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Product production process


Narrow sense:

Broad sense: The operation process of coordination and cooperation of all production activities within the enterprise In addition to the above process, it also includes the design and purchase before the input of raw materials, and after-sales service after the product leaves the factory.


The production process can be divided into the following four processes:

1. Technical preparation process: Product design, process Design, design and manufacture of process equipment, standardization work, quota work, adjustment of labor organization and equipment layout, preparation of raw materials and collaborative parts, etc.

2,Basic production process: Production activities directly related to the constituent products. Blank manufacturing, parts manufacturing, complete machine assembly.

3,Assisted production process: Carried out to ensure basic production. Production of power tools, equipment maintenance and production of spare parts for maintenance, etc.

4,Production service process:Logistics work. Such as: supply, transportation, warehouse and other management activities.


1. Process stage: refers to the partial production process divided according to the different production methods used and the difference in processing properties. Several interconnected technological stages constitute the basic production process and the auxiliary production process.

2. Process: refers to the production link in which a worker or a group of workers process the same labor object on the same job. It is the smallest unit that makes up the production process. Several processes make up the process stage.

According to the nature of the process, the process can be divided into the basic process and the auxiliary process:

Basic process-the process that directly causes the physical or chemical change of the labor object. Auxiliary process-a process that creates conditions for the production activities of the basic process. In summary, the composition of the production process refers to the composition of the various parts of the production process (the production technology preparation process, the basic production process, the auxiliary production process, the production service process, the various technological stages of the production process, the basic process and the auxiliary process). Circumstances and mutual connections.

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