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As an important part of professional articles in sci-tech journals, graphics play an important role in the professionalism and academic nature of articles. Without good graphics and graphics processing, readers will not be able to accurately grasp the content and essence of the article, which affects the professional and academic nature of scientific journals, and affects the modern development of scientific journals.

Graphics processing methods

Currently, in graphics processing, in addition to using Word’s own drawing tools, the editors of sci-tech journals still use PhotoShop and CoreIDRAW drawing software for graphics processing. Good results have been achieved. However, both of these two kinds of drawing software have their own drawbacks. For example, when using PhotoShop to process grayscale text and curve graphs, there is a problem of unclearness. And CoreIDRAW and Vision2002 image files are not compatible. Therefore, in actual work, efforts must be made to create graphics processing methods, improve the readability and academic nature of scientific journals, attract more readers, and promote the healthy development of new scientific journals.

Using Word's own graphics software for graphics processing is a graphics processing method. For example: In computer simulation articles, there will generally be many graphics of flow field and temperature field. Such graphics have complex lines. When performing graphics processing, you can directly use the PrintScreen key to open the "Drawing" tool to paste, and then use the eraser to Delete the extra part, and finally use the general graphics processing method in the Scan Master to process the graphics, so that you can get the mirror image of the plate making.

There are many simple line drawings in sci-tech periodicals. The processing of this kind of graphics generally uses the scanning method to obtain plate-making graphics. If it is a complicated mechanical drawing, Photoshop drawing software must be used to process the graphics accordingly. At present, there are many line drawings in professional articles of scientific and technological journals, but there is no professional line graphic processing software. This requires scientific journal editors to base on the purpose of running the journal and use other drawing software to perform graphic processing in various aspects to improve the readability of scientific journals. Sex.

The importance of graphics processing

According to the survey, sci-tech journals have an illustration for every thousand words on average, which also shows the importance of graphics processing. Moreover, with the development of science and technology, there will be more and more illustrations in sci-tech journals. Illustrations have become an important factor affecting the professionalism and academicability of professional articles. Graphics processing and word processing have the same status, and even graphics processing will become more and more important. It is becoming more and more important, and the editors of scientific and technological journals must strive to innovate in this form, improve their own quality, learn to use a variety of drawing software, and do a good job in graphics processing.

Good graphics processing helps readers better grasp the essence of the abstract. Graphics are an important part of the article and support various arguments in the article. Readers need to use graphics to understand the article when reading the article. Grasp the essence of the article and learn more new technologies and knowledge. If the graphics are not handled properly, it will affect the reader's reading to a certain extent, and affect the professional and academic improvement of the article. It is even said that improperly handled graphics will bring a certain degree of misunderstanding to readers, which in turn will affect the healthy development of sci-tech journals in modern society.

Concluding remarks

Photoshop, the "drawing" tool, and the PrintScreen key are currently the most used graphics processing tools and software. Scientific journals are highly academic and professional, and play an important role in transmitting the latest scientific and cultural knowledge. With the increase in illustrations of professional articles, editors of scientific and technological journals must continuously improve their own literacy, and perform graphic processing according to graphic types to improve the readability of articles.

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