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A good organization should make good use of all kinds of people, arrange them in the most appropriate positions, and perform collective functions. Organizational work is actually one of the planning functions , Because the organizational work must constantly review and modify the company's structure in order to improve the efficiency of the organization.

Organization structure

Organize according to the goal, it is specific, because only the goal requires the joint combination of others.

Based on the premise of proper cooperation between people and events, the conditions of mutual relations are considered comprehensively.

To consider the appropriate range of control, how many subordinates each manager should supervise to be efficient, must be carefully arranged. The smaller the control range, the more managers are needed, and the management cost will increase accordingly; the larger the control range, the fewer organizational levels are required.

The more supervisors on each operator, the lower the efficiency, so try to make each operator only responsible for one supervisor.

There must be an organizational system table to show the organizational situation of its various departments and their related command systems.

Appropriate authorization

Because authorization can make power and responsibilities clear, the relationship between master and slave is clear, and it enables subordinates to build self-confidence and overcome psychological obstacles.

It is necessary to clearly indicate the scope of work and still exercise proper control after authorization.

Working environment

The working relationship in the organization can be divided into line personnel and management level personnel. Anyone engaged in production and sales is a straight line. Personnel management, inspection or product management, procurement, inventory control, product design, process design, market research, finance, tool design, action time research, maintenance and production control are all functions at the management level.

Employee Responsibilities

Before elaborating on the specific responsibilities of each employee, the work of the entire factory must be arranged.

Organizational efficiency

1. Machine materials are placed in appropriate locations for easy use and operation.

2. Assign the right people and the right machines, and execute them in the right order (or method).

3. The coordination of personnel work should be balanced.

4. The wage system must be designed to meet the requirements of both employers and employees.

5. Maintain proper factory discipline.

6. Perform manpower audits at any time to prevent staff shortages.

Preparation work

To study whether the production requirements and resources can be matched, a balanced production organization system, the following points must be considered in management:

1. Draw a flowchart to show the working steps of the product, compare the availability of energy, and the energy consumption of various equipment.

2. Study the feasibility of conversion.

3. Various possible courses of action are studying the manpower required and comparing the capacity of the equipment.

4. Make production arrangements for the available space.

5. Prepare multiple feasible production schedules.

6. Research on the supply and inventory of required materials, competitive supply sources, and alternative materials.

7. Analyze the details of each task.

8. Determine the labor required for maintenance, material handling, control procedures, transportation, etc.

Work attitude

To be able to effectively direct workers and make good use of machines, we must pay attention to the work attitude of workers. Only by paying attention to the human aspect in the production process can the organization be efficient.

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