a limited warranty at the seller, and the phenomenon of "three obstacles" sometimes occurs. However, in the fierce market competition, the after-sales service of the assembled machine has also been greatly improved, but compared to the three-year main part warranty of the brand machine, the warranty time of the assembled machine is still shorter.

CPU: Three-year warranty (one year in bulk)

Mainboard: Three-year warranty (one-year warranty)

Memory: Lifetime warranty (five-year warranty) (Replacement) brands are different, licensed products are guaranteed for life

Hard disk: three-year warranty (one-year replacement), five-year warranty (three-year replacement)

Graphics card: one year Warranty (one-year warranty), two-year warranty (one-year replacement) brand differences

Optical drive: one-year warranty

Power supply: three-year warranty (one-year warranty)< /p>

Display: Three-year warranty, brand difference

Keyboard and mouse: One-year warranty (three-month warranty), brand difference

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