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90 minutes (Korea's 2012 film directed by Park Sun Wook)

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In the eyes of director Sang Hee (Zhu Sang Wook), there is no goal he can’t accomplish, and no woman he can’t get. , As long as we can continuously advance towards success, unscrupulous means is also a good means. After catching up with the daughter of a big chaebol, Shangxi quickly settled on a marriage without love. In his desireful eyes, his wife and mother-in-law are just stepping stones for him to climb up.

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Just before the wedding date, the appearance of a mysterious woman disturbed Shangxi's heart. The woman's name is Huili (played by Zhang Meirenai), and her enchanting style makes Shangxi irresistible, and after a night of romance, her mysterious disappearance is also called Shangxi's concern. However, what Shang Xi didn't know was that he had fallen into a trap woven by desire and hatred at this moment. If he didn't struggle hard, he would be swallowed by darkness forever.

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Director Park Sun-wook

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"90 Minutes" It seems to tell a dilemma that all men may encounter. Zhu Xiangyu, a handsome man who was once known as a "dignified gentleman", plays the role of the "desire man" Shangxi, which is quite different from his previous temperament. In 2003, director Park Sun-wook attracted attention at the Asp International Children’s Film Festival in Iran with his short story "Christmas on a Bike". This film was his first feature film and made its grand debut at the 2012 Bucheon International Fantasy Film Festival. Ying.

However, judging from the response after the film was officially released, it was obviously not satisfactory. Under the influence of popular films such as "Neighbors", "Alliance of Thieves", and "Gone with the Wind", "90 Minutes" was weak in fighting ability, and was even called "completely failed work" by film critics. Fans have also expressed that they obviously play the "Suspense" card. After watching the fog for a long time, it is not thrilling at all, and they can only feel that this is a film with only a director and no actors, showing the tension of the story and the actors. There are obvious deficiencies in the interpretation of. It was supposed to be the "90 points countdown to the crisis", but in reality it has become the "difficult 90 points" in the theater.

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There is a form of love called temptation. In many cases, because of fear of losing, challenge the patience and bottom line of the other party, trying to irritate them. Waiting for the opponent to turn back, then comforted myself that it was so vulnerable. This kind of temptation is very sad because it always tempts others and hurts myself before being verified. In the end, it was both ends.

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