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Support for 22110! Icy Dock M.2 NVME Portable Hard Disk Case Review

Nowadays, many people have more than two NVME solid-state disks in their hands. With the consumption upgrade, the idle solid-state disks can not eat ash naturally and can continue to be used as mobile hard disks. Some film and television industry workers, usually also will use NVME mobile hard disk for material storage. In this way, photos and videos need to be processed and transferred to NVME. The loading speed is also guaranteed.

The ICY Dock MB861U31-1M2B NVME disk drive is powered by a JMS583 scheme and supports USB 3.2 Gen2. The interface speed is up to 10GB /s, which is rounded to approximately 1GB /s. The box adopts tool - free installation, without a screw! This is too friendly for Xiao Bai. For computer operation and maintenance personnel, tool - free can also greatly improve work efficiency.

1. Unpacking:

When I got the box, the first reaction in my mind was the appearance of the workbag of the enterprise-class accessories. Because I had bought the enterprise-class solid state of Shendi before, it was also the kraft paper industrial style, which was simple and professional.

Icy Dock is a brand you are not familiar with, but after a few searches, it turns out that Icy Dock is a large manufacturer of accessories and accessories for businesses. No wonder its packaging is so professional. Looking at the official website, a batch of Internet big company customers are its customers.

Since the main business of the Icy brand is enterprise, the Icy Dock NVME drive box stands out in the 22110 M.2! At present, should be the only support 22110 enterprise solid state hard disk box on the market. Many people like to buy the M.2 22110 solid-state hard drives such as PM983 and SM963 on Taobao, because of the high cost performance of enterprise hard disks and the complete power down protection. Notebook users, some desktop motherboard does not support this kind of hard disk, want to use the words can only choose a hard disk box. 

In terms of accessories, two lines are provided, one is USB Type-A To C, and the other is double-ended Type-C. Both cables theoretically support USB 3.2 Gen2, doubling the speed of a traditional SATA solid-state 500MB/s. Of course, this can only be achieved if the computer's USB port supports Gen2. The USB association is very confusing in naming the interface. You don't need to worry about USB3.0, 3.1, 3.2, as long as you have Gen2. If the computer does not have a Gen2 interface, Gen1 will also work, but the continuous read/write speed will slow to less than 500MB/s. The following figure shows the status of successful connection of 3.2 Gen2 and the current speed is Super+

Complete one-sided PCBA, also through the buckle fixed, interested friends can be directly removed by hand. The circuit of this hard disk box is made of solid materials, perfect solder joints, and adopts lead-free environmental protection technology. The three MLCC ceramic capacitors in the lower right corner are responsible for filtering the 5V input, the two lateral ones in the middle are responsible for filtering the 3.3V switching power supply, and the one next to the left is responsible for filtering the 1.0V power supply.

Focus on this "3R3" closed inductor! The NVME hard disk consumes A lot of power, and the working current reaches 2.8A or higher, which requires the 5V-3.3V power supply of the hard disk box to provide accurate and stable current, or it will fall off. Large current resistant closed inductance, full capacity of the filter capacitor is the key to ensure power supply, this principle and the motherboard CPU power supply also have the same place. The author has also bought other brands of JMS583 hard disk box, 3.3V power supply is shrunk, resulting in insufficient working voltage, which is buried hidden trouble for high strength use.

2. Installation and use:

The body of this hard disk box is plastic structure, the cover is pure aluminum, connected by four corners of the buckle.

First, lift the two clasps on the long side with your hands. Then you can take off the lid. The next step was to install the hard drive and tilt it into the bottom until Goldfinger was out of sight. Then, with the thumbs of both hands, pull both ends of the limit slider firmly until it is stuck in a fixed position. Note that the plastic slider itself does not provide a fix, only the silver metal on it is responsible for holding the end of the hard drive, so the order of "Move Slider" and "Install Hard Drive" can be reversed. Here have to praise the workmanship, whether it is aluminum alloy or plastic parts, there is no burr, will not hurt hands. Some low-priced products can not do this, not screw length is not appropriate, it is rough work, disassembly and installation difficult. It seems that the big manufacturers do have a different philosophy. The product is accompanied by silicone thermal conductive paste, the length is enough to cover 22110 specifications! In real. If you use the 2280 specification, you can cut it to use. Note that Icy Dock's product design leaves a large space under the disk box, about 5mm. Not only is it as thick as the two-sided components of an enterprise-class hard drive, but you can even attach a metal heat sink to the back without blocking it.

3. Actual measurement of running points:

PM961 128G and PM981A 512G were used to measure the running points. USB A port and Type-C Gen2 port were used for comparison respectively. Trim before and after the running points and wait for 30 seconds. The test software was Crystal Disk Mark 8.0. First look at the PM961 data:


It can be seen that the JMS583 scheme is very stable, and the continuous read and write limit of Gen1 interface is 455MB/s and 463MB/s. The continuous read/write of Gen2 interface is more than 1Gb /s, basically reaching the interface limit. The 4K performance is similar, and the Gen2 interface is slightly better, reaching 200MB/s. It's certainly not as fast as a native interface, but it's good enough for an external hard drive, and even when NVME is used as a boot disk and Windows To Go is loaded, you don't have To feel sluggish when using it.

4, some non-product problems bugs note:

# 1: The Gen2 interface of Crystal Disk Mark software runs in suspended animation.

In the initial tests, every time the Gen2 interface and Crystal Disk Mark 6.0 software were used to run a score, the computer would freeze, and even the mouse could not move. Look at the task manager, the CPU has only one core full load. Think the quality problem that is hard disk box itself at first, for instance the interface is unstable, wire quality is poor wait for a problem, but oneself change different hard disk box, different wire test, still be the same problem. It took two hours to determine that Crystal Disk Mark itself was the problem. The version was too old, so just update it to the latest 8.0 version. The computer could not fake death by using other software. This point please also use JMS583 solution users note, is not a product quality problem. If the time - sharing run is suspended, do not operate! Don't force a power cut, just wait.

Second: USB Type-C To C wire problem.

5. Conclusion:

Icy Dock's NVME drives are made with fine workmanship, solid materials, and a stable WTG system in test run without problems. Although the price is high at present, it is still worth buying for the operation and maintenance personnel who need to use the 22110 specification hard disk box, use the WTG system for a long time, or need to disassemble the NVME hard disk frequently!

Icy Dock, a niche brand that has long served corporate customers, has extensive experience making storage accessories. There aren't many consumer products and they don't have that much hype, but just buy them! After all, data security is the most important, we should not be penny wise and pound foolish. We hope that manufacturers can continue to provide reliable, easy-to-use products for consumers!

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