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The main content of "Internet Finance" includes: Overview of Internet Finance, Electronic Money and Electronic Payment System, Internet Banking, Internet Insurance, Internet Securities and Internet Futures, Internet Financial marketing strategy and service management, network financial security management, network finance and monetary policy, risk and supervision of network finance.

"Network Finance" is suitable for students, teaching and scientific research personnel of e-commerce, network economics, finance and other majors in colleges and universities.

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Part One Basics

Chapter One Overview of Internet Finance

A section on the research content of network finance

1. The connotation of network finance

2. The main research methods of network finance

3. Analysis of the book Framework

Section 2 The background of online finance

1. The rise of the network economy

2. The rapid development of e-commerce

3. Financial Informationization Trends

Section 3 Characteristics and Impact of Online Finance

1. Main Features of Online Finance

2. Online Finance’s Influence on Traditional Finance The influence of

Section IV The history and current situation of online finance

First, the development history of online finance

Second, the development of online finance in foreign countries


3. The development status and main problems of China's online finance


Chapter II Electronic Money and Electronic Payment System

Section 1 Electronic money

1. The concept of electronic money

2. The types of electronic money

3. The characteristics of electronic money

4. The development of electronic money abroad

5. The current development of electronic money in China

Section 2 Electronic Payment System

1. The concept and classification of electronic payment

2. Electronic payment system

3. Overview of the development of electronic payment abroad

4. Current status of domestic development of electronic payment



Part II Business Chapter

Chapter III Internet Banking

Section 1 Overview of Internet Banking

I. Current Status of Internet Banking< /p>

Second, the definition and basic characteristics of Internet banking

Section 2 The model and business of Internet banking

I. The development model of Internet banking

< p>Second, the main business of Internet banking

Section 3 System Construction of Internet Banking

I. Technical Structure of Internet Banking

Second, Internet Banking Construction goals and ideas

3. Internet banking platform construction

Section 4 Internet banking operation and management

I. Relationship with traditional bank operation and management

2. Pricing strategy of internet banking

3. Risk management of internet banking

4. Innovation management of internet banking


Chapter 4 Online Insurance

Section 1 Overview of Online Insurance

1. Risks and Insurance

2. Contents of Online Insurance

3. Characteristics and comparative advantages of network insurance

4. Network The current situation of insurance development and international comparison

Section 2 Network Insurance Business Model

1. Network Insurance Business Content

2. Network Insurance Business Model Classification

3. Business process of online insurance

4. Steps for insurance institutions to develop online insurance

5. Analysis of the development trend of online insurance

Section 3 Management and Operation of Network Insurance

1. Construction of Network Insurance System

2. Operation and Management of Network Insurance

3. Network Insurance marketing management

4. Development strategy of online insurance


Chapter 5 Online Securities and Online Futures

First Section Overview of Internet Securities

1. The meaning of Internet securities

2. The emergence and development of Internet securities market

3. The characteristics of Internet securities market

Four. Development Trend of Internet Securities

Section 2 Business Model of Internet Securities

1. Operation Mode of Internet Securities Market

2. Online Securities Trading Procedures and Fund Payments

Section III Online Securities Trading System

I. Introduction to the Internet Securities Trading System

2. Operations of the Internet Securities Trading System Guidance

Section IV Network Futures

1. Basic knowledge of network futures

2. Overview of network futures trading

3. Network Futures Trading System


Part Three Management Chapter

Chapter VI Online Financial Marketing Strategy and Service Management

Section One Online financial product strategy

1. Overview of online financial products

2. Online banking product strategy

3. Online securities product strategy

Four. Online Insurance Product Strategy

Section 2 Online Finance Pricing Strategy

I. Analysis of Influencing Factors of Online Financial Pricing

2. Online Financial Service Supply Factors Influencing the Pricing Ability of Merchants

3. Online Financial Pricing Strategy

Section III Online Financial Channel Strategy

I. Overview of Online Financial Marketing Channels

2. Online financial channels

3. Banking, securities, and insurance cross-channel marketing

Section IV Customer Relationship Management in Online Finance

1 , Customer relationship management

2. Online financial customer relationship life cycle

3. Online financial customer relationship management strategy

Section 5 Call Center

1. Overview of call center

2. Application of call center in the financial industry


Chapter Seven Network Financial Security Management

Section 1 Online Finance Security Issues of Internet Finance

1. Security Challenges Faced by Internet Finance

2. Factors Restricting China’s Internet Finance Security Capability

Section II Related Security Technologies and Standards

1. Network security technology

2. Network information security standards

Section 3 Financial Certification System



Part IV Policy Chapter

Chapter Eight Network Finance and Monetary Policy

Chapter Nine Network Finance Risk and Supervision



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