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Multi-function card reader

Synonym multifunctional card reader generally refers to all-in-one card reader

All-in-one card reader

Support USB1.0 and USB2.0 ports, plug and play, on the market With the largest share and strong practicability, it is the largest product on the market. The main advantage is that it has to add SD configurator to read TF card than the previous product. There is a leapfrog development, mainly economic and practical

sim card reader

It is also a relatively common card reader, which can back up sim card information, sim card contact business card and other functions on the PC side. It is a good tool for backing up personal data.

Card reader CRW-X contactless card reader

Support ISO14443 TypeA/TypeB contactless CPU card and Mifare one card, built-in 2 conforming to ISO7816-3 SAM small IC card supports a variety of communication interfaces and communication protocols, and is suitable for various non-contact IC card application systems. The appearance is novel, the performance is stable, the function is powerful, the interface is rich, and the expandability is strong.

CRW-VI type external universal IC card reader is a kind of micro IC card reader and writer, mainly for portable applications. According to the difference with the computer interface, it is divided into two types: USB interface (CRW-VIu type) and serial interface (CRW-VIs type), which are suitable for the needs of various application systems and application environments. We can also develop special IC card readers for specific needs according to the needs of users.

The CRW-V series IC card reader is connected to a computer or laptop through a USB port or a serial port, supports the operation of the CPU card and the MEMORY card, and provides a dual card reader with two card holder options . CRW-V series IC card readers are compatible with the interface function library of CRW-II/III/IV type readers, which is convenient for users to upgrade their application systems. It can be widely used in banking, insurance, corporate business charging and medical charging systems.

WatchCore is a special interface chip for smart IC card launched for the convenience of users to develop embedded IC card applications. It has built-in all procedures for the operation of IC card readers and is suitable for the development of various special embedded IC devices. , It can be mainly used in smart IC card electricity meters, water meters, gas meters, tax-controlled cash registers, IC card fuel dispensers and other equipment.

Frequently encountered problems with card readers

1. How to install the card reader driver?

A separate card reader does not require additional drivers in the XP system.

The built-in card reader on the notebook generally needs to install a driver. For example, the driver of FlashMedia typeface. If there is a driver disk, run the installation program in the driver disk; if it is not a setup driver, in the device manager, right-click the card reader device with an exclamation mark or question mark, upgrade the driver, and specify the driver path.

2. Does the card reader driver have to be consistent with the computer model?

The card reader originally exists for the computer to read and write different storage media smoothly, so basically it does not need a driver. If the card reader is plugged into the computer and cannot be recognized, it may be the computer's USB interface Problem, you can try another USB interface. If the front USB interface cannot be recognized, it may be due to insufficient power supply. You can try to plug it into the USB interface at the rear of the chassis.

3. Why can't the card reader read the memory card?

Generally, the memory card is in poor contact with the card reader. The computer only recognizes the card reader and is not connected to the memory card. Check whether the memory card is inserted, and the memory card is connected. The indicator light will flash a few times. Many card readers will have this situation.

There is a part where the semiconductor and the USB slot are connected in the card reader, but the connection part is caused by the repeated plugging and unplugging of the card reader. Wear and tear causes poor contact! So there will be times when the card can be read out! But the probability is very low! You can buy an expensive card reader! For example, the multi-function card reader directly eliminates the inconsistency caused by wear and tear! Card reader 4. It can be used on the mobile phone, but the card cannot be read on the computer.

The card reader is good, but the memory card cannot be read on the computer, but it can be read on the phone.

In this case, the memory card must have a password set on the phone, and the password can only be cancelled by entering the memory card menu of the phone.

5. It has been write-protected

When using a card reader to read the card, there will be a problem that the MMC card has been write-protected

The first is the card reader It is USB2.0. The computer version is 1.0.

The second case is that other USB devices have been connected to the same USB interface before. Such as mobile hard disk, MP3 and so on.

The third type is to connect multiple USB devices to a computer. May cause this situation.

The fourth is the most undesirable situation. That is, there is a problem with the card or the card reader

Don’t worry if there is such a prompt. The first solution is to replace the hardware device. (PS: But the probability of this problem occurring between 2.0 and 1.0 is not very high. That is to say, it can still be read). For example, add a 2.0 USB expansion port. This is available in the Computer City, and it's not expensive.

The solution to the second problem is simpler. Just plug it in with another USB port. As long as it is not the one you took before. Although I don't know the difference between the two. But I did this all the time after this problem occurred. And try Bai Ling.

The third question is even simpler. Needless to say. Since there are too many. Just unplug a few.

In short. After this prompt appears... friends may wish to check your machine. See if there are any of the above situations. If any. You can try it. My card has been unable to delete things in the computer, but it can be deleted in the mobile phone. Change the socket to solve

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